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    Gay Marriage

    That's another thing though; the word 'Normal' has TOO much of a generalized explanation that people have decided to branch off and define it themselves - I doubt many, if any look up the word Normal in the dictionary now. Is it then because of this that unfortunately homosexuality and gay marriage comes under this statement that unfortunately many believe in, which I stated previously that many think it's just wrong without a reason at all or one that doesn't involve It's and wrong in the same sentence next to each other. It is probably because straight to gay ratio is out of balance that people don't tend to look into this issue. But I've seen now that this generation can accept people for who they are, as 'coming out the closet' used to be something that would spread like mad but now for example, people on the internet can say 'Yes, I am gay' and get flamed off the internet.. However, about accepting people for who they are, if we as people never singled out homosexuality, this would have never been an issue! (Not blaming anyone in particular)
  2. This is shit. It's like using a public telephone except you're using a public machine that people can look over your shoulder at. Sometimes I rely on sites like Photobucket and such however my ENTIRE hard drive data on a Google server is like giving away part of my life to some people I don't even know or trust.
  3. All schools across Australia require a uniform..Mine is light/dark blue, not so bad but I really don't like it :\
  4. Rap, with the obvious except of 50 Cent all mainstream hip hop artists apart from some Lil Wayne songs.
  5. Lucky. What's your OS? And if it's Vista, 64bit or 32bit? I'm running Vista 32bit, hence the 3GB RAM. I actually have 4GB in my computer, but I don't want to reinstall windows now that I have everything working. The game runs silky-smooth at these settings: Obviously I get the pixellated shadows and occasional blank textures in the distance, but that's not really an issue. It actually looks really nice. And Vista on 32 bit only supports up to 3GB of memory.
  6. CnR uses 2 servers, to change cities faster. And even though it's meant to be 2 different cities running at once, sometimes they accidentally end up on the same city, at different times of the week. You probably accidentally went into the other CnR server while both were on the same city and so it appeared that all 5 people had left. EDIT: If you wrote down their usernames somewhere, then there's a search feature on their website here
  7. ^Yeah I'll just pick out one randomly, I don't use many CD's, anyway. UPDATED!: Replaced the PSU with Coolermaster RealPower Pro 550W / $134 So that brings the total, still without case and cooling costs to $973. Awesomeness! For now..
  8. Thanks heaps for the advice so far everyone, it's extremely helpful So I've come up with a more accurate list, and fortunately, MSY have a shop that's about 30 minutes from my house! Case: Ultra X-Blaster / They don't seem to supply it in Australia, may have to buy online instead CPU: C2D E8400 / $269 Mobo: Asus P5Q Pro / $199 RAM: Transcend 2GB DDR2 X2 / $72 GPU: ATI Radeon 4850 512MB / $242 DVD-RW: Haven't decided yet, the list has a confusing table about Optical drives and stuff HDD: W.D 160GB 7200 RPM 8MB Cache SATA / $57 Cooling: Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro / $45 / Shop does not supply PSU: Thermaltake QFan 650W / $179 TOTAL: $1018, excluding case and Cooling It'll obviously be higher as I haven't added cooling and case costs yet, but it'll probably still exceed $1200 And since I have a 32bit Vista Home Premium CD, I can order a 64bit for free (according to the order page) Just one question though, will it be worth saving the money buying basic instead?
  9. Look, some people have even gone through the ENTIRE San Andreas script and found no such occurrences. Although you must spend a shitload of time running around looking for these things although it's really not worth it anymore since the interest has gone down greatly over the years and with GTAIV now the main interest. But yeah, good coincidence anyways.
  10. Lucky. What's your OS? And if it's Vista, 64bit or 32bit?
  11. Tec, can you go one day without insulting someone? Even though your post was quite hilarious
  12. Isn't there a go-kart glitch that lets you drive through one of those things too? On the northern side of SF Airport.
  13. Happy birthday Husky and MK47 Enjoy your day(s)
  14. It's good to see you changing for the better, keep it up
  15. I read a review and it seems the P5Q Pro doesn't support over 3GB of Ram on a Vista 32 bit. I was thinking of getting a smaller hard drive, around 160GB maybe? Since I hardly use up my drives. Don, I really like what you've given me, I might just go with that but I still need to find out what it will cost. And for the case, I'll just go with the Ultra X-Blaster - I'm just wondering if all these parts will fit in it? Since it's mid-sized.
  16. I'm a first time PC builder and I'm interested in building a gaming PC that will cost me $1000 or under that will at least run GTAIV, but not something extreme that will run Crysis. So today I came up with this: (I can change it around a little, this is day 1) CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 1.86GHz Motherboard: EVGA nForce 750i SLI FTW Motherboard RAM: Kingston 1024MB PC5400 DDR2 667MHz Memory x2 Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 250GB Hard Drive Case: Ultra X-Blaster PSU: OCZ GameXStream 850W The CPU and Motherboard are Socket 775, has 4 memory slots for up to 4GB DDR2 RAM For the sound card, I might just use the on board sound that comes with the Motherboard The problem I have right now is the price. I calculated some estimated costs according to some websites that stocked the parts and it went well over $1200.. I was wondering if anyone could help me and bring the cost down, thanks
  17. Is it because you're using a different forum skin?
  18. He's probably not even 10, as Spaz previously pointed out. He changed his birthday to September 11, 2001!
  19. Why do you not recommend it?
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