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  1. Hello. I am Pimpeh, the bitch of these forums. (I'm not really a girl but meh)
  2. What a stupid kid, hope he has fun grounded for life.
  3. Good, muad'dib was too hard to write. I was going to just call you MVI anyway...
  4. This is accutally stupid. It could make you loose trust.
  5. Well, the forums got a new skin thanks to chris and his friend. Check it out!
  6. Which would be me? Yeah, that's right! Ambience > Applied X, bitches! That is official, from Spaz The Great. So I win. By default. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> They are like the same to me...except different css.
  7. Cam.

    I'm backkkk

    Sure... Well this can be locked now. I don't want any n00bs overloading it.
  8. Cam.

    I'm backkkk

    I was going to say the same thing.. Well, I am back and liek better than ever.
  9. ITEM: Name Change Starting Bid: 1500 Original Price: 5000 Days Open: 2 Minimum Raise: 25 Maximum Raise: 75 -- Start!
  10. ^I noticed that. I like this new skin and I like the logo. Its very nice.
  11. MVI gets my vote as its a cool name.
  12. I am trying to get a skin to match the site but it isn't working out.
  13. Cam.

    I'm backkkk

    I R long time vet. First accutally member on the forums that wasnt an admin.
  14. I understand. We <3 all our members though, if even they are inactive. I may be putting up a new skin soon, not sure though.
  15. Its summer and I'm back guys. I will be on here daily now. For those of you that don't know me I am Cam. <3
  16. Well finally I am getting my network under control here and the forums are running rather smoothly. I started these a month or so back and we are going good. I bought the domain from Chris just because he is a coo man and he also hosts me. I would like you guys to check us out as we have some cool stuff over there. GTA-Forums.com -- Click Here.
  17. I want one. I bet it is like 100 bucks though.
  18. No, they deleted his username.
  19. Cam.

    Adriaan's PSP!

    I have a psp, not many games but I only got it for LCS.
  20. Thats good to know! Thanks for the update chris.
  21. I only talked to MVI, Chris.
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