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  1. yeah i heard about these monster cable rip offs but i just needed to know wether to buy hdmi or component soo thanks thanks now i wont make the mistake in buying an expensive cable
  2. i have a sharp 32" 720p lcd hdtv (not aquos) how good do u think the picture will be with my ps3 & an hdmi cable (probably one priced 20 through 50$)....also with this tv how much better do u think this picture quality will be i know of course its hd it has to have a difference but how much?its a newer model & thats all i no about that.....hope u guys can give me good information
  3. haha yeah check out that gun it looks so real that guys gonna be badass to play with though i dont think he'll climb fences,run without getting an asthma attack plus how much times do u think he's been to burger shot today?
  4. vice city just cause it was amazing of course they would remake it bigger and better with a couple of old thing left in things like vercetti estate,that one club,washington beach,that stadium and of course phils place
  5. im glad i killed dimitri i was kindof sad when kate got killed but after awhile and meeting that crazy chick carmen idc
  6. maybe they were right cause you know take two just announced its coming out in november
  7. for me its not that rare in my game i see them alot with the full body kit race car type of stuff but i dont know why i dont like them that much i like super gt's and turismo's better and its just a sentinel just like the other ones oh haha i thought that you got a sexualy transmitted disease by doing it in a sentinel with a hooker haha that was wat i thougt when i first saw this
  8. the game doesnt exactly say where niko's from it just says he's russian but im not the best in geology or watever its called. anyways wat about tommy vercetti or tony sipriani there italian and wasnt that one guy cuban? idk but u might not be the only one with these problem even though u probably are
  9. yeah maybe theyll put some in the next gta game just because everybody wanted them so bad idk much about new york city but they should have some myths or something in the game just for fun
  10. i was i playing pool in a bar and when i walked out all the building started disapearing and reapering rapidly and people had 10 more of themselves walking behind them idk wat hapend but the best thing i could do was get in a fight with all of them the glitch ended soon after
  11. i killed francis cuase he got on my nerves derrick was cool
  12. maybe if u beat the game 100%?
  13. thatd be really cool if we got to go to san andreas with niko but i really think they should rebuild vice city to a bigger size like they did to libert city and go back there but if they go back to san andreas they should rebuild all the citys and make them to were the take up more countryside cuase the dead spots were really boring
  14. just imagine how good those cars would look with some modding done to them
  15. i prbably like algonquin the most but ill like doing car chases on the bridges alot
  16. far west side of alderny at night thats were ive seen them but i wanna know why do u wanna find them so bad?
  17. ill like getting cops on me when i go jack the annihalator from the airport and go up and down star junction shooting people ill like getting cops on me when i go jack the annihalator from the airport and go up and down star junction shooting people
  18. i hope your computers not as slow as mine or gta4 wont work on your at all
  19. its just one of those little fun things to do with brucie boat rides to veiws and helicopter rides to veiws
  20. i would give it a 9 1/2 out of ten cuase theres somethings that that are missing from the game
  21. it doesnt have rockets just four minguns under the wings but i always jack mine from the airport cheats blow
  22. if they tried to put it on the ps2 it might catch on fire just trying to load the game
  23. i killed playboy and got his penthouse my cousin killed dwayne and playboy says he cant talk to u again
  24. yeah they shouldve kept more weapons like the chainsaw that was always fun and they shouldve added some new ones like an axe or something it would just make the weapon variety more interesting and fun
  25. yeah the handling really got me mad but i kindof got used to it but i can drift really good with banshees and some other better sports cars another thing is if theyve been working on this game for 5 or 6 years shouldnt their be more missions this game was way to quick to beat and i dont tink the city was close to the size of san andreas at all
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