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    only just noticed you comment :P


  2. been here a few weeks but not introduced myself as of yet. so heres me Im from the UK and have been playing GTA since the first one on the ps1, i currently have GTAsa on the PC and VCs on my psp gta,sa not working though may need to but a new copy as disk scratches
  3. will this then play off the HD? as my disk is faulty!
  4. do not go in too hard with a tackle
  5. rise of the foot soldier is worth a watch.. 16+ though
  6. footie... man u v the gooners.. im on a ciggy break
  7. skinhead.. shave it once a week. used to be long... but it very curly.. so the clippers it is for me
  8. iv'e had a rubbish shift at work...
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