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  1. i dont know i just searched macedonian dictionary on google
  2. damn i really was close. but it took me about 5 minutes to look up words and write that sentence so i wont call it a success
  3. ты прав, товарищ, но мне очень не нравится писать в лжекириллицу извините я он не могу сказать по-македонски! actually let me try.. ти прав, другар, но яс не сакам пишува во лажен кирилица. maybe?
  4. is your PE teacher a goth, gay Russo-Finn with small tits?
  5. you know what they say - GTA fansite webmasters think alike!!
  6. well, its like teaching latin, which they even do in high schools here
  7. they have one class, this year was the first time i ever saw it listed there - i was pretty surprised
  8. Shawarma! And Mediterranean food in general...
  9. lmao i was like "wtf could that mean" then i realized.... and Ѭ has got to be one of the coolest letters ever. it looks like an alien! i wanted to take a course on Old Church Slavonic at my university this upcoming year but it didnt have any room in my schedule! oh well...
  10. from the belly button riiiiiight?
  11. metrics? okay...... .... schfifty five
  12. все мы дрочим... или... дрочимся.
  13. the apple store used to have keyboards (edit: as in pianos), my friend and i would go in and play a duet for all to hear until a worker told us to lower the volume also we would load up a flash video on all the 30" cinema displays of my friends freaky looking dog with U2 playing in the background. it was a really random video but it was a good video to exit with!
  14. ah man there are fireworks? pewp... if school were in id see it since i live right there! but im in glendale for the summer :P

  15. the conspiracy theorist inside me says that the lakers will lose sunday so they can win at home tuesday :P either way, lakers got this!

  16. Yeah I realize that, but I still think they did a good job not selling it to you. Ratings are in place for a reason and you might think you're mature enough to play an M rated game, but there are definitely people out there that aren't mature enough, and they shouldn't make any exceptions. Your mother probably has her reasons for not buying you the game, maybe she doesn't feel like you're mature enough - the ESRB, game companies, and society as a whole has placed the responsibility and choice of buying M rated games in the hands of adults, and your mom is exercising her right to deny you the game. Also fuck yeah Charger, GO LAKERS!!
  17. The fact that you want to drive an SUV through a store goes to show you why you can't buy an M rated game.
  18. husky i had no idea you were a ghetto black girl
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