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  1. Cam.

    The Sims Online!

    I agree with you.I lost intrest of bustin' out quickly
  2. yeah come on we want more!!!
  3. Hey Phil May I put this on my site later?
  4. thats not a very good reason
  5. or geocities or http://signup.com best place evar Don't you mean www.sigup.com ??? ya i did mean that...sorry
  6. Isnt your site on lycos anyway?thats one bad host.... and Miller hasnt updated in awhile so i dont think you will get to be an affiliate
  7. ooohhhh very very nice but why is it ur last one?
  8. hehe Thanks Aaron you are still my friend!
  9. ok miller lemme see urs and ill see if it is better than the one my friend made
  10. thats paint it looks!well anyway a member of my gang made me one so this is useless!
  11. this is for the Vercitti Family Crime Cartel at Sa-world's boards (co-owned by me ) Well I need a sig that is blue has an Uzi in the BG and says VCC in Big Letters in the middle then with some space at the bottom where they can add their names and position.I also Need one that is the same that says Cam Don at the bottom! I will reward $500 to the first person to give a half decent one! Size:500x90 EDIT: and the av The same Things cept for no room at the bottom SIZE: 100x100
  12. Me? GTAForums & GTADiscussion. I thought I seen you from somewhere He is legion at GTAD,but Leo_teal at GTAF. Now enough offtopic
  13. I have 0.I download them,Burn them,and delete them.
  14. UPDATE: The link is now here: http://forums.thegtaplace.com/index.php?showtopic=172
  15. Me? GTAForums & GTADiscussion. and it looks like this one since u posted it here
  16. wow I wouldnt have known.Aaron C is a friend of mine too.
  17. He means Where U can Make Deals and stuff
  18. Cam.

    Shop Hack

    the links he has in his sig are phpBB forums...I dont know about PHPBB sorry
  19. Cam.

    Games Arcade!

    sounds good...Looks good
  20. They are all the first thing on Google
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