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  1. I see... Unfortunately, can't help you on that But I suggest that you look up some FAQs and guides from gamefaqs.com! You can even ask at the forums there!
  2. A W E S O M E , dude!!! Keep 'em coming!
  3. Handcannon? You mean the minigun? You can buy it from Phil Cassidy's Fully Cocked gun shop for a...*cough* high price. I'ts better for you to collect the money rather than wandering endlessly to find it as a spawn. A good way for money, is to take up the Car or Bike Salesman missions. Good luck!
  4. Just when I expected some cool music for Liberty City Stories, I saw that I was deceiving myself. The music which sums the OST of this game really sucks in my opinion. No quality, all pop/techno shit taking over and nothing rock or metal. It's got me stuck listening to LCFR (the talking radio)! If you guys don't agree with me, please enlist your ideas.
  5. 'Mute Bastard' or 'Mute gently caress' pretty much sum his personality up.
  6. Just uninstall the game conpletely and install it back again. Everything should run smoothly.
  7. Does this work for the PS2 version of the game, as well?
  8. Seriously now, people... We all know all those packages are a pain in the ass to get. So it would be awesome if they put fewer in the game, say at least 50. Who on fuckin earth cares about those packages more than the rewards offered? Wouldn't it be better if such rewards were offered in another way, than that of the hidden packages?
  9. Thanks a lot, ppl! The new laptop's gonna arrive real soon
  10. Seems like fucked up... I bet the handling lines of the PCJ-600 at handling.cfg got screwed up somehow. Here is your solution, buddy: BIKE 500.0 0.8 1.8 1.2 0.0 0.05 -0.09 103 1.6 0.9 0.48 5 190.0 50.0 R P 15.0 0.50 0 35.0 0.85 0.15 0.3 0.15 10000 0.15 -0.16 0.5 0.0 10102 1 1 This is the original handling stats for the PCJ-600, which you must paste on the "BIKE" line which currently exists at your handling.cfg file, which is at your .../Program Files/Rockstar Games/Grand Theft Auto Vice City folder. If that doesn't work, completely uninstall the game and install it again. Hope I was of help...
  11. Thanx for the answers dudes, they're bound to really help me out Damned RAM... >Are nVidia cards bad for the performance of San Andreas, JD? Enlighten me, cuz this ain't my line! >tommy vercetti guy, I have more consoles that you'd like to imagine and i can assure you that my PC is not from the dumpster. >Slayer, it's AMD Turion 64.
  12. Hello people, I of course have San Andreas for the PC, but guess what, ladies and gentlemen... I cannot play it because of my goddamned graphic card! I have a lame AMD Turion in my laptop and I can't play anything correctly with this piece of trash! Luckily, I'm getting a new laptop with a neat Ge-force soon... So, my point is, can I play it correctly here, with this bad graphic card? I think my 512MB RAM maybe a problem as well, correct? Well, actually the problem is, when i start playing it, i get this weird slow-motion thing during gameplay. Can someone help me?
  13. Ummm.... Dude? we're talking about VICE CITY here! Not San Andreas~!!!
  14. You're apparently talking about the PS2 version of the game, right? Well, I got an Action Replay cheats-CD as well. And you know from where? It was free with a magazine! An issue of the greek version of the "PS2 CHEATS MAGAZINE" i think. It was awesome and really helped me out in gameplay and proved to be a good fun, even though i can easily complete this game cheat-free.
  15. The characters of Vice City sure are many and deep... Each of them has his/her own personality and characteristics which mark him/her unique. So, who is your favorite character?
  16. Thanks a lot, dude, I really appreciate that!
  17. A new white guy I'd surely be, dude. A metalhead who's obsessed with evil acts and dirty deeds (done dirt cheap)! I'd have long black hair and bask in the brilliance of terror and sin, as well as do some frolicking Jackass stunts! XD
  18. And how can that be done? Can you please include a tutorial, if you can?
  19. ...Exactly, dude! That's my all-time favorite as well!!! And then, Infernus... Then Banshee.
  20. Yeah, I have experienced this problem as well. Try at the Vercetti estate many times. When you just don't find it there, take a long "walk" between the 2 islands and then try again. This will get the spawned cars at the Vercetti estate to be spawned again and this is what makes the color of the Infernuses differ (even though chances are that it will usually be white) and if there will be a Stretch or a Sentinel parked on the right side of the stairs. So, you're playing with chances.
  21. WHAT?! If this is true, then I am doomed! What should I do to eradicate the problem???
  22. I know, dude, I know.. But... isn't this what we're supposed to be talking about? Marking The perfection, spotting the flaw and criticising the whole thing? Dunno... Maybe it's just me...
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