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  1. Ha. “@Lotus_F1Team: There's that lovely BUT GRO PER combo on the monitors #HungaroKings http://t.co/FJ1cSsTxxY”

  2. RT @sunny_hundal: Daily Mail outdoes itself > RT @jackman365: Seen this @sunny_hundal Truly beyond parody. http://t.co/wVxqoQ1tRp

  3. Apple 'completely overhauling' developer site after intrusion http://t.co/HxyPHsCPVH via @verge

  4. Kevin Rose throwing a raccoon down some stairs to save his dog @TechCrunch http://t.co/uvm1WEimx2

  5. Enigma codebreaker Alan Turing to be given posthumous pardon http://t.co/IPjKWKFoym via @guardian

  6. RT @JeremyClarkson: Weather people: can you get it into your heads, we like this weather. Stop telling us it's dangerous.

  7. Lizard Fossil Found: 23-Million-Year-Old Remains Preserved In Amber In Mexico (PHOTO) http://t.co/PqwA6iCpVf via @HuffPostScience

  8. Oh God… “@steam_games: The Steam Summer Sale is on Now!: #SteamSale http://t.co/y7pyX49J2U”

  9. RT @TheGTAPlace: It's here! The first official #GTAV gameplay trailer! http://t.co/Zxjak6RUpX

  10. Fuck yes @andy_murray! Knew he'd finally win Wimbledon one day, even put £10 on him this morning so I'm about 30 quid richer now. Nice one!

  11. Good thing Brazil aren't hosting any major sports events like the World Cup and Olympics soon... Oh... http://t.co/6WP0UNEGSh

  12. Everyone thinking about trying khat http://t.co/gXaqd4AqK5

  13. Khat has been banned. Here's why this terrifies me http://t.co/lCRB5sQdoH via @wordpressdotcom

  14. Putin to keep Snowden as pet http://t.co/o1lq4xg7Lw

  15. RT @legardj: #f1 Warning @LewisHamilton "Someone's going to get hurt before they do anything. No point in talking to the FIA or Pirelli."

  16. BBC News - Mouse cloned from drop of blood http://t.co/kRdoh3DOIb

  17. F1's 'proper bloke' will be sorely missed http://t.co/nnqsST2Vlp

  18. Webber to leave #F1 at end of season http://t.co/WKnrOTRcww

  19. 'Colin McRae Rally' Breathes New Life Into a PlayStation Racing Classic http://t.co/MHlcOCoxMJ

  20. RT @stephenfry: Oh no, I've only gone and blogged. Madness, isolation and being a twat. It's what I write best about http://t.co/Su1yyE0YY7

  21. R.I.P. #LeMans Allan Simonsen dies after Le Mans 24 Hours crash http://t.co/FKfht1rgA7 via @autosportnews

  22. Fully Leveled-Up Video Game Character Marvels At How Far He's Come http://t.co/FDyzsow2Gm via @TheOnion

  23. RT @MauriceHamilton: Thoughts go out to Murray Walker, blood tests during recovery from fall injury showing he has cancer - which is treata…

  24. Amazing. BBC News - Man calls Solihull police to complain about prostitute's looks http://t.co/NzdrTGREN4

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