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  1. I think you have to create a Windows Live account, and sign onto Rockstar Games Social Club.
  2. Too bad the gang systems dead now. Hopefully TGTAP will be active once again new GTA Games are announced.
  3. Very cute cat, sorry for your loss Bossman.
  4. I hope rockstar does the GTA IV Era just like the GTA3 era. I would like to see Niko or Yusuf hanging around in Vice City.
  5. What's on your mind?

  6. I meant how's NY.

  7. I don't even remember why I wrote somethig about a "sausage fest preventer". I don't even think it made any sence, by the way how's the ol webmastering job going?

  8. It looks like you just copied off the old forum and the old site layout. Comeon man try something new, like a Midnight Club place or something.
  9. Bro, if your YouTube name is GTAsoilder16, then I seen your comment on the Day after tomorrow movie part 3. If that's you then oh shit..

  10. List some of the things you hated in the next-gen Grand Theft Autos: In GTA IV hated the fact that: - The Beta looked better than the original. - Limited weapon stocking - Not enough weapons - Couldn't save pictures from the phone - When calling a friend for an activity, they purposely spawn on the other side of the city. - LCPD ramming into me, and causing a wanted level. - Bike chases - Long Tutorial like story - No cinematic cutscenes. Things I hated about the Lost and Damned: - Cutscenes and mission objectives don't seem to make sense. Like in the mission "This shit's cursed" there will always be a extra biker in the background. - The story not chronologically adding up with the events of GTA IV. - No cheat code for the weapons - No mission replay - The game doesn't look completed. - The way Brian's safehouse is displayed having to walk in and out through the back door. - No changeable outfits Things that I hated about the Ballad of Gay Tony: - The mission scoring purposely setting objectives that we didn't see coming. - Mission score average is 60% - The old Faggio - I hated Armando's gay jokes. - When Henrique recks the vehicle you called for. - The best weapons don't have enough bullets - The Buzzard not having the warning chime in free play - You only enter Bahama Mamma's once - You don't get Yusuf Amir's Gold Phone or Penthouse as a gift
  11. It's safe if you haven't been dating some disgusting cocotte.
  12. Awesome. I just hope that the PC/PS3 versions of the game are much different from the XB version.
  13. There should of had been a sausagefest preventer... But congrats to all the winners! I also wonder who the worst member was.
  14. For some reason my PS3 wont load my trophies, and my game wont start. Do you guys think that I should go and buy the slim PS3, or just return my fatboy and wait for three weeks?
  15. I went last time! If you go to google and type in GTA IV PS3 Recap... your gonna see my name. Too bad I can't play today though. I hope I make it to the EFLC event.
  16. But nobody's ever on . . . Its upgrading to 32 player maximum matches because of the multiplayer events theyr having soon for the PC. They dont want this match to turn out like the PS3 one. About 400 people wanting to play with Rockstar, and only about 30 got to play within 4 hours.
  17. I would ban you if I had the powers

  18. Number one, its against the rules to advertise any other website on the forums. My suggestion is that you go to Chris's page and put a comment on his profile on the bottom of the page. If he approves then your website will be shown on the Home page with the rest of the other fan sites. Good Luck.
  19. Husky


    I think this topic should be split into two.
  20. I was there, and owned the hell out of RockstarMulti1. I was running him over, shooting him with the automatic pump action glitch... it was lots of fun. The best part was when they invited me through the whole time ( I played about 14 matches with them, since they stayed an hour later).
  21. Husky


    I agree on what Gerard says. But Raybob, you complain that TGTAP isn't fair to you. Well if you want to figure out why you are restricted, go and look at your previous posts you've sent. This is just for your own good. If you dont want to follow the rules... then you can just find someplace else.
  22. I'd rather go with a pre-built. I wouldnt even have the time to set up everything and piece everything together. I dont trust myself on adding on, the last time I tried to build one myself, I unplugged everything in the case just to get the harddrive out. But the one Raybob, and Steam gave me look good. @WRX - Do you think it would play GTA4? and other games at a good quality? QUESTION: How many games can you hold on your PC though? 4 or 5?
  23. I was going to order the full stock Dell XPS. Good thing I changed my mind. I think I'll order the PC steam showed me. By the way, how in the heck do i know whats what. I know that small thinga majiggy card is a CPU. Correct? So how do I take that out and replace it with a new one?
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