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  1. I'm alright mate, how are you?

  2. Thanks. Yours is pretty awesome too.

  3. Yeah was getting bored of the old one, plus, Christmas was ages ago.

  4. Well she is an actress so you can't blame her. Her singing career went to shit so going back to acting is a good step IMO. I'd lol if she ends up back in Neighbours though. Epic fail.

  5. Probably because she's gone to America to try her luck in Hollywood. She's only had small roles in a couple of films though.

    Girl in my current sig is Veronika Fasterova though, who's just a model in case you were wondering.

  6. Holly Valance.

  7. Some retard stole your mod: http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/file.php?id=3590

    I can just change the author to you though if you like. Or delete it if you wanted to keep it GTAG exclusive or whatever? Let me know.

  8. lol, nothing at all.

  9. We're waiting for IPB3 to come out of beta so we don't have to reskin twice ;)

  10. Chris

    lol yes. Anything.

  11. Chris

    Yes that's correct.

  12. Thanks. Will hopefully have other improvements made soon too. :)

  13. MIIISSSHHHOOO, cuzzin, it's your cuzzin. Want to go see some big American titties!?

    Great. Pick me up in 1 hour.

  14. My place or yours? Or somewhere neutral? A nice park perhaps?

  15. Chris

    Lol did you guess that or did someone leak it to you? :P

  16. Chris

    26? That's loads mate, what the hell. What have you done with them all?

  17. Chris

    Yes he did!

  18. Loving your sig. I'm still betting using insanely hot internet models will win me the award :P

    Well not really I don't actually care about any, but yeah cool sig.

  19. Oh that, yeah, was locked before I got there I just added my own comment for lulz etc.

  20. I have no idea what you're talking about.

  21. Still using that avatar. Didn't I make you that, like, back in 2003 or something? 5 years old man, get a new one it looks shit lol :P

  22. Sounds good. Well the site will look somewhat different on new year's day :P

  23. Nothing much, just working on v4 of TGTAP.


  24. Full of hot women. Unless I had a fetish for tit wanks I see no advantage of just tits on their own. Full women can provide more services.

    Hope that answered your question.

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