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  1. I used to like him as a 10-11 year old kid. He was qualitive back then; with Marshall Mathers LP.. Now he's just a twisky self-centered prick. Now I'm a metalhead, but I still like that motherfucker when I see him... Did you guys know that Eminem and Marilyn Manson are best friends?
  2. It's still not solved, because I don't know what a zap is!
  3. I hate Ricardo Diaz! This sadistic moron-hitting video-killing gently caress, I'm glad he died! Hope he frolicking burns in hell!!!@#$%
  4. You can say that about V-Rock from Vice City. But definetely not for MSX and Rise...
  5. The Cesar Vialpando mission's one of the easiest on the game! Just needs some timing... The most difficult of them all, you know which one it is? It's the semi-last mission from Zero. The one in which you have to kill all the delivery guys. You know? That's the hardest of them all! It really pisses me off everytime I play it, although I always beat it. You have to be exact! One little miss, one little turn, and your fuel is out, which means arriverdici! Truly made me angry one day the first time I played it, when I killed all of the bastards and then had to land on the roof. When I was at a 10-frolicking-meter distance, my fuel was out!! Can u believe that?!
  6. Cannibal Corpse - The Time to Kill is Now
  7. Awesome, dude! Way to go How did you discover this?
  8. But, dude, Cortez surely doesn't look like the ideal killer, troublestarter or havoc maker... He doesn't even look gangster. He's a rich, corrupted well educated spanish retired colonel who could only sit at his yaught and have his sailors serve him some.. tapia snout, or labster, or sth... He's the ideal boss, not the ideal criminal.
  9. Hey ppl, I was down at the gamefaqs.com boards and I saw some crazy ideas! Colonel Cortez (?!?!) Lance Vance's brother ,and there was this guy who formed a whole theory for the story of the game, with Umberto Robina (the Cuban gang leader) as a main character! Insane!
  10. Oh, god! I made a huge mistake, ppl! That thing is called a "ZAP"!!! Not a "zip"! Sorry... Maria mentions it at "Overdose of Trouble".
  11. From the mission "Overdose of Trouble", there is a big run for a "zip". Does anyone know what the hell this is? (Toni doesn't know as well, so don't blame me!)
  12. I want sth more serious to come for the PSP... Vice City Stories. Won't you agree?
  13. Yeah, it would be great to see Tommy again, but he'd be older and to our disappointment, more... mature. 'Protagonist' is a greek word. And you see, here, it's not a word of the educated; we say it all the time!
  14. Lucky bastard! Giga pack, huh? Massive memory stick! You can upload mp3s, videos, pics and games to your PSP from your PC, using an appropriate USB. Well as for games, Darkstalkers (fighting) is a good buy, even if you're not a fan of the genre. For racing, try NFS Underground and also, Metal Gear Solid Ac!d is a must if you love MGS or shooting games generally, though its PSP version requires more strategy. Have fun with your PSP!
  15. They'll be damned unless a few new ones are created
  16. I wouldn't hope for Tommy Vercetti to be in the game, dudes, even though it'd be awesome for him to protagonise. And that is why it would be: a) boring for some people; the people who didn't like him in the first place It would be a bad 'movement' for the company to put the same main character twice.
  17. No, HELL no, dude, because most simply it would ruin the whole fun of the classic 1-player wreak-havoc. Vice City is for one player and it should stay that way!
  18. Nothing of the above. I prefer the "Knife After Dark" movie commercial from V-Rock.
  19. Dammit; my mistake, sorry Someone close the topic, please.
  20. People, with the now officially announced Vice City Stories, we need to know who its main character will be! So... who will it be, do you think?...
  21. Hello everyone! I recently built a site about gaming. Its URL address is: NOFREESITES
  22. More locations for the teleport system and also spawned helicopters in certain places or garages. Lastly, an option of snowy weather.
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