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    The Daily Chit-Chat

    For here lies the place to chat. :B Right, so the idea is we keep an ongoing discussion about anything BUT to keep things sensical you have to post something relative to the previous post or at least comment on it before falling away with a new topic if you really want to. In simpler words, try staying roughly on topic to avoid any random postings. For example: Poster #1 - I think it's great that Guantanamo Bay is finally closing. Poster #2 - orly I can put my leg behind my head lol ... would be frowned upon like so. =[ Oh and this is different from the community thread as in this isn't so much a "what's happening with you lately" thing and more of a continuous discussion of whatever the current topic is. Make sense? So let's kick off with: Anyone seen any good movies worth recommending lately?
  2. is suturing up her future.

  3. Siouxsie

    The Office

    I love the US version. The UK one never did it for me for some reason. I think it's because Steve Carell (or probably the writers) manages to make his character an idiot as well as sometimes lovable, while Ricky Gervais couldn't make the combination imo. Plus in the US one you see a lot from the rest of the office workers, which didn't happen in the UK one.
  4. I like your signature. c:

  5. Siouxsie

    Lady Gaga has a disco stick

    If it had come from any other celebrity, I'd believe it.
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    The Daily Chit-Chat

    Yes. I think there should be a rule to not reply to a post that was made too long before yours, just to keep the topic flowing. :> Let's try: Your favourite literature? [book, comic, magazine, etc.]
  7. No worries. :P

  8. Siouxsie

    Your Religion / Beliefs

    I'm chipping in a little randomly, but I've been wondering about reincarnation. People who believe in it say something along the lines of "if you're a bad person in this life you'll come back as a cockroach in the next". But an insect doesn't have half the capacity to understand that it was once a human and is now an insect, so where's the punishment?
  9. Siouxsie

    The Daily Chit-Chat

    How do you mean? I believe the final scene with The Joker is with him hanging off of the side of the contruction site, Batman disappears and some useless SWAT officers arrive to incarcerate The Joker. That suggests he was finally caught I guess. Yes, the role fit Maggie Gyllenhaal much better. Besides, as far as prettiness goes, she's playing a lawyer, not some model.
  10. I think you should start at the beginning. c: Look for a song called Hong Kong Garden. It was their first single back in 1978. c:

  11. Wow that didn't sound pervy at all dude.

  12. Siouxsie

    What is this?

    ... I don't mean to be mean but that kid just scared the shit out of me. I'm literally shivering right now.. never seen anything like that in my life... I'm going to go to hell now aren't I.
  13. Siouxsie

    The Daily Chit-Chat

    Yeah, I meant the newer attempts. I'm ignorant. I love the old Spiderman series' soundtrack. Those lyrics are brilliant.
  14. Siouxsie

    The Daily Chit-Chat

    Agreed. He played a much more convincing Yellow Bastard in Sin City which is another of my favourites. :B
  15. Siouxsie

    The Daily Chit-Chat

    True, book adaptations never get it completely right. But game adaptations are worse. The only decent one that I know of is the first Tomb Raider which kicked ass. I'm on the fence as far as comic adaptations go. I think I'm right in saying Spiderman started the whole thing, but even that started out great and declined with its sequels imo.
  16. Siouxsie

    Name of Classic Song...

    If you can find a movie that used that as one of its soundtracks then it'll be a lot easier to find. ;]
  17. Siouxsie

    Favourite Song

    Song From the Edge of the World - SATB
  18. Siouxsie

    The Daily Chit-Chat

    As in all film adaptations ever? I"m sure there has been a few good ones. Also I'm totally gay for Helena Bonham Carter.
  19. Siouxsie

    The Daily Chit-Chat

    I love Tim Burton! I've lost count of the times I've watched Nightmare Before Christmas. <3 Ultimate cult classic. And yeah, you're a monster if you can watch Fox and the Hound and say you weren't touched by it.
  20. Siouxsie

    The Daily Chit-Chat

    Pixar is fantastic. They've never took one wrong step. Except slightly with Cars imo, which was too America-oriented for my liking. A Porche 911 named Sally Carrera? =/ Ehh. And that after the frankly awesome Incredibles.
  21. Siouxsie

    What are you listening to right now?

    The Rapture - SATB
  22. Siouxsie

    Word Association

  23. Siouxsie

    The Daily Chit-Chat

    Yeah, those preschool gags pretty much killed the human one for me. I did like Glen Close's Cruella de Vil though... When she wasn't falling into a giant cake I mean.