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  1. That is some fucked up shit. How can the womans late husband have the qualities...of a dog?
  2. I've always wore boxers.
  3. How the hell did the sperm get in the pool. Epic lolage.
  4. Oh my god I can't wait! It sucks that I sold my PSP though.
  5. That video made my day. I rofl'd so hard at number 2
  6. Aww, why can't stuff like this be on the PS3.
  7. 5 star rating =D

    Thanks =)

  8. Avi: 10/10 ROFL Sig: 8/10 Kick ass Mustang. Person: Don't know you but you look OK. BTW I have no Avi so don't rate it.
  9. Why pay 8800 bucks while you can pay 40 on the street.
  10. Wow i thought it was a fight, turned out to be a baby being born.
  11. I rofl'd at the grocery part.
  12. 00:08 "DO A BACK FLIP!"
  13. Been playing Call of Duty: World at War (PS3) Awesome game.
  14. Comet is OK, but the Infernus is more stylish and faster.
  15. Lamborghini Reventon owns all.
  16. Seriously what the fuck is this?!
  17. She used voodoo on him I think. She says something like "Do one more job for me and I'll let you go"
  18. I liked GTA 3, good times.....good times.
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