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  1. Muffinman701

    Saleen S302 Extreme

    the car is hott to def
  2. Muffinman701

    Superhero Movie

    yea the movie is madd funny.
  3. Muffinman701

    Who's your favorate Rappers ?

    for old skool rappers. I like uncle luke aka luke skywalker.
  4. Muffinman701

    What are you watching right now?

    Hot fuzz.
  5. Muffinman701

    Zombies appear in GTA IV multiplayer

    I also have the also. It very weird.
  6. Muffinman701

    GTAIV becomes UK's fastest selling game ever

    Uk knows that GTA is the shiznit.
  7. Muffinman701

    Exclusive Content coming to PS3!

    I agree. We will just have to wait.
  8. Muffinman701

    The Fiore Family Mafia Recruiting For GTA IV

    Ok bro
  9. Muffinman701

    The Fiore Family Mafia Recruiting For GTA IV

    That's cool bro.
  10. Muffinman701

    How the Hell Do I start a match

    dunno I'm trying to figure it out myself.
  11. Muffinman701

    PS3 Version Freezing

    I got a 40gig and mines not freezing........yet
  12. Muffinman701

    Favorite Mode?

    I like free roam but love Turf wars.
  13. Muffinman701

    No need for cell phone.

    thats cool. I thought I need a cell phone for multiplayer but thanks for clearing it up.
  14. Muffinman701

    Favorite Car

    choppers rules
  15. Muffinman701

    Avatar Problems

    I dont have a avatar. Still trying to fix mines.