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  1. i love the movie its coming to dvd im going to buy it was awsome i like ryan reynolds hes my fav male actor.......he hilaryous in blade trinty in van wilder. lol funny i mean. laugh so hard u will cry.
  2. season 2 is starting soon in september it looks awsome i cant wait.
  3. it is bieng banned i read it in the internet a few sites on the news the radio and the newspaper i dont care?
  4. i didnt like it one bit i thought it was a discrase my faviorte part was the last 10 min. george lucas butchered the best series ever i do not plan on seeing 7, 8, 9,
  5. i saw the movie yesterday it was hilaryous two words jhonny knoxville hilaryous.
  6. ey season two is airing in september this will be interesting.
  7. i like the idea of the story because it is gta stlye but i dont like the charchteres names bob yanker sounds like a newyork stock broker. we should get either a new badass name or tommy vercetti back.
  8. sorry couse didnt me to do anything!
  9. i think that would be a good idea too cause if we go to spain or london congress will throw a fit because of the london bombings
  10. i dont care for psp im just a xbox and ps2 kinda guy i have ten times more fun with my general lee yeeeeeehhhhhhhaaaaaaa!
  11. no im not getting it i dont like gameboys those are for little kids!
  12. tommy is right hes my faviorte guy any guy who can drive is damn good for me.
  13. well i dont like san andreas from the moment i tried it on the farm i didnt like it me and bo had no fun so we sold to some dumb kid.
  14. nothing i think its the best one yeehaaaaaaaa!
  15. i think a new gta game would be wonderful im thinkin more like london or france. yeeeeeehhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa!
  16. what and im listening to rock and country is the only way to go cousin.
  17. hey my name is luke duke and im the newest member here i was told that if ur a gta fan than to try over here the site looks good and very active way cool. i already luve it here!
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