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  1. http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=site%3Athegtaplace.com%2Fforums%2F

    As you can see most pages already indexed at their new URL (make sure to 301 redirect the old URLs so google knows they are permanently moved). I'd say it works. Obviously will have to wait a while to measure any traffic increases.

  2. Aw that sucks. Hope you get better soon :)

    Probably due to you watching too much crappy NZ soaps... best stick to your neighbour country Australia's stuff, Neighbours and Home & Away... as in... soaps that are actually still broadcast over here :P

  3. Bale is like a god in my eyes :P

    I totally fuck him if I were gay too... but I'm not... so I won't...


  4. Day 24: The mystery deepens as "Denise" heads back to Japan for supposed katana training!

    Will she really come back and chop everyone's cocks off? Stay tuned to TGTAP forums to find out!

  5. Don't wanna be late in on anything so I just thought I'd point out that I like boobies too.


  6. Excellent.

    BTW, lol, just noticed on your interests, your girlfriend is the very last thing you decide to mention :P

    I wonder if she's aware of this, she may like to be slightly higher on the list :P

  7. Full of hot women. Unless I had a fetish for tit wanks I see no advantage of just tits on their own. Full women can provide more services.

    Hope that answered your question.

  8. Happy birthday Alec, have a good one.

    Lol, 'Ex Bawks' stumped you? But you're American, that's how you pronounce it :P

  9. Heh thanks. Hey you might think it inappropriate to say that but I wouldn't haha :P

    lol, how are you anyway?

  10. Hello guilty.by.ASS :)

    Feeling better yet?

  11. Hey cock face :)

    I changed my MSN, I posted new one in staff room. Add me. Can't remember which account of yours you actually use... so yeah.

  12. I know :P

    So are you.

  13. I see. Well, mine's essentially just a screen capture from a video so it's not much :P

    I've been fine though, you?

  14. I should disable commenting on my profile. I'm so popular, 85% of comments here a pure ass-licking ones.

    Everyone leave me alone or I'll ban you lol.

  15. Chris

    I'm fine, what about you?

    Haven't been up to much at all lately except for a few days in London. You?

  16. I'm good thanks, and yes the forum is pretty sweet isn't it ;)

    You're fine too I hope?

  17. I'm good too thanks. :)

    Been busy last week and this week too with university work, but come Friday that'll all be done for this semester, then I'm free for xmas =]

  18. In Flames and RJA, nice, the rest are all just.. meh :P

    Oh and they show Skins in NZ? Lol, they shown both series? I thought the first was alright but the second was just weird :/

    Oh and hi btw. :P

  19. lol wut you have everything. And people still use ICQ wtf? :P

    I'll add you on everything for the lulz. I'm on msn most though.

  20. lol yeah it's like I've suddenly become hot by putting up a anime/manga style pic of myself - not that I like that sort of stuff, I just thought it was cool how I could get to look like myself :P

    Yes the sex requests are getting a bit much and they're all guys :(

  21. Lol yeah. We haven't ever had viruses uploaded. People often upload other peoples mods and say "i take no credit for this" etc. but still, no way to prove they actually have the author's permission so you have to deny it.

    You the only one moderating it or are other GTAG staff involved?

  22. lol. Whats with all these dares to leave insulting comments on staff profiles? :P

    I lol'd anyway.

  23. Loving your sig. I'm still betting using insanely hot internet models will win me the award :P

    Well not really I don't actually care about any, but yeah cool sig.

  24. MIIISSSHHHOOO, cuzzin, it's your cuzzin. Want to go see some big American titties!?

    Great. Pick me up in 1 hour.

  25. No not really. Not until programs are written to take advantage of it. Such as Photoshop CS4.

    Oh and you should definitely do all those things.