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  1. Deleted in a sense you deleted and added new ones right. If you hadn't added new ones but deleted the other ones then the game would crash.
  2. Take a good speed and then crash up somewhere. There are 100's of cool CLEO's but some are corrupted so make sure to list up your mind to know which CLEO you installed.
  3. Ok...you have to download CLEO 3 from here. Installing notes just download mine for detailed installing. You Can Download CLEO3 Mods From Here thegtaplace/CLEO3 MODS gtainside/CLEO3 MODS gtagarage/CLEO3 MODS Installing_Cleo___Cleo3_Mods.txt.rar
  4. It would be more better if there would be GTA:RADIO STATION. I will go and try my best for it. It would be good if I could know the name of the radio stations in GTA 4
  5. Peugeot 406 Citroen Saxo Sorry For Vauxhall Corsa Peugeot 106 Sorry For Vauxhall Vectra
  6. Here in the description its mentioned as NOT ILLEGAL. MUSIC EXTRACTOR
  7. yea, to convert cars from SA to VC Huh..!! there is a mod like...Vice city map in San Andreas cars, I dont think cars are there rare
  8. Yupp..!! You gotta put all the files inside your San Andreas Directory to make t work. Try this CLEO 3 installer and try to install that Cleo cs. Scripte
  9. "Find A converter from SA to VC" Didn't get you well..holms..!! Did you mean. VC rides and other stuffs to SA or..!
  10. I seriously don't know about GTA:IV cars on VC but here are some for San Andreas GTA:IV Infernus GTA:IV Huntley GTA:IV Sabre Turbo GTA:IV Coquette GTA:IV SultanRS GTA:IV SuperGT GTA:IV Buffalo GTA:IV Comet GTA:IV Taxi Hope that help you,will be just adding more of them if I find them..!!
  11. Nice forum signature dude.!!! SIG..!!<<>>

  12. ha....!! nice char...nd sig...


  14. Me down.. Thanks I will just test it. ---------------------- Edited ---------------------- Its working so how do I make it work. I got a file they instruct me to Import file in genrl. Where is genrl?
  15. I just got SAAT but its not opening is their any specific folder we gottha paste it in. Right now its in my San Direcotory. When I click any of the .exe files in it it open and closes at the same time.
  16. If u would have asked me this question a month ago then I would answer.. || YES || But i got it from walmart the only problem is I had put around 63 Cleo scripts and the game crashes so I gotcha back-up my original || DATA || & || MODELS ||
  17. The +151 trainer made by crazy virus Has null counter cheats + a key to make it 100% saved game
  18. Ok...XD I finished the whole game itself. I had to use some trainers to succeed that vortex stuff. If this is the last cut scene then Catalina's...blah..blah Am all done. Thx for helping though.
  19. My saved game Thx-- GTASAsf7.rar
  20. I saw it down in gtamissions he goes down and chases him so easily. I lose him in no time.
  21. Rap & Blues [ duh vast diff ] Boys N the Hood ----> Eazy E
  22. Sorry dude. I saw the tutorial in GTA missions But their vortex at the starting itself take hell speed that matches LOC's vortex. But I just can't even beat Madd Dogg. Even he races me so how can I beat that shit ass fake OG LOC
  23. Hey..!! Check this out. If not this then you can browse google for .fxt file.
  24. GET A LIFE...holms I ain't playing online Its the mission with that shit OG LOC all i need to know is cacth up with LOC speed up my vortex
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