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  1. Do you go to the Hitler Youth Reformation School? What the fuck sorts of rules are those... "sitting at the wrong lunch table." Where the hell were you sitting?
  2. Earthquakes are fun, welcome to the party!
  3. That doesnt make any sence in Serbian Its NIKO NE BUDI DETE hahah darn i misheard then they should've put serbian subtitles on roman and niko in GTA IV!
  4. ja nisam kazao jer ja ne znam mnogo srpski, ali ja uci i dont really know if what i'm saying is right or wrong one thing that confuses me a lot with serbian is in questions, why sometimes you say "da li" or "si" i don't understand when/how that's used.
  5. da, ne mnogo a while ago i did some "learn serbian" thing online (still not done with it though) so i know some of the basics. not enough to understand and speak a lot, but i can get the general idea of what is being talked about, like i understood what you and george_drifter were saying earlier
  6. in the bottom left hand corner of each forum page there's a little drop down list. you can choose the theme from there.

  7. rappo


    oh my, powergenitalia... that is fucking great
  8. rappo


    it's german: therap ist finder
  9. ah man, lame forum theme you got there. IP.Board Pro is the best one!
  10. nah, serbian is a lot more phonetic than russian. because in russian sometimes о is pronounced like а and other letters do that same sort of thing. also i dont even understand russian songs that are going that fast (i'm learning the language, i'm not a native speaker) so theres no way i'll understand macedonian
  11. Thomas: close... The soft sign is ь ы is pronounced like a combination of "uh" and "ee". it's not the same as и or й but it's very close. You have to use more throat action to get the sound edit: i found this clip online http://www.angelfire.com/or/brianbird/Russian1-25.mp3 when she says "you... ты ты ты" and "we... мы мы мы" you get an idea of how the ы is pronounced.
  12. да, нам нужны русские. но в GTA IV Нико был славянин и сейчас тут все придут
  13. Well it doesn't really matter who they're aiming to attract, it only matters what they actually have on their website! And the fact is that they have millions of 2kb files containing the information necessary to be able to connect to someone else's computer and download a folder from it. I can understand filing complaints and wanting the site to be taken down, but fining The Pirate Bay for damages and all that is a bit ridiculous when they were not even the ones distributing the stuff.
  14. nah i just looked up October and Los Angeles on Wikipedia. the rest i got after reading your post
  15. hehe yeah, macedonian and bulgarian are a lot like serbian and russian, and i know a bit of both of those. Which city in Australia do you live in? I live in Perth. How old are you? (How many years do you have?) I am (I have) 14, but I will be (I will have) 15 in June I don't know enough Russian to understand, but I know a little Here in Perth there are no Russians i may have got that last one wrong though Яс имам 19, кье бидам 20 во Октомври Яс не живеам во Австралия... яс живеам во Лос Анџелес In russian you would say Я живу в Лос Анджелесе... so, pretty similar, easy to understand!
  16. it has different meanings... like one is "just keeps on" or "continues". also it is a reflexive form of тебе and мене so it means "yourself" or "myself" etc
  17. so you dont think maco rules anymore? have you sold out to the man?

  18. Besides Grand Theft Auto fansites, I don't really hate anything about the Internet. It's so easy to avoid all the attention whores and whatnot that were listed above.
  19. Well then I think it's time for the US to rethink its friends Britain gave up the land at just the right time for the UN to snatch it and give it away. I think it was a bit wrong to do that and if anything, Israel should have been created somewhere in Germany. However they wanted to get their promised land, so that's what happened. I don't think any blame needs to be put on the UN, what's done is done, and there is no changing the fact that Israel will exist in the Middle East for a long time. I do think, though, that something needs to be done about how they treat their neighbors. The situation there is a never-ending circle: Israel treats Palestinian citizens poorly, Palestinians bomb Israel, Israelis level Palestine, repeat cycle. Just because you have the power to destroy a very much weaker enemy, doesn't mean you should. I'm sure the US could have leveled Afghanistan after 9/11 but at least showed some responsibility by realizing the entire country is not to blame for the attacks, and that it's possible to weed out a select number of people rather than air-striking universities. If Israel is such a good friend of the US, then it's up to the president of the US to teach them how to deal with these sorts of things. Obama has expressed interest in talking with Iran's president, and I hope he'll extend the same invitation to other leaders in the Middle East soon.
  20. heh yeah, I know. the only president who has even confronted that issue is Carter, and he did it way after his presidency so that didn't really mean too much
  21. Another presidential failure committed by many: unwavering support of Israel. I'm waiting for the day when a president will finally realize that both sides of the Arab-Israeli conflict are at fault, and stop their continual support of Israel against the "terrorists." In a weakening economy, I understand it may be hard to turn down money (and I'm sure Israel pours in a lot of it), but it's time to start putting morals before profit, and stop funding a government that treats some as second-class citizens. I'm hoping that Obama will address this in his presidency, but I don't know how much he can change.
  22. I live next to several of those (Huntington Beach, Torrance, and Santa Monica) but they are on weekdays and I can't make it out to those spots during the week Also I think their locations are fine. California is the most populated state in all of America, obviously they are going to have more events there... Notice how Texas has the second most amount of events? Know how Texas is the second most populated state in America? Yeeeeah, things are coming together!
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