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  1. Big deal, the kid saw a penis and a vagina. Big whoop. There's a difference between nudity and fucking.
  3. I pirate endless amounts of media, I don't care. When possible though, I'm always still willing to buy movies, games and music if I like them. I simply don't have the finances to go out and buy everything. Even if I did though, I would still download the majority of games and music and whatnot first. I'm only willing to buy something if it's actually good. I'm sure as hell not about to go out and spend 50 dollars on a new game just to find out it's a piece of shit. All that will happen then is those game developers will have the financial resources to produce even more shitty games, simply because you were too ignorant to look into what you were buying.
  4. So then let him be a fanboy moron and move on.
  5. A CD of local gangsta rap that I bought from some dude off the street a few days ago. What a waste of a dollar.
  6. What the fuck is the big deal about any of this?
  7. How can people believe in something they have never seen? Tell me, have you seen love? Have you seen fear? Prove that they exist. Like I've said before, you're thinking too literal about the concept of God. God doesn't have to be a physical entity of any sort. God can be a force, or a spirit of some sort. A physically imperceptible force. However, I still do not believe in God and I surely don't advocate religion by any means. The primary reason for my rejection of religion is simply because I regard many religious practices to be unnecessary. I'm an advocate of personal and communal strength. That is, strength in yourself and in humanity, together as one. You don't need faith in God. You don't need to worship or adhere to futile religious practices. You just need faith in yourself. Too many people are so caught up in having an answer to everything. So what? You feel you have an answer to life, yet look at what you place your dependence on. The foundations of your personal and moral integrity are not the product of your own will.
  8. hentai is one of my guilty pleasures too, i've been looking at it, downloading it and even having weird fantasies about it for some years now. i like the stuff i admit. dunno why, its just good stuff. but i mostly like the pokemon and digimon hentai. if any of my friends or family see this, im perfectly fucked so, lets keep all this here and not tell anyone else . the 'normal' porn is good, but, i like the pokemon & digimon hentai more You seriously may want to consider getting a life.
  9. Whether or not you believe in God has absolutely nothing to do with ethics. I'm an atheist. I don't believe morality truly exists. That is, I don't believe any occurence can be classified as either "right" or "wrong" because fundamentally there is no right or wrong. All events are concrete until we make them abstract by inducing our emotions (which are only the product of our environment and therefore subject to change, anyhow). However, despite this idea, I still maintain respect. So just because I'm atheist does not mean I don't care about anything. Why is that nearly every answer to this question that I ever see is typically always based solely from emotions? Yes, it is possible to believe in God and be against religion. Yes, it is possible to not believe in God while still being a "good" person. For fuck's sake.
  10. Big deal, he fucked a table. I don't get what all the fuss is about.
  11. Star Wars is the shit. I love the movies, the books and the comics. I've only read a few of the books though. If I ever get more time I wouldn't mind reading more. As for the movies, Return of the Jedi is the best, followed by Attack of the Clones. I'm more interested in the Knights of the Old Republic and The Golden Age of the Sith eras though, which take place roughly 4,000 - 5,000 years before the movies.
  12. What are you laughing about? They really are real. I saw a Bulbasaur while I was camping over Christmas break.
  13. I can't remember the last time I didn't dream in first person...
  14. I've had dreams before where I've literally woke up in actual schock to the point where I could not move for a few moments. I've had dreams about getting shot point blank to the head, impaling thick nails through each of my hands and gone on a murderous rampage with a harpoon gun.. Not too long ago I had a dream in which I murdered my cousin with a large kitchen knife. I even remember exactly how it felt in the dream. The blade sliced through his torso as easily as cutting through a pillow sheet it seemed like, and the whole floor was literally drenched in blood. It was scary though, because it struck my conscience so hard that I began to lose sense of reality (within the context of the dream, which felt incredibly real, mind you). Eventually, I had decided to kill myself in the dream, because I could no longer stand the horror of what I had done. However, I woke up before I had a chance to go through with it. It's weird, but ever since that dream I've felt as if I can almost empathize with the psychological distress of murder, just because it felt so real in the dream.
  15. Trust me, this is nothing... Try reading about theories and philosophies concerning the nature of time. Anything ranging from the flow of time (static theories as opposed to dynamic theories), the possibilities of time travel, or even the fact of whether or not time actually exists to begin with. That is literally mind-boggling. If you think about it, time is the most fundamental phenomenon there is, whether it be the inception of the universe, or even the existence of god. Even if we were to exist in a simulated universe, time is still an independent occurence, even fundamental to the universe that may lay beyond our awareness. I don't believe that can be said of any other phenomenon known to man.
  16. I haven't seriously played a game in forever. I have however, been playing Guitar Hero on and off for a little more than a year now. Other than GTA IV (which I won't even have the chance to play for a long time anyways), the only game I'm interested in playing is Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee. Yeah, major old school. But the damn game is utterly amazing and I've been feeling extreme nostalgia for months now.
  17. osiris.

    My next PC game

    Call of Duty 4 Further suggestions need not be necessary.
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