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  1. no way man, spare us the torment OF COURSE YOU SHOULD!
  2. according to the presidential failure thread, you know what's up. and from LA too, sexcellent.

  3. So glad you're back, I was worried sick!
  4. nice nice, would be really cool if you could check off some of them, save, and then reload it again later (if youre logged into the homepage that is)
  5. Yeah when you grew up seeing gas prices at $1.00/gallon it's a bit outrageous to be getting giddy about finding gas for $4.55/gallon as I was doing last summer
  6. I think going into Iraq was a big mistake on Bush's part. I agree that Saddam Hussein was a bad person who needed to be brought to justice, but I don't think that a full-fledged war was completely necessary on America's part. To me, killing Iraqi people in order to get to a man that killed so many Iraqi people just seems ironic and downright wrong. I realize that the intelligence at the time seemed to convince George Bush that Hussein was brewing up some big stuff, but that intelligence was pretty much discarded by everyone but the US. I do believe Bush had ulterior motives for going to war with Iraq, and he used this "intelligence" as well as the grief and patriotism of Americans after September 11 to carry out his plan. His decision perpetuated America's image as the world police, and worsened Middle Easterners' views of the US. George Bush lost sight on the real war on terror, which was to find Osama bin Laden and dismantle Al Qaeda and the Taliban... instead he wasted American lives and resources in Iraq. In the end, all of this helped George Bush earn the lowest approval rating of any president.
  7. For sure, I think Carter has his head in the right place when it comes to the Middle East, and Obama should definitely look to him for some advice. I'm mad at myself that I haven't yet read Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, but I'll get to it one of these days!
  8. я тоже может быыыыыыыыыттт.... thanks everyone for the comments. people have been saying that you're not allowed to use mods for the contest - hopefully that's not true! either way we had fun making it so it doesnt really matter
  9. I just said I think George Bush did something good by trying to go after bin Laden, and you say that I favor letting terrorists get away with what they did? Let alone what you're saying about bin Laden not mattering anymore. It's almost like you're reading what you want to see. Please expand your view of my posts before you reply to them like that. I do not appreciate you accusing me of such things. As for Iran launching a telecommunications sattelite into space - that's wonderful! Until it is confirmed that such scientific advancements are to be used for acts of terrorism, I don't have a problem with their society's evolution. That's the problem - advancements of the Middle East have always been held back by Western countries for fear of their potential uses, and their society has been held back for fear of nationalization of natural resources. Ahmadinejad has shown that he's not a complete monster the past couple weeks, and I hope that Obama follows through with his offer of discussions. It's the time to use different strategies than bomb the hell out of them. And that'll be all from me for this topic, since I don't want to steer it from what raybob wanted it to originally be (that happens a lot with his threads I noticed). I just wanted to get my view out there, and I thank you for expressing yours, Urbanoutlaw. I realize people differ, and that's why I'm not prepared to make sassy remarks about your opinions.
  10. sweet guys thanks, so glad you all like it. we filmed way more sex scenes but the rules say the video has to be less than three minutes i think we'll make another video later with all these clips we got
  11. yo! rockstar games is holding a valentine's day contest at the social club so Slim Trashman (from gtagaming) and I entered the competition with this video: https://tv.rockstargames.com/videos/view/id/44624E522BF4AFBE If you like it please be sure to rate and comment so the video gains user popularity on Social Club TV! Thanks, and enjoy Some things that people have been asking elsewhere that I'll include here: - The song is Ранетки - О Тебе (Ranetki - O Tebe), as heard on Vladivostok FM. - The beginning scene is filmed at The Majestic in Algonquin. To get into a room, you must enter through the glass door on the roof. - The sex/seizure animation is done using HippieCommunist's Ragdoll Mod which you can get at GTAForums
  12. Heh, Rockstar makes me laugh everytime.
  13. I don't know if you actually read my post, but I said Lincoln and FDR were more justified than others. As for the "so called" sarcastic crap, thanks I know. I also know that those things weren't without reason. I'm not saying I support what the terrorists did or whatever, but if you actually take a step back for a second and think about it, that was retaliation for decades of American intervention and oppression in the Middle East. I think George Bush made a good move by trying to get bin Laden, but he gave that up pretty quickly and subsequently duped America into a different, and costly, war. It's that sort of attitude that bothers me - using grief and patriotism for another agenda - and that's what we see too often in the US.
  14. In all seriousness though (this is the Serious Chat forum, right?) I can't name the best president. In my opinion they have all had their flaws - some more obvious than others. However I think the big flaw that is even apparent in some of "the best presidents" both Republicans and Democrats is militarism. Lincoln and FDR probably had the best reasons to go to war, but most were fairly unreasonable in that respect. Unfortunately that has just been the culture of the United States for the past 230+ years.
  15. Faux-Cyrillic really grinds my gears.
  16. It all went downhill after George Washington.
  17. Now WHAT IS UP with airline food?!?
  18. Yes, right here. I play the females quite often.
  19. google chrome wins hands down when it comes to javascript performance though. you dont even need a chart to realize it, its really obvious when you run a javascript-intensive page. amazing processing, google really knows their stuff. i wish they'd hurry up with an os x version!
  20. http://audacity.sourceforge.net/manual-1.2...l_basics_4.html i'm guessing theres a place in the audacity preferences to edit which device to use for recording. edit: here check out this area (i'm using mac but it should be similar on windows)
  21. well you still could've given it to casey

  22. You can do that with Audacity: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ Just set up your mic, drag in the song, then hit record, and it should make a new "layer" of audio with your voice on it.
  23. Give Kyle a wet willy for me

  24. Lynx is faster than all of those. If you're willing to give up all images, scripts, and embedded objects, YOU'LL BE BLAZING!
  25. damn dude, five RRoD's? you sir, have shitty luck
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