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  1. Thanks for explaining that Chris. I'm not exactly known, despite all my posts, so I guess the forum awards are just gonna pass me by. I actually started on these forums thinking I could build up to those mysterious forum awards at the bottom so I could have a chance at 'em. I had no idea these were nominations.
  2. Can anyone, instead of getting off topic, actually make a Don't you find it strange thing like I did?
  3. People, i'd just like to point out that though you are enforcing your beliefs, your mostly ganging up on someone for their arguement or even a little detail that made you uncomfortable. Also, these posts are getting repetitve, especially since the same people say the same thing.
  4. GTA Most Knowledgeable (GTA3): Most Knowledgeable (GTAVC): Lord Voldemort Most Knowledgeable (GTASA): Most Knowledgeable (GTALCS): Most Knowledgeable (GTAVCS): Most Knowledgeable (GTAIV): Best Stunter (Vice City): Best Stunter (San Andreas): Member Most Respected Member: Most Respected Mod/Super Mod: Dr.Gbl-gee Most Helpful Member: Gerard Most Improved Member: Most Intelligent Member: Gerard Best New Member: Funniest Member: Connor Most Original Username: Mr LlamaLlama Biggest Geek: Most Random Member: Best Personality: L-Ric Graphics, Creativity, Skills etc. Best Avatar: Mr Llama Llama Best Signature: Mr Llama Llama Best Graphics maker: Mr Llama LLama Best Animator: Best Writing/Story (creativity forum): Best Quality Posts: Sherman Best Written English: Gerard Best "About Me" page: Best Debater: Harwood Butcher. Prestige Member of the Year: Spider-Vice Topic of the Year: George W Bush has shoes thrown at him Lolz (fun stuff) Person Least Likely to Get Laid: I'd say me, but i'll stick with Connor Best Breasts: How should i know? Wow, not one person nominated me for most improved noob or anything lol.
  5. ....because it makes the babies and doesn't make almost exaclty half of California and more than half of people in other states uncomfortable.
  6. Im talking about Ultimate Vice City...I dont know the triggers for it, and i dont have the spaceinstein mod. Whatever that is.
  7. I can't really express my true feelings here because of the homophobia ban, but I really don't like the idea. I didnt like it before even learning it was against the Bible. Every day I go to school and make gay jokes with my friends, they laugh, even though some of them hate prop 8. I cant say much more than that or else someone will cap my ass here...
  8. This is the first time i've been through a forum awards, so can I have details on how I would be in the running? Maybe I could pass for best noob by making this topic...
  9. I dont like the idea of gay marriage. I am not ashamed to say I am one of the two people that said no.
  10. I AM EXTREMELY SORRY FOR BUMPING THIS UP! But I lost the link to the page that tells all the triggers in the mod. Can someone point me to that? After all, there's no point in this mod if i forgot triggers.
  11. Don't you find it strange that this topic got more than just a few lol's and turned into one of those long forgotten ones that are bumped up?
  12. Well, if there was one, you can bet your ass she'd never wear anything that doesn't show herself off (serously, imagine if the female protagonist in a GTA game was ugly. Rockstar would go bankrupt) But I dont think Rockstar would even think about making a female protagonist. Maybe as a bonus or something. In the meantime russie, why don't you input a character change cheat in VC and play as Candy Suxxx if you want it that bad?
