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  1. nope. Blink 182 and AFI suck. Punk music sucks Posers suck. point blank
  2. you know that you can drive the laps backwards? it just takes a lot longer
  3. lol, I haven't found that line in THUG yet A line can also be drawn or erased
  4. holy shite it's the goth damn remix...
  5. it's not a classic game!
  6. yeah I notice they do a lot of prank calls. Have you heard the one where he's trying to find his lost kid at the grocery store or something?... I just got a new song from them called 'Scheven Eleven Groove'
  7. I'm strange, I landed heelflips before I landed kickflips. And now I can land perfect high kickflips and can't even land a heelflip...but I CAN do a nollie heelflip sometimes
  8. that's what I'm saying. Swimming under water is pointless
  9. THIS IS BULLSHIT!?! You can't let this topic die! :'( yesterday I almost landed two 360 flips and I almost ollied over a parking space
  10. hey now that he brought that up, I can kind of see where he's coming at would anybody like a taste of my apple pie?
  11. a line doesn't always have to be a combo line.
  12. Okay since I already reached my max plays per day crap AND seeing how the scoring on SkidWRX is messed up (its take the highest amount of time as the winner...) I just want everyone to know that I have a time of 42 seconds... thats my new favorite game on the forums
  13. it's a mixed breed between two species. He's the result of a scientifical (big word ) experiment... why dont you post a pic of yourself?
  14. I don't know if it would be a good idea, i'm sure it'd be fun, but for some reason I just think it would take away from the original GTA theme a bit. Another thing is, it would be very strange playing the actual storyline while other people across the world are causing complete mayhem in the city and stuff. If they did have online play I think you should only be allowed to play online after you've beaten the story at least once... so therefore you get the real theme of GTA how it should normally be and then you get to go crazy online
  15. On SkidWRX it gives the person with the highest score the better award, when actually the goal is to get the lowest score possible! technically at the moment I would be in first place with 48 seconds, but since it counts highest score as the best, that would put me in last place.... ya understand everything?
  16. OMG means "oh my god" which is mostly used in sentences as an expression of what a dumbass you are
  17. omg... Eric is your friend in the game that ends up backstabbing you and he is a complete asshole who only cares about fame. And when Spaz said he beat Eric's linem he means he beat his skate route (or something like that...) have you never played THUG before?
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