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  1. Fido..(GTA 3 Guy) I like a quite character
  2. I like them Ideas man good ones.... OFF TOPIC:Remove your sig its a bit big
  3. I say A Verbal warning then a fine....and if they keep doing it...a warn...
  4. Cam.


    meh failing is that bad...at least you aint in jail
  5. Cam.


    how are you doing in school? I have about 4 As and 3 Bs I think
  6. I like Star Wars episode 2.....dont know the author
  7. 100% agree with u I love the xbox version
  8. Cam.

    The Rating System

    I liked that I hope its in SA
  9. thats a bit too harsh dont ya think?
  10. I like the idea of usershops
  11. well every1 that leaves Bye....Im staying tho
  12. Cam.

    Active people

    meh dont worry Im stayin I just havent been active since I was workin on my forums
  13. Cam.

    Ad Banner

    pretty sure he said it does up at the top but i am 100% sure it works with all consoles
  14. Cam.

    Ad Banner

    This one in the crappy circle: also known as
  15. well I had alot of posts last time......... GTA Evolution Hosted by this site! We have 3 downloads in our DB Dont make fun of us since we were effected by the hacking too our new layout up ASAP but we need forum members we have 36 but we need alot more Here are the forums Here
  16. u most likely found that at gtad
  17. He did not only have GTA Place but me too (im hosted by Chris) and He is planning to hack saworld and he was the one who stole vcworld's layout (killer_wormy)
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