  13. List 6. Pre-Mission: Your only required weapon is Tear Gas/Molotov Cocktails. NOTE THAT YOU DO NEED TO HAVE EVERY TYPE OF WEAPON except the Brass Knuckles. You need a four seater car as your first vehicle. Special Conditions: Steal 5 cars by the end of the mission, and kill all 5 pedestrians in each car. These cars are the only ones allowed to you, and you must complete the first hit with the four seater car. If you lose your fifth car before the end, you lose the BONUS hit, and must walk through the rest of your tasks. The Time Limit is now down to 9 hours game time. THE FIFTH CAR WILL HAVE TO BE A FOUR SEATER AS WELL. NOTE: IF YOU CANNOT USE CHEATS OR HAVE PS2 VERSION, SKIP THE HIT AND SUBTRACT 3 HOURS FROM THE TIME LIMIT! Level 6 Hitlist The Mission: Vercetti Estate Bar Tommy's waiting for the second-in-command White mentioned. As scheduled, a man in a black suit and a Pistol in hand comes up. "I take it your the guy i'm supposed to meet for my next job?" "Correct. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Mr. Red." "Gay name, but pleased to meet you" "Bah...I could order your death this moment, show some respect." "I'm the best hitman in Vice City available to you, who you gonna call?" "They don't have to be available to me at the moment, I can make them be available" "Right...can I have the list?" "First, let's talk real business." "I figured this was my business." "You have your own code name...your one of us, and pretty soon you will be relieved of your duties here and have your own protoge to present to your colleagues." "...Protoge...i'm someone's protege?" "Correct, I taught you everything you know." "Of course...now then, business?" "Let's see...your worth about 10 million to us right now...and we can prepare a suitable mansion as this one when you allow the mafia into this one." "Piss-off. I'm not leaving Miami Vice, and I sure as hell ain't giving up this mansion." "We're quite tired of convincing the Mafia to hold off on raiding this house, please don't make this difficult. I could hire off all your henchmen and give them to the Forelli Family, and have them turn on you." "Give. Me. The. List. I'll think about it." "Fool...you will see reason soon. Here's the list...have fun." The List: Roxanne Elise: Hooker. Woman. Apparently, a man who employed her services was caught by the wife, and the wife ordered a hit on her. Day Job: None. Walks around selling sushi on Ocean Beach. Night Job: Hooker. Prefers Downtown area. Way to Kill: At day, find her on Ocean Beach. Get her to come into your car via HOPINGIRL cheat, and go to the beach. Drive the car into the water while you leap out at the last minute, leaving her to die by drowning. At night, find 10 scantily clad women and select the tenth one. Get her to come into your car and drive to the back of Hyman Stadium. Kill her and light the car up with Molotov Cocktails (or a Flamethrower) Maria Cortez: Secretary. Woman. Ironically, the man ordered a hit on her so he could enjoy Roxanne and any other skank that comes his way without fear. Day Job: Secretary, works in an office building. Purple clothes, glasses, black hair. Night Job: None. Goes to the mall to chat with friends. Way to Kill: At day, find her in the Office building or around the area. Find 3 women matchng her description and kill the 3rd. At night, go to the mall and find any 3 group's of women chatting. Kill all of them so we don't miss her, and so there will be noone to testify. Richie: Last name unknown. Man. Mysterious figure referred to as "Richie" by gangsters and high level drug runners, suspected to have several charges of rape, murder, and illegal drug trafficking against him. Hit issued by a correspondant within the Fort Baxter Militia. Credit goes to them, and the money... Day Job: Unknown. Night Job: Unknown. Way to Kill: You must squeeze information out of gang members and Bikers alike. Punch 5 Biker's to death, Use your Colt/Python to kill 3 Haitians, use Tear Gas/Molotov Cocktails in a group of no more or no less than 5 Cuban Gang members, and lastly, acquire a vehicle and use a Hopingirl cheat to 'coax' a hooker who is under high suspicion of being raped (and therefore have information about) Richie, and take her to the Junkyard and into the building Lance was tortured in. Beat her to the ground with your fists, BUT LET HER LIVE. No information is relevant to finding Richie. The hit will be continued when further information is available. Phillip Collins: PIG officer. Leader of the Vice City PIG. Man. Raped and killed the daughter of a Cuban gang member. Hit taken out by Umberto