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    Hot! Hot! Hot!

    Photoshop rulzzzz
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    2 of my sigs

  3. Vladinho

    Favorite Boss

    myy fav boss its diaz
  4. Vladinho

    Winamp Remote

    Great idea Great mate!
  5. Vladinho

    The Best Gang Signatures

    I like East Side Lowriders signs! Great work guys!
  6. Vladinho

    a signature's opinion?

    I like the champion
  7. Vladinho

    My Invisble Woman

    How u make that mate? *XENON: you don't need to quote the entire original post, with pictures included*
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    Heloo all I am new here.I make patches for Fifa games from EA SPORTS.Now i want to make some patches for GTA too.Pls give me some programs and some tutorials becouse i am totaly NEW! sorry for my bad english!