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  1. has anyone noticed that all the voice actors for R* have been in Law and Order? Sam Housers fav. show?

  2. L.A Noire Ending Sucked Balls

  3. Don't believe anything from other gaming websites unless it was actually proven by the Official Source. Case closed.
  4. Did anyone ever what? I don't think so, if nothing is confirmed by Rockstar then it's definatley not true.
  5. If a Tomato is a fruit then isn't Ketchup technically a smoothie?

    1. Miles Pedro Prower

      Miles Pedro Prower

      Probly no, cause I never saw anyone drinking ketchup.

    2. EvoLuTioN
    3. EvoLuTioN


      You shut your whore mouth.

  6. Deadmau5 ftw

  7. Is there anyone here who plays Zombies? Or am i the only one. I'm getting sick of dying around Round 18 with kids. Is there anyone on TGTAP who has been past Round 20? Heres my Leaderboard: Kino Der Toten: 25 Dead Ops - 0 "Five" - 44 Ascension - 0 Call of the Dead - 14
  8. Thanks bro! I haven't gotten time to work on it though, I'll post a topic about the car in the Vehicles section sometime later. Im trying to do something similar what UrbanOutlaw did. Its a 1968 Plymouth Fury III btw
  9. Husky

    MW3 Wishlist

    I hope that they don't include "Call of Duty Money". I think that it was the worst idea Treyarch came up with. I also hope that there wont be any unbalance with over powered and underpowered guns.
  10. Strange... you should have like 3 honors already

  11. My grandmother gave me this car for X-Mas last year. I haven't started working on it yet because i already have a car that i drive to school/work/home etc. What you guys think?
  12. I like the Cossack and the DezeliGrandAmerica
  13. I'm willing to do GTA IV's missions first since that's the one everyones playing now. I'll also add alternatives to the video. Like for example like on TBoGT's In the crosshairs mission instead of just running through the gun fight just jump of the fire escape. I also wonder if Alvas or someone who's good in GFX could create the opening picture that states the mission details.
  14. Yes. And since others have posted walkthroughs already, I'm not sure if they included cutscenes or any music. The game is about 3 years old now and Take2 has already got there funds so I'm not sure they will try to remove the videos. Also if I'm allowed to add music I'll turn on a the radio and won't change the station so it can play randomly. Also Llama it is possible I can record them and send them to someone who can edit and upload them right?
  15. Hello everyone, a while back me and Chris had a discussion about uploading missions to YouTube just for TGTAP. Even though I haven't replied to him about it I just want your thoughts. Right now I've purchased a new XBOX 360, and a HD PVR (Due to the massive fail of me lacking a PC). If you think I should go for it and post up a demo video of what should go on, give me your thoughts.
  16. Chris you use to be cool

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Chris


      I still am cool.

    3. Gerard


      Only in the sense of not being hot =D

    4. Nate10


      Ohhhhhhhhhhhh the burn :D

  17. I think he's lying. It would be ironic how they would let him become a new character.
  18. Nobody plays this game anymore. You would rarely find people who play hard on this game.
  19. The gang system was disabled?
  20. How you can't win an argument with women even if you are right.
  21. Rockstar isn't planning on making a new GTA until around late 2012. But I'm going to try and pick up Mass Effect 3, heard that it was a good series.
  22. I posted in the wrong topic, I thought it was the " Improve TGTAP " Topic. I tried to delete it but it wouldn't let me. Sorry.
  23. Why am I being ignored?
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