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  1. vj_gtaflogo.png

    That's right, not "GTA: Vigilante Justice"... Need a proper logo.

    It's been a long time since I was here!


    GTAForums topic (it looks better :P)

    Official Development Thread

    Deji on Twitter

    Deji on Youtube


    (Gas Grenades turned into Stun Grenades).


    A planned aspect of Vigilante Justice is that there are two types of weapons. Street weapons and standard-issiue police weapons. This becomes part of the storyline which missions are based around..


    If I could get some more help with this, I would cry tears (of joy) [current helpers: ceedj (thanks for that, by the way)]

    A bit much to ask for maybe... but at least I'm not aiming for a total conversion that involves new peds, cars and maps etc. My goals are considerably realistic.

    If you need to contact me about helping with the mod, use GTAForums' email feature.

    Feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, etc. If anyone has any tips on making the topic look better, that'd be great. It will probably help to remove the spoiler tags, which I can do one I get the help.

  2. I assume this was since the update. Basically, you need to update the main TGTAP pages where it would display "0 New PM's" regardless of how many PM's you have.

    Probably should've mentioned this a while ago, when I noticed it :P

  3. I believe in not believing anything. Because we will never know what created the universe.

    Still, it's fun to think that the universe was created either by some sort of god or the big bang, yet something would've had to have created them both. But maybe that's just where our human minds stop us from knowing. Maybe things don't have to be created to exist, no matter how confusing that might be to us.

    Ever watched the show "The Big Bang Theory"? Gives a few fun thoughts on stuff like this.

    EDIT: The meaning of David Beckham, Bill Gates or Jade Goody will forever be a mystery.

  4. I'm gonna wait for the Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia movies to be released before I say whether games based on movies suck or not. Those movies should be so good when they're finally released.

    A GTA movie would be perfect if I wrote the script :) But overall I think there have been too many games to make a movie based on them. And besides, most of the GTA games are based on movies anyway.

  5. TGTAP, due to my forgetfulness, I might not update/check this topic too frequently. Sorry :)

    I wasn't going to release this script until I fixed and added the new features which would increase the movement that you are able to do. However, I'm having serious troubles getting them to work, so here it is for now.

    If any modders are expirienced with sine or cosine or simply know how to add more rotation to the surfboard, they are urged to help me with this damned thing! Lol...

    Put cjsurf.cs in your "cleo" folder (with CLEO installed).

    Type "surf" in while playing and you'll be on your magical flying surfboard.

    Movement acts kinda like the jetpack.

    "Sprint" = raises you.

    "Jump" = lowers you.

    "Up" = Accelerate

    "Down" = Brake

    "Left" = Turn left.

    "Right" = Turn right.

    If you are above ground, you will slowly lower over time. If you are in movement, you will also slow down to a halt. It works just like a car in this way. If you are close to ground, you will stay on it as if you were riding on the ground. However, if you come to a large enough gap, you will simply continue forward (flying).


  6. It's my website (GTAG's) 3rd birthday today. It's also now Google Pagerank 3 which is one less than this website, so I'm feeling celebatory (I know that is probably the wrong spelling, but I don't like those kinda words...).

    So here are the links to most of the mods I've created. I notice how I often forget to post my mods here, so here are all of em :) They're all CLEO's unless specified. Hover over the [?] to get a small description of the mod.

    [?] Fight Switcher

    [?] Quick Map Teleporter

    [?] Toggle Engine

    [?] No Green Aim Triangle

    [?] CLEO Skin Selector

    [?] [TEXTURE]Combat Knife

    [?] Toggle Headlights

    [?] Area Save Names

    [?] Bribery Mod

    [?] [TEXTURE]Black Poison Knife

    [?] Auto Aim Script

    [?] CLEO Furniture Mod

    [?] Ultimate CLEO Trainer

    And of course...

    [?] Vigilante Justice.

    Have fun!

  7. Here, you can have a massive discussion about stuff like:

    • How was the world created?
    • Is the big bang theory true?
    • Is evolution true?
    • Have we been created by some higher power? (God)
    • Why are we here?
    • What is beyond the universe?

    Basically, just theories of our existance and such.

