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  1. I think it's how long it takes for information to go to the server and back. Jitter is the difference in the amount of ping. That's the easiest way I can explain it. Also if I'm wrong please correct me.
  2. lol they all leave the battlefield.
  3. Well in school for the past few weeks I haven't really been bullied but there's this guy who hangs out with my group and keeps making fun me for no reason. Well actually it's everybody in the group.(Yes I'm 13. I go to a middle school.I'm in 8th grade.) A few times we all get a laugh but more than that it's just annoying. My friends already told me that they wanted to ditch him but I don't know what to do. So can anybody here help me before this becomes a real problem?
  4. Ford GT and Dodge Charger SRT-8 I think. Thats from the top of my head so I'm not sure. Anyone want to confirm?
  5. Anything the San Fierro police say.
  6. Why don't noobs learn that theres massive amounts of these favorite gta game threads? Please stop creating these.
  7. Feel free to use my personal photo. I just love firefox way more than explorer. XD

  8. San Andreas hands down for me.
  9. Alright so today I went to a swapmeet and I saw San Andreas for 3 bucks. So I thought "Wow what a steal". So I ask the seller to see it and it's in perfect condition. But time ran out so I had to go back home. So I ask the seller "Are you going to be here tomorrow?" He said yes. But I want to know from you guys. Should I get this or not? I mean it's good and all but I don't know if I should get it. So let me know what you guys think.
  10. Happy B-day dude. Hope you have a great time and I wish you another year of life. lol
  11. Wow that's sad. I'm christian but my mom took me to the hospital when I was dehydrated. If I arrived any later than when I got there then I would've been dead. (This happened when I was 6.)
  12. And for his post being reported. lol
  13. Thanks dude! I'm going to try it on the 360 right now see if it works.
  14. So you are demanding now? Man is that mod going to be hard.
  15. But doesn't that clearly say on the top "ford crown victoria undercover"? If not that then I am totally confused.
  16. Mods are already made that do that. Here is the link to the undercover one. Clicky.
  17. I don't know. Maybe some other real life setting but wherever it's set please don't let it be Europe.
  18. RAPTORX22

    Best game OST?

    Probably Burnout 3 IMO.
  19. Maybe a police side DlC perhaps? But I'm sure for most of you that would ruin GTA.
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