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  1. Well, are you using Ps2? Cause you have to hit LSHIFT (I think) if your on Pc.
  2. Oh man, I feel sorry for people living in Australia!
  3. That means that you will be able to "import" (meaning you can get that car or bike it says you can "import" for the price it say's it will cost). Cars are usually, at least to me memory, about 30 000 while bikes are about 7000, wasn't it? When you export more vechiles you can import new ones and better ones. "Export" means to send something to someone, and "import" means getting something from someone.
  4. Yeah, I havn't seen the video yet, but your discribing a bump (that is the tutorial I said I'd release, right. So it seems like you know how to do it.) Edit: Yes, I saw the stunt now, and yes, it might be a good place to do that. I'm not sure I understood completly what you men, but did you mean that you could jump over the brigade with a bike even if it isn't open? Yes, I would think that's possible (I hav'nt tried it, but it does seem possible.), but if you even got over you would still get the 4 four stars though. Those you get every time you cross that land line and get over to a place your not sepose to be in..
  5. Yeah, Iæm glad to be here. It's a great forum, but I'll try to get more stunters and people wanting to start stunting over here. Please, if you having any questions regarding stunting I and all the other members of the staff will try to help you as good as we can. I'd also like to thank PyrOxide for letting me get this job. Thanks!
  6. Do you feel that pretty much everything is done when it comes to stunting in Vice City? Or are there still new jaw dropping spots and new techniques to be discovered? In case you think there are still new stunt tchniques out there, what kind of vechile would it be in? What kinda direction would it be in do you think? I think it's just a matter of creativity for the spots, when I started stunting in Sa I had quite a few "waiting" to be done stunts, so I think there is alot more left, but some of the most jaw dropping is probably done, althought one of those "waiting to be done" stunts I had were pretty big!
  7. Yeah, I believe it's possbøe to get even higher in San then in Vice. I'll release a bump tutorial soon that'll show you how to get that high and higher. Just wait for that
  8. Yeah, well, I don't really have any problem with the height, but I do have problem with stoopies and such. Cause the bike starts to go from side to side very unpredictivly.
  9. Yeah, well, that's an old one, so don't expect no seriuse stunting Maybe I could host Draw Dead and Gasoline here?
  10. So what are your thoughts on San Andreas stunting? Some say the physics are so much worse than in Vice City that they're actually going to still stunt in Vice, do you feel the same way? I personaly think the physics for bikes are just terible, but I won't go to the extreme of just droping San Andreas stunting though. I've actually found a quite new and, in my opinion, graet way to stunt in San Andreas. You'll see more about that way later when I release my latest video. I havn't really found it mself, but I feel that I'm going to take to a new level. But enough about that, what do you think?
  11. Yeah, I didn't know it then, but I started stunting in Gta 3. I start while using that "jump with cars"-cheat. I used it actually the way Vice CIty taxy stuters would use it with their taxis, I jumped on wall to jump again and fly up in the air. Although you didn't get far in the air, I thought it was pretty funny. After that I started playing Mta which is the place I learnt my first stunts (like 360's and such) and then it went step by step from there
  12. Tutorial: Finding locations Maybe the most inportant thing about being an elite, is finding new spot's! But how do they do it? You would think they had done it all by now! But, no, they're still coming with new jaw dropping stunt's. Well, the answer to that lay's in alot of creativity. When an elite goes out there, to find a new spot, he aproach's it with pretty much a free mind. That's excatly what you should do too! Just go for a ride on a Nrg and take a look around with a free mind! Like, when I was just driving around and doing small bumps, 360 and such, I suddenly saw a roof which would've been awsome to make! So, I take a look around, trying to find a way up there. And when I found it, I went do go do it! (Another, similar, tchnique is the one where you find the bump before the roof, or the jump before the grind. This is the same as the one above, but in reverse.) I think most stunters uses that technique, but I wouldn't advice you to start doing that one! You