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  1. Veronika Fasterova

  2. Yeah a fair bit, though not so much the last 2 weeks. Built up quite a blu-ray collection already as well! Kind of a pain in the ass being a movie buff, I watch so many films it's ridiculous :P

  3. Yeah only first place gets an award.

  4. Day 24: The mystery deepens as "Denise" heads back to Japan for supposed katana training!

    Will she really come back and chop everyone's cocks off? Stay tuned to TGTAP forums to find out!


  6. I just noticed your profile page is is making me out to be some sort of gay icon here. I'm flattered but... I'm not gay. But seriously though there's probably a funny quote you can put instead of a gay one :)

  7. No one's correctly guessed yet either. I'm considering not ever revealing the answer just to annoy everyone :P

  8. One of the TGTAP mysteries you must solve guys!

    It's not me btw, I'll tell you that.

  9. Oh God you're making me wet :blush:

  10. Chris

    Yeah you did :)

    I actually have nothing else to say so I'm going to end my comment without even asking a question. It's up to you whether you reply or not... :P

  11. maybe perhaps unsure uncertain slightly doubtful unknown.

  12. I lol'd. Nice one ;)

  13. Hey cock face :)

    I changed my MSN, I posted new one in staff room. Add me. Can't remember which account of yours you actually use... so yeah.

  14. Chris

    Happy birthday! Have a good one etc.

  15. Bale is like a god in my eyes :P

    I totally fuck him if I were gay too... but I'm not... so I won't...


  16. Awesome film. Leave your name like this, and that quote in your sig ;)

  17. So i herd u taek cock in da ass now.

  18. Sure but I won't be playing online until like Easter or something when I'm back home, got shit Internet here, housemates always downloading shit so I just lag or can't connect etc.

  19. Yeah. For some reason I don't really know you, haven't really seen any of your posts but you seem like a decent member.

  20. Ah sorry man only just saw your comment. I wouldn't have done that anyway because he's actually cool. Try to get yourself invited next time so you can do it yourself :)

  21. Excellent.

    BTW, lol, just noticed on your interests, your girlfriend is the very last thing you decide to mention :P

    I wonder if she's aware of this, she may like to be slightly higher on the list :P

  22. I see. Well, mine's essentially just a screen capture from a video so it's not much :P

    I've been fine though, you?

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