    I'll start by saying that no matter what, there is no real way to know why we are here and what the purpose of our existance is. But let's have a bash, eh?

  8. Less IQ? Maybe, but IQ is not a measure of true intellegence. Maybe if minorities were treated better and could afford better education, they wouldn't grow up with a lower IQ. But even if they do, that doesn't mean to say they're not intellegent.

    I'm mixed race and just took a IQ test (I was bored) and scored 117, which is 17 higher than the last time I tried. Most of the answers were just guesses though, because the IQ tests are all based on a certain thing. They ask a few questions which are basically maths, but garbled in a complicated sentence and a few other odd things that you would never need to know on an everyday basis. I never saw any programming questions in there... Ask me a few questions about how to do some PHP stuff or recode San Andreas and my IQ would've been higher than about 80% of the people in the world.

    And what does academic success have to do with life? I may know a lot of programming, but there are people who are clever enough to live in places without needing a house or money by setting up their own camps and hunting for their own food. Put me there and I'd probably starve to death :) So who's the clever one when a person with an IQ of 200 is lying dead on an island while a guy who never went to school is surviving in the natural way that humans are supposed to live? Even if the guy with 200 IQ knows how to make a spaceship, I'd rather be the guy who's alive.

    Anyway, the BNP are just stupid racists who should be arrested... But they're not the only ones like that. There are a whole load of people who get away with this.

    Oh well, everyone hates them so they might as well pack up and leave :)

  9. It's having to scroll left to view the end of a text because of wide pages that people mainly hate... I want a horizontal scroll in a div, not the whole page. The reason being that the section I want to make scrollable is not very wide vertically. Also, due to it being images I'm adding in a kinda, it would be nicer to do it in this way. It's not as if they'd be scrolling back and forth to read text..

    It's just a scroll with little thumbnail links.

    EDIT: The newest versions of IExplorer mess it up too... God I remember when times were simpler :P

  10. Umm... Firefox doesn't like horizontal scrollbars on divs, does it? Well... I can't figure out how to get a horizontal scrollbar to work on a div... I mean, I can get it to show up. And I can make the vert one fuck off... But Firefox doesn't use the horz one. It does absolutely nothing.

    GRRR. Is "overflow-x" deprecated? I'm really tired, btw... It's 5:17AM and I'm hacking away at my myspace profile :P

  11. I always found 100% widths to be rather annoying to design around :P

    Anyway, I'm a normal 1024x768 user, so they both look exactly the same to me :P

    EDIT: Although, the banner looks odd. Lol. And text is smaller all of a sudden?

  12. So... Really no one actually knows for sure that it's going to be GTA V? Those words never came out of Dan Housers mouth and every news post saying about "GTA V" lacks the assurance that they even mentioned GTA V in the interview... That has probably just been added afterwards. And the way secretive Rockstar work is that even if they did mention GTA V, they would neither confirm it or deny it until they were ready. They'd just edge along and let people believe what they wanna think.

  13. Meh... Less enthusiasm than on GTAForums...

    @Raybob - The whole GTA III/IV/V thing being "Era's" is what I'm trying to disprove (see link in sig). People have seemed to jump to this conclusion.

    1. GTA 1
    2. GTA 2
    3. GTA III
    4. GTA Vice City
    5. GTA San Andreas

    = IV?

  14. I'm bored. So I'll make a bet against everyone who thinks otherwise that GTA V will not be set in Vice City! Seeing as that's what most of you believe, I think it's a bet that would be considered as having low odds, eh? God my new found gambling habbits...

    Anyway, if my bet looses and it is set in Vice City. I will allow you ALL to send me 1 private message of abuse and face-rubbing. Hehe, being adventurous is fun. :P

    I really think I should get something if I win, though. Hmm...

    This is being posted in other GTA Forums too except GTAG (my own. I can't have masses of PM's sent to me there, my inbox there is just too important!). So I'd really hate to loose this bet!

  15. Windows activation is very dumb. I've had times where it would start to pop up after a year of it being fine and activated. I had to reinstall since it wouldn't let me log in to Windows in order to find a fix. But there are things that eliminate Windows activation. I believe as long as you have a legal copy of Windows, it's completely legit to use, right?

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