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  1. Move, Shake, Drop - Flo Rida ft. Pitbull
  2. auh11

    your dreams

    One time I had a crazy dream where I was trapped in a building's stairs and I went all the way down and there where giants chasing me up, and I sprinted all the way up and then there were dwarfs chasing me back down the stairs. I dont remember what happenned next but pretty soon after I woke up pretty scared.
  3. thats pretty funny, although I dont think Warner should file a suit, unless the story is very similar to the original HP
  4. sounds awesome, I have my 360 hooked up to a PC Monitor and I can tell u the definition is amazing its like having a mini HDTV, definitely go for that, the only thing I had problems was with the sound, but I fixed that by buying separate speakers.
  5. Gangs of London for PSP, damn that was bad
  6. lol, thats pretty funny i wish that had happened to me
  7. S-V: Avi: 8/10 simple yet cool Sig: 8.5/10 Person: 9.5/10 dont know them, but must be a portugese badass
  8. I agree with Noru, it just the name this city is nothing like the older ones and it could be called anything and it wouldnt matter, its just a name.
  9. RIP Bernie, and I feel for whoever's pet has died, that is incredibly sad
  10. wow, this topic is massive im straight and i dont have a problem with gay people, thats how everyone should be evryone getting along
  11. the brass knucles suck, theyre just harder punches
  12. Eminem- Lose Yourself Jay-Z & Linkin Park- Izzo/In the End
  13. nice glitch one time I was blowing things up and i fell over from the explosion and a car then went over me, but stopped so I was stuck under it. I had to drop a grenade to blow myself and the car up. lol
  14. hey thats pretty good, but next time try to get someone to proof-read it, but the story is really good
  15. i use my chin 2 look back, not perfect but it works your chin? Ill try that, lol
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