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  1. Claude_§peed

    GTA VC skins

    Do you have any other skins for Vice City? no i have not made any other´s. dont somebody else have some to show in here?
  2. Claude_§peed


    "i told myself, MARIO take it easy!"
  3. Claude_§peed

    Favourite SA moment?

    Lol, I do that especially on Gray Imports mission when the guy goes the the Banshee, boom! yeah that´s one of the missions i meant, if you want to kill him even faster you just run into the room after you killed the guy in front of the door and when you have runned up the guy, select oyur chainsaw and cut him to pieces
  4. Claude_§peed

    Favourite SA moment?

    when i take all the enemies in the area the most stylish way without getting hurt, offcourse with the ak 47 and some grenades. or when you have to kill some one in a mission, taking him down with the rocket launcher befoore he even sees me
  5. Claude_§peed

    Wich Is the best weapon

    my favorites: Chainsaw desert eagle combat shotgun mp5 ak 47 grenades rocket launcher flowers (to give to your girlfriend or whack the shit out of a balla homie )
  6. Claude_§peed

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    "curse you berkley!"
  7. Claude_§peed

    Millie Caught CJ Cheating With Denise?

    Cool, didn´t know that could happen
  8. Claude_§peed

    Best GTA... Old Skool

    GTA2, it was a lot more easier than the first one (ones) alltough i never played through any of the classics (only got to level 2 in GTA2). GTA2 had also more of a story line, cool weapons, cars and graphics. and farts
  9. Claude_§peed

    GTA VC skins

    didnt´t find any topic to post this so i made a new one, well the idea is that you post your skin bmp files here if you want to, here´s what i made just made, its snake from the simpsons not really good, made it on paint while i looked at a picture of him the_simpsons_snake.bmp
  10. Claude_§peed

    Whats your fave gun in Vice City, and why?

    m60, why? it´s teh rambo guN!1 also like spas 12 the so called street sweeper and the Mp5, it has that funny sound in vice city
  11. Claude_§peed

    Tommi Vercetti or Claude?Why?

    Claude, alltough he was mute, if some one was bugging him, he let his fists/guns talk *Bang bang* Tommy did take over vice city but claude did also bring liberty city to it´s knees
  12. Claude_§peed

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hey all! new here so i thought id place my first post here and sorry if i write some typ0s, im from finland and some english words are still a problem for me, but anyway i hope we can all get along yaayy!