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    Chapter 1-Work "Tommy, You can't do this!" Yelled Steven "If i kill you....You can't mess with my friends, You've killed one so it's time you died" Said Tommy Vercetti "No, Please I'll do anythi...." Steven pleas But is Shot halfway through his sentence. As Tommy exits he drags Steven's dead body over to his admiral and dumps it into the trunk. *Cuts to waterside outside of Vercetti Estate* "Enjoy your sleep with the fishes!" Laughs Tommy as he Dumps the body in the water. *Cuts to The Greasy Chopper* "Yeah Mitch, He's been taken care of, He's sleeping with the fishes"Says Tommy Leaning over the bar "Great Work Tommy, Just handle this job and i'll reward you with a bike"Says Mitch Baker "Yeah Mitch, Go On, What you want doing?" "Some prick, Going by the name of Mark Jones has been vandalising our bikes...You know what to do tommy, Just do it good" "Yes Sir" Tommy says as he walks out the door laughing Comments are open and as usual i'll post up the next chapter
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    Salvatore Leone

    Personnaly i say no...he got on my nerves with all them commands and missons Get posting and voting
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    I can make basic sigs but the text has to be like the forum text so order up here provide your pics and what you want on your image
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    So Choose yours I Have to go with the minigun on this one because of its fire-rate, power and accuracy
  5. Hydro

    Three Word Story

    And whos the one who has no posts?, Huh H20? Maybe get some ACTUAL posts and less spam and you might just make it through life
  6. Hydro

    What are you listening to right now?

    Ludacris-Move Bitch and i'm gonna listen to Ludacris-Get back
  7. Hydro

    Your piccys..

    Sorry, no....I will post some more up when i get more
  8. Hydro

    Your piccys..

  9. Yeah a great idea but i dn't like the idea cos tyou'd have to navigate all that city
  10. Hydro

    Three Word Story

    said "im through"
  11. Hydro

    Three Word Story

    He talked to
  12. Hydro

    Three Word Story

    ppppppppphhhhhheeeeeeeeewwwwwww chocolate brownie so...
  13. Hydro

    Three Word Story

    dunno but im just going with the flow anyway he had eaten *prays to god that no-one says something immature like "his penis so"*
  14. Hydro

    Salvatore Leone

    Yore right but the whole game just for the mafia?
  15. Hydro

    Three Word Story

    another penis called
  16. Hydro

    Three Word Story

    How can a vagina stare into his penis? and saw a
  17. Hydro

    Dumb questions and answers.

    Chris is the non spam po-po (sorry chris...) Why is it Chris?
  18. Hydro

    Three Word Story

    looked into his
  19. Hydro

    GTA4 Gang Ideas

    lol gotta love the idea of killing the russians
  20. Hydro

    Three Word Story

    special penis lick
  21. Hydro

    Salvatore Leone

    Yeah youre right...i guess
  22. Hydro

    Three Word Story

    had another penis
  23. Hydro

    Milestone Posts

    W00t 100th post I cant wait till 200th!
  24. Hydro

    New Skin Coming Soon

    Caliskin was great but i use ambience now and i love the idea of a new skin!
  25. Hydro

    Glitchs/Easter eggs

    yeah tiger woods 2004 did that i'd like the game a lot more if you could attach a weapon to the back of a car and shoot from the back while a homie/gang member drives