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    Realstic Car crash's

    It wouldn't be Niko's name each time....its probably very rare that you'd be driving a car he actually owns. It'd be the name of the person he stole it from. And being Rockstar, they'd probably find a way to spice it up so it isn't the same line over and over.
  2. Dangit....I gotta stop pre-ordering with Gamestop. They never give out anything.
  3. badgerov

    GTA IV Rated “M For Mature” By ESRB

    Gotta say....I didn't see that coming. Glad it avoided an AO rating.
  4. K-DST Radio X Radio Los Santos
  5. badgerov

    GTA:IV Poll

    Dude, this is just a comedy poll! No worries! No worries here....just answering honestly.
  6. I'll most likely do the first couple of missions, then go exploring.
  7. badgerov

    GTA:IV Poll

    If this game sucks ass, would you start to play GTA:SA again? Doesn't apply, this game won't suck. If the game crashes when you just bought GTA:IV, what will you do when you return it to the store where you just bought it? I'd get in my car, curse the entire way there, park, take a couple seconds to calm myself, and go into the store not being an asshole. I worked in a store in high school, and I know its not their fault and their life sucks enough already without my being a prick about a problem they have nothing to do with. If your PS3 or Xbox 360 broke for playing GTA:IV too long, what would you do? Wait in agony until I could get another PS3 for 30% off.
  8. right...I heard so much crap about Madden 08 60fps on the 360 vs 30fps on the PS3, and it just pissed me off, because there really isn't much difference between the two. As long as its a steady 30 fps, thats perfectly fine with me. I had times in San Andreas(PC) where my frame rate would be in seconds per frame ...still not sure what caused that, restarting the game would fix it though. Steady FPS (at a decent rate) is all I really care about.
  9. badgerov

    mini map mod

    try going to the downloads section for SA, perhaps? http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/file.php?id=1144
  10. badgerov

    GTAIV boasts 100 hours of Gameplay

    You don't need the manual....they'll tell you all the controls when you do the first couple missions. The only thing I use the manual for is to find what songs are on what radio stations, oh, and to laugh at the random stuff they put in there. As for gameplay time, it'll probably take me longer than most, I take my time through the missions and get sidetracked very easily.
  11. I gotta stop coming here for a while, I think. Every new thing I read about the game makes it so much harder to wait.
  12. The presence of Queen in that list makes me thing there will be a rock station, at least, I hope so. I don't know where else they could put music from Queen.
  13. badgerov

    GTA IV to be Previewed by X-Play

    Its on the G4 website... http://www.g4tv.com/xplay/previews/20186/F...ons_GTA_IV.html at least, they have something on there, I didn't get to see it, I'm not sure if they did more than this or not.
  14. badgerov

    User Track

    You must have auto scan enabled then.
  15. badgerov

    Where are the flowers?

    Items Map There are flowers on this map...along with 1,000 other things, so you'll need to search, but they're on there.
  16. badgerov

    Custom Radio?

    Even Better, just put a shortcut to wherever all of your mp3's are located at into the user tracks folder, then do the user track scan, and you'll get all your music without having to copy it over, saving much hard drive space.
  17. So, I have noticed that whenever I start dancing, whether its in a club or a mission, my game crashes. Normally, I wouldn't care, because it sucks, but I can't progress in the game unless I complete the 'life's a beach' mission, which has the dancing as a part of it. Oddly enough, the first lowrider mission, with the hydraulics competition, works fine. Any clues on whats wrong or how to fix it?
  18. badgerov

    Favourite Music Genre

    Classic Rock
  19. badgerov

    do your parents get mad cuz u play gta

    I don't think my dad knows I play it. My mom knows I play it, and I don't think she likes that I do, but she doesn't get angry, and she knows that i'm not retarded, so I won't go on a killing spree.
  20. badgerov

    Whos your favorite charecter?

    ....Big Smoke.
  21. badgerov

    what safe house do you like the most?

    Yup. And its easy to overload too because the doors take forever to close.
  22. badgerov

    what safe house do you like the most?

    The abandoned airstrip has an aircraft garage....its definitly the biggest.....
  23. badgerov

    Criminal Rating

    I don't really know....the last I remember having is like 300,000, but since then, i've played with the main.scm file, and for some reason I'm too lazy to copy the old one back to just check.
  24. badgerov

    least favorie car

    I complelety forgot that even existed. I don't like it either, but its nowhere near my hatred of the perennial and greenwood.
  25. badgerov

    least favorie car

    Ditto...the perennial is just horribly slow and useless, and the greenwood is just a boring car.