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  1. Cam.

    Games Arcade!

    Its a MOD for Invision Power Board Outlaw A very respected modder made this it came with the games all Chris did was install the Arcade
  2. I like the idea of racing forums Chris Id be happy to help out too
  3. it doesnt suck it just has to have IBshop to run
  4. its nice but someone like Legion might get on u for ripping
  5. Yeah, I know. But it's hard to get you to host them if you aren't on. Well I am on now
  6. Yes he is weird but to answer your question Shadow is better but you need IBStore to run it
  7. hehe why thanks biggamer Anyone a buyer I could use some money
  8. Nice Raven My friend remember I said I would host your images of all sizes
  9. well in a usershop u could make deals and stuff to get more profit than the store does
  10. Hello I can do many things for you which includes: Installing e107 Price:$500 Installing IPB Price:$250 Installing IBStore with Usershops:$1000 Installing IBShop:$300 thats about all I can do for you. Thanks, Cam edit: for me to install ipb and e107 for u I need u to have a host with php and mysql
  11. Why would he have GTA screens in it when its a new game 2nd that sig is huge get it the gently caress off of there
  12. COuld I have a banner that is blue like ur sig that is a banners normal size (cant think of it) Says GTA Evolution with a pic of a blue pcj on it?
  13. they are awesome except that the second one doesnt have the ps2 thing
  14. True but I guess it should be here then
  15. Hey Man (he is my friend) Bumping topics up here is illegal dont do it again
  16. shouldnt this be in mods & skins since it is a mod
  17. Cam.

    MSN down?

    Yes MSN is down and I am very mad!
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