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    Let's make a bet!

    Meh... Less enthusiasm than on GTAForums... @Raybob - The whole GTA III/IV/V thing being "Era's" is what I'm trying to disprove (see link in sig). People have seemed to jump to this conclusion. GTA 1 GTA 2 GTA III GTA Vice City GTA San Andreas = IV?
  2. Deji

    Let's make a bet!

    I'm bored. So I'll make a bet against everyone who thinks otherwise that GTA V will not be set in Vice City! Seeing as that's what most of you believe, I think it's a bet that would be considered as having low odds, eh? God my new found gambling habbits... Anyway, if my bet looses and it is set in Vice City. I will allow you ALL to send me 1 private message of abuse and face-rubbing. Hehe, being adventurous is fun. I really think I should get something if I win, though. Hmm... This is being posted in other GTA Forums too except GTAG (my own. I can't have masses of PM's sent to me there, my inbox there is just too important!). So I'd really hate to loose this bet!
  3. Windows activation is very dumb. I've had times where it would start to pop up after a year of it being fine and activated. I had to reinstall since it wouldn't let me log in to Windows in order to find a fix. But there are things that eliminate Windows activation. I believe as long as you have a legal copy of Windows, it's completely legit to use, right?
  4. Yes, you can use 3Ds Max. I'm not too sure on how to do it myself (I've been tryna figure that out for ages). How much modelling experience do you currently have? I'd suggest trying some texture modding before moving on to adding new models into the game, just to get the hang of it This can also be done with 3Ds MAX. You will probably needs "Kams 3Ds Max Scripts", which allow you to import GTA Files into 3Ds easily.
  5. I have Sony Vegas. I kinda have Adobe After Effects but I'm still struggling to get it working again. Fricken Adobe! I'm also a professional Fruitylooper, lol... Made some really cool stuff with it and recreated many songs.
  6. There should be a file called FONTS.txd or something. Inside there is an image containing all the letters and symbols for GTA. Try changing the $ one. Still, it should be part of the GXT Files, too. EDIT: Try DOLLAR or PLA_18 - Saves editing images and messing some things up.
  7. Try checking where the most visitors are coming in from (aside from english speaking countries, course) and start with that one. Although if there are not many, then it might not be such a great idea... Having the language change isn't going to attract visitors, but rather keep visitors on the website for longer. So it'd be a good idea to have the language set according to the area of the IP when the user first gets on the page. Otherwise it'd be almost useless.
  8. Deji

    GTA 5?

    Okies. Anyone reckon that will be the end of the GTA XX's? I just can't imagine seeing "GTA VI" showing up. Plus most dumb people will get it confused for IV. I'd think there'd be some named GTA's after that and then maybe... The end?
  9. That will probably be part of the GXT Files (if not memory). Just open up "GTA San Andreas\text\__language__.gxt" using a GXTEditor and use the Find function to search for something like: $~1~ - Change and save. You may find that you have to change a few of them to get the right one, though. Which shouldn't matter. It'd just mean ALL text that uses that symbol will be changed to your new one. Remember to make a backup of your unedited file so that you can easily switch back.
  10. Deji

    GTA 5?

    What makes you think it's gonna be called GTA 5? I just got the feeling the next GTA would be a "GTA _____". Also, it'd be GTA V
  11. Mmm... I feel that GTAForums has broadened it's use more than most GTA Forums which stay relatively compact and simple. There's nothing wrong with an old IP Board. I was forced to update mine for a specific reason, which I wouldn't have done without the problem occurring. The GTAForum has a dark theme, which I find is attractive but at the same time... Attracts "noobs". When I was new to the WWW-Life (and normal life, lol) GTA Forums was the first site I joined. I never posted, mind... 2 years later, however... I started posting there and then joined this Forum (still a "noob", btw) and have just got used to it from there. I don't post much in GTA Forums unless I want to post in the modding forums or ask for some quick help in the Web Design forum. I post there because they have loads of members. Surely someone will post pretty quickly, eh? I think the thing to keep in mind with GTAForums is that they were pretty much there from the beginning of GTA, so has had more members for a while. And people like to join forums that are active. Not to mention that it will appear in loads of search results considering the amount of posts they have. It surprises me that they only have a PR of 4 (same as TGTAP). Which once again makes my mind fill up with questions of how Google PR works. My site only has 2 (until I gets .com) Maybe if GTAF, TGTAP and my site joins up we can take over Google's search results! lol... Apparently Google gets 10, hmm... Rigged? Anyway, I think it's almost impossible to compare TGTAP to GTAF. They're in 2 different leagues. Also, a bland theme is a good thing in my eyes. It doesn't make things seem out of place or "in your face". However, it doesn't make me want to click a link either.
  12. Basically, I'm looking for someone looking for an amateur film editor (lol). But only for something basic. I decided this'd be an okay place to post since there are probably a few people here wanting to make GTA Stuff. So if anyone needs something done or knows where I should look for someone who needs something done then I'd be happy to see what I can do
  13. I hate Photoshop. Still got it but I'm not installing it on my new XP Installation. I preferred Fireworks before fricken Adobe took it out. I hate Adobe and all Adobe products.
  14. I don't know about flags... But CLEO may be able to do it
  15. What mods have you made so far? Are there any examples of your work? What do you have planned for this mod?
  16. Members only benefits could be improved... A lot of members join, ask a question about their GTA and leave.
  17. Wii Fit + Alcohol = A lot of fun. It also unbelievably got me a few new high scores
  18. That picture is not a clue to the next GTA. It's just a tease. The picture is part of another picture which has something to do with GTA Ads. The whole rip thing is where the title of the next GTA would've been if not for the rip. I'm sure if it was a clue, it'd be in the shape of a jigsaw piece, lol. If the piece was there, it'd clearly say "Vice City" (lol). Or maybe something different? Wind people up into thinking their isn't a vice city one coming and just making it a regenerated (and renamed) version of Vice City. never know with Rockstar
  19. Ah, well. I actually started doing that. But never bothered to spend so much time making it look as good as that. Guess I should probably try it, lol.
  20. ... Wow? Lol... How do yeh even do things like that? Damn. If only I knew how to do that, I might get my games done faster I'm a mental retard when it comes to gfx stuff anyway.
  21. IP 2.3.3 (or w/e) has a much better style and layout to it. Simple
  22. Don't forget that 85% of GTA Players are retarded kids who don't really fit into the forum... We need some sort of filter to keep them out.
  23. Okies, okies... I'm back now. Get back on GTAG :P

  24. T-Bone from SanAn was pretty aggressive... But yeah... Catalina...
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