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  1. Did you manually delete the old SAUser Files folder before re-installing?
  2. 1) Katana. 2) http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/gr...o_sa_weapon.png
  3. 1) gta3.img is located in the GTA San Andreas/models folder. 2) Yes, version 2 makes a very big difference, its made to prevent mods to the game. sorry.
  4. I've had that happen too with one of the cars I modded for San Andreas. It seems to only randomly be like that. I have no idea why it happens, I wish I did.
  5. Well, I'm not 100% sure of that, might be a certain cheat or number of cheats. I used a cheat only once playing GTA, to clear my wanted level after stealing a Patriot from the army to export it. That was before that mission and he didn't jump immediately for me.
  6. The only thing that a high number of mods would do is increase the load the game takes on your system. Those new textures are more detailed and much larger files (usually). Its possible that all the extra mods are having that much of an effect on your system. The fact that 3 of your 5 buildings are in the very close vicinity of where you are spwaning illustrates that possibility in my opinion. I'm not saying this is the actual cause, its just a possibility. If it started happnening right after you installed JVT's new mods, then try uninstalling those and see if it helps. And if you think its trying to "refresh too much," turn on the frame limiter in the options.
  7. Try playing with the actual DVD you are supposed to play with. My friend had the same error installing with the DVD because his computer couldn't read it because there was a scratch. I burned the DVD to a copy for him, he installed using that, then was able to play using the original DVD, not needing to read that file to play. Try using the original DVD. It may only be a problem on install. If that doesn't work, unfortunately, what Gerard says may be the only option.
  8. There's supposed to be one parked in the movie studio lot in Los Santos.....I've been there about 5-6 times looking for it, and its only actually been there once, so its not there often.
  9. Take your time and make it good..... ....yeah...that has nothing to do with the fact that after 2 weeks, I'll be relegated to a dial up connection for the summer..... Looks very promising. Good luck.
  10. I dunno...its more like a rock....
  11. If you recently bought GTA, then you most likely have version 2, which originally didn't support mods. However, I think there's a way to convert it to version 1.....maybe someone else has more info on that.
  12. I remember seeing a maverick spawn on the helipad by the boat school, but now, all that spawns there is a Sea Sparrow.....I think that it MAY be connected to boat school results, since I have all gold. But then again, you get boats for getting silver or gold in the boating school....so I really don't know.
  13. there's one at the base of the dam.
  14. yep. that sucks. get used to it. its not a big deal really, though...its got enough buttons so that you can do pretty much everything without using the d-pad.
  15. I'm not even sure how you get OVER 40 seconds personally....The key to this test is efficient use of the handbrake. When approaching the corner, you need to time it so that you can just whip around the corner...just past the last cone, using the handbrake. You don't even need to let off the gas once...although doing so may help you accelerate better off the corner since there is a smaller chance you won't be drifting sideways for half the straightaway.
  16. Yeah, I have a friend similar to that.....if you're playing against him, everythings cool as long as he's winning. If you start to beat him, shit starts flying across the room. Some people take games WAY too seriously.
  17. I usually drive up the road that the garage is on, all the way until the church where it ends, then take a small set of turns to get to the checkpoint, then circle around on that road until you get back to the main road you took there, and head back. Its pretty tough, especially with the other frolicking drivers on the road. hope for good weather too. It just takes a few tries to get.
  18. I like the buffalo, 2nd would probably be the sabre.
  19. I don't know.....it seems like mainly the downtown area....I think of west los santos as more of the rodeo and richman area/the beaches. I think downtown would work better. Awesome pics....able to get so much more detail than mine....you must have one hell of a computer if you can play with that much detail.
  20. I think that until like 4 or 5 stars, that its not intense enough, the police just give up too easily...and killing someone in front of a cop should be more than one star too though.
  21. If his health goes down, or whenever he says anthing, help ryder shoot the weekend soldiers.
  22. I had one hell of a shot lined up of the Los Santos downtown area at sunrise....except I didn't have the camera on me. Since it was just a short time between classes, I didn't have to redo it, and still haven't, but maybe sometime soon college will stop being gay and leave me some time outside of classes and homework.
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