Robina in order to "protect my family!". Phillip is currently under investigation by the Police, so be on high alert when you take him out. Day Job: PIG. Wears PIG clothes. Owns a Colt.45. Night Job: Baggage Handler. Works at the Airport. Way to Kill: At day, find him on Starfish Island. Before you kill him, rack up 3 stars (simulating that the cops are on to you) and then kill him. Lose the cops at the Pay N'Spray in Vice Port. At night, rack up two stars and search the airport for him. If you cannot find him in or around the airport in 2 hours, go to Leaf Links Golf Course and kill both PIG's on guard. Coop Ross: Haitian. Man. Dropped out of college and joined his fellow Haitian's. Selected at random by Umberto Robina when he stated "Every time i'm killing a man, there's a Haitian dying involved, so kill anyone that comes to mind." and Coop was selected at random. Coop changed his name to be more American. Day Job: Haitian. Hangs around Little Haiti in a group of 3-5. Carries a gun with him. Night Job: Haitian. Fights Cubans or Vercetti Gang members. No gun with him this time. Way to Kill: At day, find a group of 3-5 Haitians and locate a Haitian with a gun. Kill him FIRST, then kill the others. Killing anyone but Coop first results in loss of BONUS hit. At night, find any Haitian that is unarmed who is fighting a Cuban, a Vercetti thug, or a cop. Kill him and his buddies, and kill the cop, if any. BONUS HIT Rocha Escobodo: One of the big boys in the Cartel. Visiting Vice City on vacation, and he brought his family. We want them all dead, but we also want Rocha's information. If we can take Rocha's knowledge of the other Cartel leaders, we can crack the ring so much so that the US will be indebted to us, and the leader of our Organization can soon seize the Cartel for himself. Do not ask me how he will accomplish this, I think it is impossible as well, but nevertheless, a hit is a hit, and this man must die. Day Job: Vacationing. Dressed as a tourist (with a camera on his neck) or a man in a suit. Night Job: Vacationing. Parties in the club Malibu in his suit from 6-8, walks around Ocean Beach 8-10, and going to the Pole Position the rest of the night. Always in a suit. Way to Kill: At day, find 5 people matching his description on Ocean Beach and take the fifth into your car. Then, find his wife (a woman who is nearby and not a sushi seller or a decreipt hobo) and get her in the car as well. Find the daughter nearby as well, dressed either in red or a bikini (and not fat). Take them all to the Boatyard and into the warehouse. Kill the wife with a shot to an ARM with an Assault Rifle, shoot the daughter in the HEAD with an assault rifle, and proceed to torture Escobodo with alternating your melee weapon with your hands until he stops moving. When he stops moving, he is dead and you have your information. Use a molotov on all 3 bodies and leave the Boatyard, and rack up 4 stars (with a cheat preferably) and make your way to the Hyman Condo. Take your helicopter to any Safehouse and park it on the roof, then jump out to the ground. Mission Complete. IF YOU FAIL TO FIND ALL TARGETS WITHIN 9 HOURS GAME TIME, YOU WILL LOSE. IF YOU DIE, YOU LOSE. IF YOU LOSE, YOU MUST BEGIN THE LIST AGAIN. Ways to Lose: -Cheat when not asked to. -Get Busted. -Get Wasted. -Fail to get all targets within 9 hours game time. -Fail to get at least 2 targets in 4 hours game time.
  14. Palin probably can recover from media heat in less than 4 years, but itll be tough as hell for her dress and actions not to bring back more media heat (SNL anyone?)
  15. OH MY GOD! YES! WOOT!!! NOW we know what happens to Price and Soap! I'm a big fan of CoD4, and im doubly glad that Treyarch will not be developing and Infinity Ward is (cause Infinity handles everything Price)
  16. This one time, i got an A on a Geometry Test. Weird
  17. She drugs him How many times is the FBI Washington actually seen in a mission?
  18. How does faith in something either than the parties of government even apply here?
  19. Well Spaz, I think the slut's been Mccain's highest earner (in the polls that is )
  20. In my opinion, I think the kid should get some special attention. He's simply too young to go to jail, but he commited a serious crime. They should send him to a specialist in child psychology and maybe he can be diagnosed and report cases of abuse. I mean, the kids gotta have a reason right? He just doesn't say, oh hey a rifle, i'm gonna shoot my dad and his friend.
  21. OBVIOUSLY. Didn't you read the article? it said RIFLE.
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