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  1. I am downloading at the moment Edit: Wow! Nice, but what's with the flame? lol, that must have been fun to do?
  2. Yeah, 10. September is the deadline. That problem that, chris82, was talking about. We need to talk about, but I don't have it and I didn't really understnad it so please someone who knows more about it, please answere it. Thanks!
  3. If we're ever going to make a TheGtaPlace.com Gta San Andreas collab, I'll do it Dont have Vc anymore.
  4. Well, I dont obviusly, but hello for the first time
  5. Yeah, orignality was what I hoped for so.. thank you very much
  6. That's why I said ".. some what". I havn't seen any air acrobatics stunts made on pc (although I know there have been like one or two real novice ones). And on Ps2 there were only like "fly inbetween two skyscrapers, which is very very very easy. Here I did a loop de loop with a bridge inside the loop. And the bridge is like 2 in-game meters from the water so it isn't easy! I've never seen anyone do that before. Just people driving under a bridge maybe. And that means I found some what of a new stunting technique (or way to stunt).
  7. You say it lacked something...then you say dedicated was better Dedicated wasnt a community video, more of a nightknight and werewolf video with special appearances. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> lol, yeah, I know. But still, I think Dedicated was better. This video didn't have as many good stunts as Dedicated did. I thought it lacked something in the main part too. But the intro was superb.
  8. As Wichita (my latest video) is out I can say what is one of my favorite stunts I really like the Stunt Plane stunt where I go upside down under about 5 bridges
  9. Hope you like it everyone! Edit: Well, this is my first air acrobatics video though. Download Draw Dead or Gasoline to see what I've mostly been doing in the past. The two videos will be one the downlaod server here at TheGtaPlace.com soon
  10. Hehe, I'm really making alot of these "What's your favorite.."-topics right now. So what is your favorite stunt? Can be one of your own. Mine will have to be maybe my mansion roof or NightKnights bsm - that very very ery tall pink building by the gas station on the first island in Vice City. Or maybe one of the stunts in my latest video.
  11. DId I? Edit: Anyway, the video was awsome. Daffy did I good job on it. The intro was awsome, but to be honest I thought it lacked alittle bit seing it as a community video, right. I liked Dedicated better. But, still, great video!
  12. Yeah, saw the thread at GtaS.com, but it ain't done yet. lol, it's so big :S
  13. Yeah, maybe, I've never treid Pinnacle, but what I've heared isn't all too good, but sure. It's probably ok. I don't know how many effects and trasition Vegas has :S
  14. I use Vegas 6.0b 'cause I heared it was great and has alot of effects, trasitions and has a very large ability to help you make your own effects, so not everything looks the same (f.ex like it would if you used WMM). I've been thinking of change to an even more "pro" editing prgram though..
  15. Hehe, I know. An avrage stunter uses about an half hour - an hour on each and every stunt. Not every beginning stunter knows how much work is put into every single video. Of ocurse, if you get good enough you can join a crew and then you don't have to stunt that much since there's more then one who's doing all the stunting. But it takes practice, I know. But keep on trying, cause if you want to be really good you'll need to use much more time on each stunt.
  16. Well, your getting there step by step, so keep up the good work. I won't write too much about what you can do better at this stage, but there's one advise I can give you that I think you might have missed before. And it's really the most important advise of them all. "Use much more time on your stunts (especially) and editing.". That's the best adivse I can you right now. Oh, that, and try to find a reason for the stunt before you do it. Like when you see a jump, tell yourself that your going to jump off that jump then do a 360 and onto that roof, f.ex. You know what I mean? Keep it up
  17. Don't think think so. Where did you see this poster though?
  18. Oh, ok, well it still just looks like standard transitions so you should try to learn how to use Vegas!
  19. Yeah, it was better then the other one. You had some more varation in your stunts, but still there were like 5 stunts from that tall building, so you need to variat even more. You should really get use to using Vegas 6.0 or something, but just don't use Windows Movie Maker, cause it sucks! Like those transitions you used, they were only standard transitions. They didn't look nice even, in my opinion. There was still at least one stunt that was rcorded in-game (the last one). Great that you got rid of the 'replay'-text though. So, overall, better then the last one, but still some things that could need to get fix on the next video. Oh, and try to use more time making and doing stunts for your stunt videos. Like the Ats uses at least a month on each video, and they're are like six. Try to choice from your stunts, don't just use every stunt you make, try to be alittle picky. Oh, and when your doing a stunt, try to find a goal for the sunt. Like say that you are going to jump from that ramp and do a 360 onto that roof. That's what crews like Addicted to stunting, Zero Signal, Wasteland Heros and just every good stunter. Good luck on the next video, rock on!
  20. Yeah, you posted this in the stunting forum too.. No need for two topics about the same thing.. I would close it, but I'm not mod here lol
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