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  1. ooooooooooooooo did someone say chicks???
  2. I don't know if you knew about this but cheat device 0.9 is out and it hasn't been reported on yet. Just a heads-up.
  3. there's not much of a difference.
  4. WOOOOO! I just finished redoing the whole site to make it more user friendly and to have more information. You have got to check it out for latest news, cheats, and even full, thorough, walkthroughs for all the games.
  5. U took the site down to redo it in php?
  6. Yeh, so I got bored and I decided to write this little script. Check I out at the script It might not work ALL the time, because it's hosted from my comuter so it only works when I'm on. But anyways, check it out...
  7. YES!!! It's ready! Check it out now at thegtaspot.com! It's not totally done but you can register for the boards! Update: Now, when you register you can get your own gtaspot email account wich you can access on the site!
  8. Well, I just created the Leone Gang and I need a Sig for everyone to use. Can you Have it say Leone Gang Member and whatever else you can put in? Make it look like a finished sig instead of having, like,"put your avatar here", or whatever. Thanx! pm me when your done.
  9. I was reading the topics and I noticed people selling sigs. When they sell the avatars do they do it with real money or like a points money? If it is site money, how to I get some, and pay people?
  10. Well, sometime today, because Were swithing hosts, the forums should work. It's not ipb- It's actually an integrated phpbb.
  11. I finally have enough posts to advertise freely, so I shall do so... Check out my site, thegtaspot.com I made it not too long ago, and it just keeps getting better and better. There's an internal forum, a news section, codes section, and so much more! Register on the site! Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that there is also an arcade where you can play games, post your highest score, and soooooo much more!!1!1!1!! Tell me if you register, trust me, you won't regret it!!1!!!
  12. just flying in a jet plane........
  13. hahahahahaha you paid THAT MUCH FOR AN XBOX 360!!?!???!?! In New Hampshire, I went to a game store and they told me about 50% of the 360's were returned because they broke after only a few hours of play! If I were you I would be doing this lol
  14. HeY! get out of here! youve gone to practically every gta forum and said the same thing!
  15. lol I'm a member on gtaforums, cool site.
  16. dcboy

    Game Making

    I'm takin computer aided drafting at my vocational high school so I can design games in 3d.
  17. rap takes no skill yo yoy yooooyoyoyo
  18. yvcshsukhhgchumpbgfvyumhjv nh v ooowww.........
  19. Fall Out Boy-suger were goin down huihuaduhiwerheigoin usddown down as somtin sd oj lal lal lal la jsdlah.............hhgm..songs over ,k.Fall Out Boy- dance dance boom-smash-boomboom-smash--smash-boomboom-smash wootwoot!!!!!
  20. I'd like to meet taime cuz he signed up for my boards.lol
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