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  1. My suggestion, is to add video walkthroughs. I have told Chris about this idea a long time ago he approved but nothing else happened. This would be a good way to promote a lot of people in the TGTAP community.
  2. I have this game, unfortunatly it feels just like MW2. But nothing new and exciting.
  3. False. T/F - There are two drowned fat men in the ocean around Starfish Island.
  4. I agree. Everything should be together, like Cars, Radio, Weapons etc. would be awesome if we could buy clothes for Johnny or add a few missions.
  5. So true -.- Don't have an XBOX, so not really sure what you guys are referring to. What exactly do you mean? The timer is still running when you log off. Time is limited.
  6. You're an idiot. It's being released in 7 days, on the 29th. You fail. Also not USA exclusive. lololololololololololol Anywhoo, definitely buying this, seems a convenient way to get the best deal instead of trying to find each disc at the cheapest price on different sites. whatever man.
  7. How XBox Live doesn't have the time locked when you log out.
  8. Strange, I thought you ran GTW Gerard?
  9. I'm looking at a lot of sites that are telling me that the complete edition will be released in October ( fail - because it's late Oct.). And this 'nother expansioin will contain GTA IV,TLaD, and TBoGT all on one disc for $40. This is a USA exclusive... I find this rather dumb... R* needs to stop milking GTA 4 and come up with a new one. SOURCE: http://upcoming.current.com/search?q=Rockstar+to+release+GTA+IV%3A+Complete+Edition+this+month
  10. Why can't Patriots troll someplace else...
  11. I knoes hows to make TGTAP alive again.

  12. The CSO's in britian are so much similar to College Police but lol
  13. It's going to be very awkward playing this game on the iPad, such a big ass screen with little ass controls.
  14. She was advertising the hell out of you. Say, can you give me her email so I can email her?
  15. As you all can see why I havent been online in a while... well it was because I got arrested at school for stealing one extra slice of domino's vinegary pizza. So retarded... I was held in juvenile jail for about 30 days for theft on school property. But strangley enough the charges were dropped.. FaceBook chat proof lol: Abegail nuthin just askin. so u in northern allreadii.? 7:59pm Me yeup 7:59pm Abegail LOLS HOW WAS IT.? 8:00pm Me gay gay gay GAY 8:00pm Abegail LMFAO 8:03pm Me yo dey tried to arrest me just for taking an extra slice of pizza 8:03pm Abegail LOLS. YEPS. MY SIS TOLD ME. THERE WAS A POLICE, HELICOPTER, AND AN AMBULANCE IN THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. LMFAO 8:05pmAbegail is offline.
  16. 1,115 friends? lol

  17. You ripped the hell off of GTA Wikia.. I think Gerard would be happy if you quoted that.
  18. Didn't mean to sound very rude. But its true if you think about it. I did not mean anything by it.
  19. I thought you meant Dexter's Laboratory.
  20. The Burj Khalifa is probably a new terrorist target.
  21. Go to the downloads section and click on GTA IV > MODS. And search in the vehicles section to see if you see one. If you want the car to be pink install the trainer so you can change the colors. I don't think anyone would waist there time with some random guy on the internet who would take credit from someone else work.
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