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  1. There's been plenty of debate about Rockstar losing perspective on their own software lineage, it's one thing for a fan to forget the original game that got the ball rolling, but Rockstar should be proud of the fact, they attempting something fresh that wasn't being done in videogaming often. A Western interactive historical dramedy haha Also, the fact that since the PS3, and exclusive title we hoped might only be delayed a year was shelved for God knows how long, the suggested idea being a game of covert espionage or Cold War Spy game theme, perhaps a noire like James Bond set in the mid to late 70s, I forget the title proposed for that at the moment, but it was to be more or less exclusive to the PS3's Cell processor hardware, and now the MS Scorpio looks to bring about a platform sharing gaming divide again
  2. Not for new games, media, concerts, but for deaths of notable artists on TV, film, and in music, actually going on two years now, most of who I idolized growing up have passed on or retired from the arts genres. Bill Paxton and host of the seminal Turner Movie Classics' Robert Osborne have passed on recently, and we lost a founding member of Rock and Roll, Mr. Chuck Berry. I really long more and more for a past we can never recapture, but gaming will keep getting better, but hoping we don't lose sight of what made the classics classic in the first place!!
  3. Negan's company and oppression of Rick's group, our heroes of the series basically, begged the question of who will be picking up the pieces after a looming major conflict? And what will happen to old Trevor Philips?!? Are favorite voice character from GTA5 because he's lovably malicious, but not nearly as much as Negan appears to be.... As I predicted however in The Walking Dead, even if you don't or didn't follow the graphic novel comics, of which I saw some printed up in the press for the show, I got an idea of some major differences between the two story versions, still I think the AMC show has the best possible version of the Walking Dead story to tell, and as more groups are discovered, the unlikely alliances could help Rick's group win back their soverienty
  4. Hey guys, gals; It's been too long without constant updates on a weekly basis. My current job has me in a magazine distribution center, I have access to whatever interesting reads come in the place. Not a lot, mind you, since it's more specialized reading and mundane and boring at best, BUT that doesn't exclude Porn, music, movies, and TECH! as well, for me, tech includes gaming!! Just this past week the latest Xboxc official magazine arrived (one copy only as well!) announcing big games anticipated in 2017, of course they toot the Microsoft horn but in an article announcing rumors from developers on MS's followup to Xbox One and it's BD revision; Xbox Scorpio due at the end of the year, if not delayed, will coincide more so incidently then they'd like to think.... with Rockstar Games' best title to date; Red Dead Redemption 2. Biggest question there is, will it be geared for the new system, will it disallow older PS4 and Xbox One?! Will it be offered in two technically capable versions as GTA5 was?? Well, speculate all you want here on the forums, OUT LOUD, please...but remember mums still pretty much the word on what will really happen. HOWEVER, even Maximum PC magazine predicts that Scorpio could rival most gaming PCs of the modern era, and they would never say something like that normally!!
