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  1. that's awfully ignorant man... what's wrong with muslims
  2. the armenian alphabet came before cyrillic but both of them take a LOT of things from the greek alphabet though (like the order of the letters. for example: greek and armenian alphabets both start with the characters for A, B, and G)... thats why they might seem a little similar. but really (to me) they do not look the same at all. and yes that alphabet is still used in armenia today. the alphabet has hardly changed since its first making, it was only modified a little bit when armenia was part of the USSR.
  3. I haven't learned too much about time yet, but there's a bit: What time is it? - Который час? or Сколько времени? (Katory chas? or Ckolka vremyeni?) At 1:00 - в час (v chas) At 2:00/3:00/4:00 - в два/три/четыре часа (v dva/tri/chetyri chasa) At 5:00+ - в пять часов (v pyat chasov) ... in the morning - утром (utrom) ... in the afternoon - днём (dnyom) ... in the evening - вечером (vyecherom) ... at night - ночью (nochyu) i'm not really sure how to say "it is 1:00" unless its just the same as "at 1:00". also i have a feeling that we didnt learn the proper way to tell time for :15 :30 and :45 so i wont say any of those
  4. good god, food in the south is disgusting. dinner in atlanta was like a page out of this blog. grossest shit i've ever seen...
  5. nope, there is an armenian alphabet, and it's older than the cyrillic alphabet http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armenian_alphabet
  6. what is that supposed to be a map of? armenia is not slavic... is it just like an ethnic population or something?
  7. IQ is great and all, but it's complete bullshit to say that he's "smarter than Einstein." The IQ test is a bunch of random tests that are supposed to gauge your intelligence capability, but that doesn't mean this kid is theorizing about things more important than special relativity and whatnot.
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SLYDE! (i agree)
  9. You should try to contact UGO, Chris. That advertisement from my screenshot (the big square one) pops up A LOT for me, and that would probably drive me away from the website if I were a new visitor. It blocks the entire front page
  10. Blueberry bagel + cream cheese aaawwww here it goes
  11. because i too am a webmaster and i wouldnt want people using ad blockers on my website, so i dont use ad blockers on certain sites
  12. i really dislike french - it's the epitome of non-phonetic languages, and trying to pronounce the words makes my head spin. i guess if you're a fluent speaker it doesnt really matter, but for the rest its quite annoying. i went to Quebec City last summer and i got so tired of all the french signs
  13. i don't like the letters Љ and Њ - they take out the most fun letter in the cyrillic alphabet.. Ю!
  14. I tricked him once with Alex Mack. He guessed Hayden Panettiere's character from Heroes. Loooooser!
  15. In Russian: 1. Shut up = Заткнись! (Zatknis!) 2. Brother, you're very ugly! Unlike me, I'm handsome! = Брат, ты очень безобразный. В отличие от меня, я красивый! (Brat, ty ochen byezobrazny. V otlichie ot menya, ya krasivy!)
  16. hahah not sure if i did that right. i meant to say that I am Armenian
  17. jaс учи руски у университет, jac живаем во Лос Анџелес, а jac сум Ерменец that was my attempt at macedonian
  18. yeah its just like a negation. i guess there's no one word in english to go for all the meanings of нема.
  19. I'll do the rest of the stuff that Thomas did, but for Russian Although there is almost no use learning words in Russian because you won't be able to form a sentence without the grammar. And depending on how you use the words (or even names) in a sentence, the spelling and pronunciation will change (sometimes a lot) French: французкий (frantsoozki) English: англиский (angliski) German: немецкий (nyemetski) Spanish: испанский (eespanski) Italian: итальянский (eetal'yanski) Russian: русский (rooski) Portuguese: португальский (portoogal'ski) Chinese: китайский (keetaiski, key-tie-ski) Japanese: японский (yaponski) There is no such thing as am/are/is/etc in Russian, so I'm not including those I: Я (ya) You (informal): Ты (Ty) He: Он (on, but long 'o' so it's like "own") She: Она (Ana) It: Оно (Ano) We: Мы (My) You (pl, formal): Вы (Vy) They: Они (Ani) One: один (adeen) Two: два (dva) Three: три (tree) Four: четыре (chetyri) Five: пять (pyat) Six: шесть (shest) Seven: семь (syem) Eight: восемь (vosyem) Nine: девять (dyevat) Ten: десять (dyesat) Eleven: одиннадцать (odinnadtsat) Twelve: двенадцать (dvenadtsat) Thirteen: тринадцать (treenadtsat) Fourteen: четырнадцать (chetyrnadtsat) Fifteen: пятнадцать (pyatnadtsat) Sixteen: шестнадцать (shestnadtsat) Seventeen: семнадцать (syemnadtsat) Eighteen: восемнадцать (vosyemnadtsat) Nineteen: девятнадцать (dyevatnadtsat) Twenty: двадцать (dvadtsat) Twenty One: двадцать один (dvadtsat adeen) Twenty two: двадцать два (dvadtsat dva) Twenty three: двадцать три (dvadtsat tree) and so on Thirty: тридцать (treedtsat) Thirty one: тридцать один (treedtsat adeen) Forty: сорок (soruhk) Fifty: пятьдесят (patdesyat) Sixty: шестьдесят (shestdesyat) Seventy: семьдесят (syemdesat) Eighty: восемьдесят (vosyemdecat) Ninety: девяносто (devyanosto) One-Hundred: сто (sto) One-Hundred and One: сто один (sto adeen) January: январь (yanvar) February: февраль (fevral) March: март (mart) April: апрель (apryel) May: май (mai) June: июнь (eoon) July: июль (eool) August: август (avgoost) September: сентябрь (sentyabr) October: октябь (aktyabr) November: ноябрь (noyabr) December: декабрь (dekabr) Monday: понедельник (ponyedyelneek) Tuesday: вторник (ftorneek) Wednesday: среда (sreda) Thursday: четверг (chetverg) Friday: пятница (pyatneetsa) Saturday: суббота (soobbota) Sunday: воскресенье (vaskresenye)
  20. some basic russian (spelled in english pronunciations and accent marks where there's a stress) Hello (informal): Привет (Preevyét) Goodbye (informal): Пока (Paká) Hello (formal): Здравствуйте (Zdrávstvooitye) Goodbye (formal): До свидания (Da svidániya) How are you?: Как дела (Cock dyelá?) Good: Хорошо (Kharashó) Bad: Плохо (Plókha) Not bad: Nеплохо (Nyeplókha) I speak Russian: Я говорю по-русский (Ya gavaryoo pa-roosski) Do you speak Russian?: Ты говоришь по-русский (Ty gavareesh pa-roosski?) I live in America: Я живу в Америке (Ya zhivoo v Amérikye)
  21. Russian to Serbian: 65% Russian to Bulgarian: 75% Russian to Macedonian: same as Bulgarian Russian to Albanian: not Slavic, very dissimilar Russian to Croatian: same as Serbian Russain to Romanian: not Slavic, very dissimilar Russian to Latvian: not Slavic, very dissimilar Russian to Lithuanian: not Slavic, very dissimilar Russian to Belarussian: 90% Russian to Estonian: not Slavic, very dissimilar Russian to Ukrainian: 90% Russian to Bosnian: same as Serbian there, youve got my opinions serbian, croatian, bosnian, and montenegrin are essentially the same language (they just made separate names when the countries became independent). and bulgarian and macedonian are pretty much the same, too. my percentages arent only based off of words, but also grammar. serbian and russian have a lot of words different, but the grammar is almost exactly the same (and its pretty much universal throughout all slavic languages)
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