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  1. Yes, there is a way, but it's kinda hard. First have to download IMG Tool. Then you have to find the name of that ped's .dff and .txd file inside the gta3.img file, then export them out of the gta3.img file. Then replace those two files (the .dff and .txd files) with the player.dff and the player.txd that are alos found in the gta3.img file.
  2. Yeah, my thoughts on the size of San Andreas and then I'm only talking about San Fierro, I think the size of San Andreas is kinda big in one way, and that is that San Fierro got kinda boring or.. it's like one style allmost all the way through the city. So if they can't maintain the detail I'd say smaller, but I think R* can maintain the detail IF they take theire time. I'd rather hope they took their time with the game then release it too early.
  3. Hehe, I don't even know what the trading stalls are yet :S I've just got to this forum and I'm still looking around so.. but maybe..
  4. Hehe, thanks. Have a feeling you might have exaggerated abit, but hehe, thanks
  5. There has probably been at least one of this topic, but I didn't see any on my quick tour through the topic in this forum so I'd post it. Do you want Gta 4 to be bigger or smaller then San Andreas? I personaly think it should be larger, but if it's gonna make the details and feel of places then I'd rather have it small and detailed. But if they can maintain the detail in the landscape than I'm all for larger. I'd like there to be some islands though. Like an island you have to fly to or take boat to, or maybe many islands, like on Fiji or something. nd not those small island like that one right outside of San Fierro, I mean like a LARGE island. That has mountains and all! Oh, and I know everyone complains about "you'll get lost" and all that. But what's better than just driving around and then suddenly your in a completly new place that you've never been? Even if you've made all the missions you'll still find new places. That would've been cool!
  6. You should try to make those 120 members more active, that's athe main problem with the forum that I could see during my quick tour o the front page.
  7. No, I do not have Gameboy advanced, I'm not going to be getting it either so, no, I'm not getting Gta Advanced. Although it's probably going to be cool
  8. As Peewee said.. You couldn't swim. And the fact that you fall off your bike just by backing up.. Well, you allmost do. That's one hell of a annoying thing for a stunter! :S
  9. I'd like a new one, but it's ok. I don't really like skins that go all the way from one side of the screen to another, but it's ok
  10. I like mostly Alt. Rock, but it wasn't on the poll so I'll just say rock
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