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  1. I'm surprised Phil didn't write this topic. LOL.
  2. San Andreas. Not because of the size of the city, the atmosphere and the vibe it gave through Los Santos was amazing. RLS, The Ballas, Bicycles, Uzi's, The specific color of the sky and artists like Eazy E, Ice Cube, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, NWA...It just brang everything together to bring a West Coast experience.. Seriously though, San Andreas for me, I don't like the Mafia/Mob/Italian Mafia/Organized Crime themes to be honest, They don't really interest me. But in respect I do love Vice City and the depth of Liberty City for what it was back in it's time.
  3. I love Biggie too :D

  4. Well said, hence why I got bored of VCS within the first week. However, the 2001 Liberty City did seem just dead with cars and people roaming compared to today's gaming standards, but back then it was revolutionary. But seriously, LOL @ the title, I just noticed
  5. Mike ftw! Have a great day And bang everyone on sight!
  6. GTA III was the trilogy of GTAIII, Vice City and San Andreas. Meaning IV has no relation to the previous trilogy; for all we know they could remodel Vice City AND San Andreas for future titles!
  7. Well not much of the news concerns me, I haven't even played IV yet so TLaD and a mod updates aren't really news to me. Sometimes, I just head over to the homepage for the sake of the POTD :\
  8. I actually like Tupac facing to the right, and the other picture of him in the background. Maybe if I reduce the opacity of the Resurrection?
  9. It sounds confusing. For a start, this isn't commercial crap, this is video content that people like us upload in our free time. They think it's some kind of channel for people and will probably just end up a bad idea..
  10. Country: Australia Territory/State: Victoria City: Melbourne I mean, WRX can meet up with me..And put up with my wierdness
  11. Made this during school today in my Computer Graphics class I'm actually pretty impressed with it myself So what do you all think? And what else do you think I should do to make it better?
  12. A post by you that doesn't make fun of anything Well to be honest I don't know. Obviously I'm going to spend more time on my future education then the internet, but I'll at least have some time to come back..
  13. To belong - like every other person. To stop this yes this, no that. People shouldn't be saying no because of their personality traits, color, whatever. Really, and apart from this, I don't have another reason. But, the most important question is; Why are you saying no to another person's marriage? (Not asking you, of course.)
  14. 1. To fight for the rights of gay couples to be together, fighting for the rights to get married is the next big step. Look, if the Government says yes to gay couples, and say no to them getting married, what's the point in that? It's like Gerard's previous example in the Gay Marriage thread "We can have sex, just not with each other, whats the point in that?" 2. In addition, couples, whether gay or straight can obviously decide not to marry. However, for straight couples, to know the choice that getting married will always be there, for gay couples it's not the same. I think gay couples should have this same right and satisfaction that they are no different different and can get married without hassle or ending up on the news or being frowned upon on the internet, let alone putting up with the law. But let's keep this in the Gay Marriage now, as this one's more about Politics..
  15. You're basing this belief on the Bible. I know there's nothing stopping you from that, and shouldn't be, but think of reality and allowing homosexual couples to experience the best day of their lives. Honestly, I'd like a reason longer then one sentence without involving the bible. Refer to my quote-reply above.
  16. LOLOLOLOLOL Anywayz.... All us elite-staff-members can see who won right now I'll give out the winners for 50,000 forum cash per name given. Charge extra if that name won multiple awards. LOL Congrats in advance to the future wieners!
  17. Coke! Pepsi is too sweet.
  18. そです ね ? And about the Macedonian thing in Melbourne..er really? There are a lot of Europeans but not specifically Macedonian domination, lol.
  19. azn

    I hate explaining this lol.....

    I get 5gb a month of high speed adsl internet and I use it up too quickly so they cap me to dial up internet to control my excessive usages..


  20. Source Screens: Shift Nitro World Online Well, what does everybody think then? Will this bring the NFS series back to it's former glory? Personally I think that if World Online demands a super computer I might not even bother. Discuss!
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