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  1. for old skool rappers. I like uncle luke aka luke skywalker.
  2. I also have the also. It very weird.
  3. dunno I'm trying to figure it out myself.
  4. I got a 40gig and mines not freezing........yet
  5. I like free roam but love Turf wars.
  6. thats cool. I thought I need a cell phone for multiplayer but thanks for clearing it up.
  7. I dont have a avatar. Still trying to fix mines.
  8. I just hit 20 post bro. The strip club been good to me. I just hit 30 post today. I'm one step closer.
  9. you dont need the eye. on the back of the box it said that headset compatible.
  10. True gamers dont need cheats codes.
  11. Sweet I'm going to add all of you guys tonight yo.
  12. How about bleach. I love that anime
  13. sweet bro. I just got mines 20mins ago. the box is so hott but the girl is way hotter.
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