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  1. im still grounded but i'm on spaz's computer so whatever? those pics are fine I guess :'( but they're way outdated, like a week old!
  2. I never had a change to play MGS2 as it was stolen from me anyways, I think one of the best graphiced Ps2 games out right now is NFS: Underground. that has some kick ass graphics!
  3. maybe he just felt like putting a different country flag for no reason...
  4. that idea sounds pretty good CC but the way I see it would save them even more trouble. Who said the main character has to swim underwater? All I'm looking for is the ability to swim across the water, just like regular swimming, I wouldn't even mind if if it didn't have the option to dive underwater... That option right there would still save you from all of the annoying deaths, and accidents, I mean if you think about it it's kinda pointless to actually go underwater anyway, there's nothing to do
  5. or maybe you might know where he lives when I say that I live in Orlando and that he lives right across THE STREET from me! damn you guys are dumb...
  6. I voted Pagan of course Okay this is complete crap...Millermagic has more votes than me!?! I'm sorry but this whole poll is just screwed up now. Another thing is why the hell would you vote Miller as the coolest member because he signed up on an entirely different forum!?! Does nobody undertsand the point of the poll??? :'(
  7. Chris this topic is pointless, you could have just posted this in the original topic...
  8. damn double post...thegtaplace has been frolicking retarded for the past..whatever
  9. group x is awesome idioth!!! shiggity shiggity schwa
  10. I'm serious, don't post my pics please...
  11. no thanks... I'm tired of you posting my pictures all over the place.
  12. lol it probbaly wouldn't even be grand theft, more like Theft Horse Carrier or something
  13. yeah I know it probably only took a minute lol
  14. that line is a bitch. If you beat the game again though, you can see him punch Eric in the face
  15. I wouldn't mind it being set in the 70's I mean c'mon this is GTA for god sakes, it doesn't matter if its set in 1820, the game is gonna kick ass.
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