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  1. Move, Shake, Drop - Flo Rida ft. Pitbull
  2. auh11

    your dreams

    One time I had a crazy dream where I was trapped in a building's stairs and I went all the way down and there where giants chasing me up, and I sprinted all the way up and then there were dwarfs chasing me back down the stairs. I dont remember what happenned next but pretty soon after I woke up pretty scared.
  3. thats pretty funny, although I dont think Warner should file a suit, unless the story is very similar to the original HP
  4. sounds awesome, I have my 360 hooked up to a PC Monitor and I can tell u the definition is amazing its like having a mini HDTV, definitely go for that, the only thing I had problems was with the sound, but I fixed that by buying separate speakers.
  5. Gangs of London for PSP, damn that was bad
  6. lol, thats pretty funny i wish that had happened to me
  7. S-V: Avi: 8/10 simple yet cool Sig: 8.5/10 Person: 9.5/10 dont know them, but must be a portugese badass
  8. I agree with Noru, it just the name this city is nothing like the older ones and it could be called anything and it wouldnt matter, its just a name.
  9. RIP Bernie, and I feel for whoever's pet has died, that is incredibly sad
  10. wow, this topic is massive im straight and i dont have a problem with gay people, thats how everyone should be evryone getting along
  11. the brass knucles suck, theyre just harder punches
  12. Eminem- Lose Yourself Jay-Z & Linkin Park- Izzo/In the End
  13. nice glitch one time I was blowing things up and i fell over from the explosion and a car then went over me, but stopped so I was stuck under it. I had to drop a grenade to blow myself and the car up. lol
  14. hey thats pretty good, but next time try to get someone to proof-read it, but the story is really good
  15. i use my chin 2 look back, not perfect but it works your chin? Ill try that, lol
  16. the first time I played this mission I did it for my friend because he was stuck on it, I did it the first time around. Then when I got to it in my own game I beat it the 3rd time around. I have beat it twice doing the same thing: park a cavalcade facing away by the short brick wall, Take out the thugs (Uzi and AK should do it), before picking up the coke plan your exit (going 2 doors forward and then turn left, but equip the shotgun first), just run down the hallway pumping the 2 swat guys full of lead w/ the shotgun, then in the big entrance room there is either one or 2 swat guys jus blow them and keep running and dont shoot anyone outside just run to ur car, hop in and escape. Hope this helps.
  17. This Brett Favre thing is crazy, hes one of the best players of all time and I understand that he still wants to play, but man, its time to retire. Nothing ever good comes from coming back from retirement (except MJ), just look at Roger Clemens, what a mess. Who else agrees?
  18. So if I already got that achievement I'm good? what about the money cheat? wont that stop the $500k achievement?
  19. props man, nice vid I commented on youtube too
  20. I also hate that to look back you have to click the right stick, so it is phisically impossible to run( or sprint) while looking back, unless you have 2 thumbs on your right hand
  21. that is the best logic i have ever heard "noodle", really striking logic nah, but seriously it would be close between CJ and Niko, but Niko would kick his ass
  22. Garages to put ur cars, and parachutes, as well as more customization, other than thats I think its a very solid next-gen effort for Rockstar
  23. sounds pretty sick, i wish I had it for PC but I have COD 4 for 360
  24. I knoe its 2 guys, I just cant remember who? on of the Mendez brothers?
  25. - Flying cars, love flying cars - ability to buy cars and houses - ability to buy businesses to make money like in VCS - ability to get a job (airplane pilot!) - more weapons - get drunk whenever and get into bar fights, not just get drunk when u go with a friend - more minigames (fight clubs? robberies? sounds like Saints Row2?) - Flying Boats (lol)
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