should try another technique first, so that you've gotten pretty creative before you use it. Though it really isn't that much of a mistake if you do start doing the prevese one. But, anyhoo, this is the technique you should start doing.. There are a few things you can do to increase your amount of stunts. And this is a technique that I, and many others (I think), use: I stay tuned on stunting videos, so I see which stunts have been done and which havn't (as should you!!). But you can use stunt's that have allready been done, and redo them in a diffrent way! Like I saw NightKnight's bump to roof (scroll down to see which one I'm talking about. It's called "NightKnight's bump to roof". It's from Vice City, but you'll get my point anyway.). Than I went out and treid to find another way up there. Then suddenly I found "NightKnight's bump to roof redo" (I know people have only seen Nitzkit do it, but that's because he released it before me). Examples on stunt's that have been redone in a diffrent way (It's from Vice City, but you'll get my point): NightKnight's bump to roof NightKnight's bump to roof redo Downtown hospital roof Downtown hospital roof redo Bump to roof Bump to roof in a diffrent way (Speed Pcj bump or packer Air and roof Regular bump in white)
  13. Ouch, oh, well, just do what it tells you to do then. I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do. There'll be a new video out soon and it'll rock your world so it isn't too important about this one..
  14. I saw this vid ages ago so the details gets alittle blurry, but I think I liked it. I think gave it something like 8 or something using my 10 sided dice lol)
  15. I'll just quote what I said when I first posted it. I just want to say, that I'm not as proud of it as I were before.
  16. Well, this is just down right stupid! But I've heared alot of stupid things coming through the court system in the states so I won't say there's no chance this can work. But, of course, I have just heared storys that have ben past from millions of poeple so the stories might have been altered alittle bit..
  17. Looks, great. Need to consentrate on posting and getting members, that's all I can see. Great forum Edit: Actually, on second thought, posting seems good
  18. Yeah, I agree with you, but not everyone does. And to be honest I can actually see why they don't agree with us, but I still think our reasons weigh more then theirs.
  19. Yeah, and that's what I saw a small tendency of in San Fierro, especially in the middle of the city. It's the same white houses with the "straight forward"-streets. It's a great city, don't get me wron, but it has a small tendency to be repeativ, but that's only my opinion of it.
  20. Well, I don't know how this will work in San Andreas, it will probably look alittle weired, but it's worth a shot. You know that the ped is one big .dff file, right? It doesn't have clothes ontop of that "name of per".dff.
  21. Well, I don't want to get into a fight. But if you hate them, but your still gonna post in them, then you don't need to complain. Just write "Bigger.". You'll still get the post count. I'm not trying to be a smart ass, I'm just tired of people complaining. And if this topic has been brought up before, please just say so, and I'll try to tell a mod to close it or delete it. Oh, and many people want it to be smaller or about the same size (just look at PyrOxide). I'll say some arguments for that side too if you'd like.. - One bad thing about having a large city is that you can't get to know that city your doing missions in untill you get to a new one, and then suddenly you find yourself lost in all of the places. - Another bad thing about a large game is that, allthough the people that make the game know that hhey have to consentrate on it, bigger size does, either you like it or not, cause less detail in he landscape. You can look at many large games that don't have as much detail to it all. Much of the landscape gets repeted, this has to do with the soze of the game in.. like.. bytes, right? It gets pretty boring if you spent hours diving down the highway in Sa, but you only saw the same things? Wouldn't you think? .. and as said, I'm very sorry, if this topic has been brought up here before! .. oh, and, I don't think there's any point in posting if your just for the post count. "Post when you can give a meaningfull reply to the topic" - That's what I say.. But that's only my opinion, though.
  22. Oh yeah, maybe I introduce myself. Hi, I'm Ghostchild, 16 years old and from Norway. I'm a stunter Hello!
  23. Well, as far I as know, you don't have to reply to them if you hate them.
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