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  1. What's happened to me lately. Well, I passed my cert 3 exam, just waiting to be marked competent in some assignments then I will be a qualified fitness instructor.

    Ain't single no more :awesome:

    Oh and I have a bit of a bitch as well;

    The number plates on one of our cars were stolen last night. It's not the fact that number plates were stolen, it's the particular number plates which were stolen. They used to belong to my late granddad, he had them for God knows how long, and it meant everything to my dad to get them transferred to his car. The whole reason he kept my pop's old car was so he could transfer the plates and some jerkoff stole them.

    He is in a RE-HE-EALLY bad mood atm, can't blame him. I actually feel bad for him, he can get the numbers and everything reprinted, but it would end up on some fucked up ACT plate the government demands he get. I really hope they turn up for him, he's pretty devastated. I mean, why wouldn't he be. They belonged to his late dad...

    Nothing much else, going out for pizza Friday... yeah... :blink:

  2. I believe he was too much of a child at heart to have molested anyone. I was, and still am, quite bummed he is dead. He was a legend, greatest entertainer of all time, he deserves respect.

    I read a quote in a news article that sometimes he wondered why people couldn't just be nice to him. That hit me hard and made me feel a bit down. How can someone who is supposedly a serial child molester, become upset as a child does because people aren't nice to him?

    Sure he was weird, quirky, strange, but who isn't in their own way? I'm sure there are a lot of people out of the public eye who go completely overboard with plastic surgery, who are germ phobic and wear masks all the time, and even who enjoy the company of children. I've been hearing all these jokes and it is starting to get on my nerves. But what REALLY pisses me off, is the radio stations who belittled him, went all high and mighty about him hurting kids, then when he dies they suddenly classify him as a hero and play his entire catalog.

    I'm annoyed it took his death to make me listen to all his music again, but it just reminds of how awesome an entertainer he was.


  3. L-Ric, I think you meant rappo when you were talking about the only people he can carry a proper convo with is the last guy you fought with and a Lakers fan. I'm a Suns fan :P

    I have been watching this thing from a far and it brought me many lulz.

    Firstly, Charger, stop telling people to grow up. From what I have seen you need to do just as much growing up as the people you keep giving this advice to. Secondly, Charger you initiated this whole pissing contest by flat out telling someone their opinion is stupid. Then you become condescending when you try to be witty/mature with the line "Alright little child". You have what.. a whole year, year and a bit on L-Ric and you have the balls to go on this diatribe wherein everyone is being "childish" except you?

    Husky, you really want to get these games without your mother bringing the whole parental hammer down on you at the store? Why don't you try going into the store and just paying for them by yourself, no mother, no older friends, nothing. See how that works out for you, you never know, they may sell them to you. If that doesn't work, L-Ric's original idea of waiting until you're of age seems like the best viable option. When you're of age to legally purchase the games, whether you have matured or not, no one can stop you from getting them.

  4. Rockstar are only the publishers of LA Noire, Australian studio Team Bondi are developing, so it shouldn't be "replaced" as you put it.

    Since it is R* North though, I wonder how this might impact development of "GTA V". Probably won't affect it too much actually.

    I think Agent's "exclusivity" is actually a fairly decent plan, most games that are now going multi-platform are huge franchises... Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Tekken, and let's not forget how GTA was always Sony exclusive too.

    So perhaps they'll make it a timed exclusive, keep it on PS3 for a year then bring it out on 360 and PC, just like how all the GTA games used to do.

    As long as Sony do their part in helping the game along it should go ok. Because with exclusivity you're always going to start off with a smaller install base than is possible if you went multi-platform.

    I concede good sir. Team Bondi escaped me, it is all coming back now :P

    I agree with you on the exclusivity thing. If this turns out to be an epic smash hit, then porting it from PS3 to Xbox is a smart choice.

  5. I hope this doesn't end up replacing LA Noire. I had been looking forward to it as R*'s big PS3 exclusive, then this came along and I am seriously hyped for it but I'm still hoping for LA Noire to be PS3 exclusive too... or to even still be on the table :P

  6. Assassin's Creed 2 Stage Demo

    The gameplay footage of AC2 we saw at E3 was specially made for the conference, so that they could show us the pure rape they are creating without spoiling anything for us. The fella also dropped the idea of possibly giving us the E3 special demo through Live and PSN.

    Was a very good watch, made me even more keen for this game if that is even possible :P

  7. And seriously, gaming is a completely useless hobby, that will not get you anywhere in life.

    Tell that to the people at IGN. I feel gaming has gotten them somewhere in life... it seems to be paying their bills quite nicely.

  8. The Alan Wake demo has me plenty intrigued. Possible 360 purchase in my future :P

    The Assassins Creed 2 trailer was awesome, Saboteur looks like it will be pretty sweet too. I want more news on Red Dead Redemption, GTA DLC 2, Bioshock 2 and what Hideo has up his sleeve for the Sony conference :)

  9. What if there were people who were extremely helpful in not just one single topic? Don't know if I should be naming names but


    seems to be popping up in pretty much every forum helping with what ever he can. Would someone like this get Expert rights/status over all GTA forums instead of just VC forums for example?

  10. This should be an awesome E3 with the line up of games coming this year/early next year. I want o hear more about Red Dead Redemption, Mafia 2, Assassins Creed 2, Bioshock 2 and Modern Warfare 2. Those are really the only ones I've had my eyes on for a while now.

    EDIT: Oooh I almost forgot. Any news on a new MGS game!!!!!

  11. Fanboy's will probably think its Toni Cimpriani. Wow but I'm suprised with the CD part. Its better than waiting for HOURS to download.

    BTW the name reminds me of the retarded movie: Talladega Nights The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

    If they were fanboy's, wouldn't they already know who Gay Tony is from the game. You know.. seeing as they're... fanboy's? :erm:

    Anyway, I'll leave it a year, and if these haven't come out on the PS3 and the rumors of a timed exclusive are officially quashed, I'll pick myself up a 360 and the bundle disc.

  12. Something like this means what? Be a bit specific, and don't copy others' ideas man. If you want something new but similar stuff, just tell me. :)

    Wah wah ok bhaiya i will not copy and please edit it into like not you haha please do it

    That makes absolutely no sense, and I'm sure it's not your logo which isn't attracting people to your gang...

    I'm sure TOXIC can come up with something nice for you though :)

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