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  1. Had to kick that bitch out, FO SHO.
  2. Forget an updated version of the standalone game. The Sims Online is what it's all about. Seriously.
  3. There's two types of DJ's. The first type is a radio, or in some cases, club DJ that simply selects music to play to a larger audience. The second type is a hip-hop DJ, who mixes and creates their own music, usually to back up a rapper, though not always.
  4. Horses don't release damaging levels of carbon dioxide emissions...
  5. Well, to be quite honest, I don't really see why you even bother advertising yourself at this point. You're not really doing much with your music. If you have any desire whatsoever to come off as original then at least try adding your own effects to your mixes.
  6. When the hell did I say I didn't appreciate hip hop? I'd venture to say I probably know more, and listen to, more hip hop then you do. Thanks for assuming all I listen to is rock and techno, dipshit. And I wasn't flaming your music or hip hop in general. I was simply stating my opinion. Yes, your music isn't very good. All the songs I've listened to on your myspace are just loops ripped from other songs with occassional added lyrics of your own I'm guessing. And yes, your lyrics are highly unoriginal and very bland.
  7. It's all relative to the nature of the simulation. It may not even necessarily have to be an experiment. It could just be a simulation created for reasons of entertainment. Despite the fact, even if it was an experimental based simulation, there's always a multitude of possible reasonings why the testers would allow such a thing to happen. It's just a byproduct of free-thinking conscious thought.
  8. Yeah, you're right. The whole concept runs very deep. Who's to say that this simulation or any others are operated purely for reasons of research? Some of them may simply be for entertainment. Also, while this idea does have some large differences to that of The Matrix, it still provides all the necessary justification for a scenario of a similar situation. Essentially, it's just an idea that explores the possibilities that lay beyond our awareness, which can be virtually anything.
  9. Gerard, I believe it was you who mentioned earlier about the fact of time not being constant and how events don't occur at random in order to elicit an observable response from us. First off, if we are in fact simulation subjects within a program designed for research, then the testers would not want to alter any aspects of the environment. To do so would be to violate the rules of natural experimentation; it would generate inadequate results. Furthermore, in terms of having events or objects just appear at random would be highly unacceptable in an experiment that involves conscious beings. An unconscious figure would simply react to the setting it's placed in. Nothing more, nothing less. But a conscious being would provide unfavorable responses to such a test being as the setting is unnatural; observable reactions would be mixed with inquisitive confusion and uncertainty, which could ultimately manifest into biased physical responses. And Original GTA Master, you still have yet to answer the question of what causes gravity. You've only managed to explain the relationship between gravitational forces of attraction, not the fundamental cause of such a force. By the way, 80 kg is equal to 784 N, not quite 800. There's one thing to note, however, after reading all of this. Whether or not we are living within a simulation has absolutely no effect on practically anything at all. Assuming the postulate that we exist in a controlled environment based on an exact replica of that from the testers, then we essentially have the same understanding of the universe as they do, just with less-advanced technology and a substantially lower degree of historical knowledge. The only real difference between our reality and theirs may be that ours experiences an occassional glitch in the program.
  10. Yeah, because god forbid someone doesn't reply within two hours of a question. Besides, he wouldn't have much to be lying about anyways. All of the songs on his myspace are just beats ripped from other songs, with practically no added effects whatsoever, accompanied by occassional shitty lyrics.
  11. I've caught myself several times through my dreams before and was able to control my actions from then on. I've never had a full lucid dream before, though. Coming to the realization that you're only dreaming while you're in a nightmare makes things considerably less frightening, by the way.
  12. Weed is a drug regardless of the law. And as for the Vatican, I could give two shits what they consider to be right or wrong.
  13. April 29th?... I'm thinkin' more like April 20th... Yesssss
  14. Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz - Put Yo Hood Up
  15. Pointless topics for a pointless life. Nihilism ftw.
  16. I'm not allowed to rub my genitals on kitchen appliances. I know, it sucks.
  17. Haha, thanks guys. Well, I didn't get drunk at all. However, I did smoke a 3 liter bong and fuck myself over terribly bad. Plus I rode around in the back of a jeep with some friends in the woods at around 1 something in the morning. That was both exciting and scary.
  18. I think it's "Bulls on Parade" and not "Pocket Full of Shells".
  19. Here goes my list... Ambient Dark Ambient Jazz Electronic / Techno Psychedelic Trance Trip Hop Industrial Classic Rock Psychedelic Rock Alternative Rock Grunge Thrash Metal Death Metal Black Metal 80's New Wave Electro Hip-Hop old school West Coast Gangsta Rap Dirty South Gangsta Rap / Crunk
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