  5. Yeah, it's been a week of crazy speculation and a map that leaked for RDR2 cited as coming out in April thereabouts. I saw one leaked image and in the trailer, the same location appears shown, so I had little doubt it was to be an RDR successor, but why call it RDR2. when it's in actuality part of the lineage began with Red Dead Revolver? No matter, it's closest relations will be RDR (1) and GTA4 and 5, I say GTA 5 in particular because Rockstar's gaming engine developed for GTA4 as I recall it, RAGE... Has basically become the fruits of labor for Rockstar San Diego and Rockstar North sharing what works from the separate projects to master the coding and design needed for all Rockstar's digital playgrounds. The Digital Sandbox and third person perspective continue... I believe most advances one can expect will be present, like swimming, boating to a greater extent, and more interacting with animals and peds. Also I wager there MAY be a chance we can switch in and out of more then one or two characters as GTA5 permits. The idea works rather flawlessly, and it broke new ground for Rockstar and video gaming in general. So looking forward to NEXT Christmas.... This year's will be just another one
  6. Been away from the site so as not to post as frequently as I had and allow you all some extra time, but this is crazy, even worse then before, no one's contributing worthy new material and the spammers are taking over as Google yet again advises people to stay away from the site due to Malware links phishing for your personal information, identity theft or worse?!?!?! So, yeah, Chris and others Moderating might want to consider why users are being turned away from this site as though it were itself malware or malicious in intent. China or Russia hacking into the USA elections, it CAN and HAS happened, along with multiple legit business cyber attacks. Got to stay on top of it
  7. Google advises WARNING, Phishing attempts from TGTAP forums!!! Be aware of unknown links

  8. Yep, noted on that OTHER forum, then Googled, reports and rumors, and suggestions along with a sweeping mountain third-person view still image suggest that perhaps Rockstar will soon announce the long awaited Rockstar Games San Diego followup to Red Dead Redemption ... the 3rd. (joke refers to Saint's Row) Actually people think of it as the first western in Rockstar's canon, but obviously few remember Red Dead Revolver on PS2 Anywho, reports seem to suggest Mafia the only contender to annual sports games franchises for this year, and a reveal of RDR successor or Grand Theft Auto 6 news. I'll leave you to speculate further ALSO, I am now 50 years old, nearly the oldest gamer active online anywhere these days it seems! Yesterday I turned the Big Five Oh
  9. Addendum Appending.... I hope Chris and his mod team will allow me some leeway as far as add ons to the posts I made, I hoped for some fluid conversation as always, but here it's like pulling teeth. Seems you guys always have your own agenda, mods for GTA, online gameplay with GTA5 or other. I will of course some of these postings were more inspiring to you all, but I feel as ardent diehard gamers, WE HAVE to show our support for the Sony or Microsoft hardware to get game makers on board and not jumping ship, petitions or vocal as hell, whatever means works is what's required. Don't sit on your hands with closed mouth as the gaming future passes by subject to the whims of non gamers!! The PS Vita issue is obviously important to me and I have to share this very interesting article on the matter... http://www.polygon.com/features/2015/10/29/9409697/playstation-vita-successor-changed-sony-shahid-ahmad-ps4
  10. The Tragically Hip out of Canada have been on the alternative rock scene for nearly 30 years it seems. Still a tight knit band rocking out there now, despite the lead singer's early 2016 diagnosis of having terminal brain tumor. After some months treating they are undertaking a short Canadian tour to see how things go and promote their latest album. I was a fan in the early 1990s of the bands major Up To Here release. At the time I was getting into Robert Plant's Now and Zen (out touring around that time) and the breakout success of the Black Crowes (Mr. Crowes Garden originally in the late 1980s) The Hip had a big following already and when they toured North America it was surprising to find their already built in support. You can see the press conferences on YouTube about how Gordon is doing, but surgery and chemo have reduced a good size of his tumor so he can integrate somewhat back into the life and career he loves, making music. Be sure to support him and the Hip if they tour near you and check them out as they continue to produce new music while they can. It is terminal and he is expected to have a year or more it sounds like, but eventually his health and life will decline. All God's love for Gord and his love of music and the need to keep it comin'!
  11. I remember Maco also by way of the photo (selfies) thread on GTAF, you posted there a lot as I recall! hahaha I miss the good old days since I think the future still looks bleak
  12. I've been offline forum wise to let you guys post some stuff, but one of my projects is to get Windows free 10 ASAP, but deciding on where to install it is a challenge, one of the best Savers store finds thus far, for me, has been a DV6 series Core i3 tech HP Pavilion, when I looked at variations on the DV theme from HP, I found many, branching in outward design to inside tech changing support. Like Acer's V series, it covers quite a bit of options. Worth a look for keeping a budget built or resto. The idea is to replace the reddish hue worn out 15'6'' screen with a touch capable version, there's an additional connector on the motherboard besides the standard VLDS (IIRC) cable, the LED I believe, 40 odd pin connection. Anyway, if anyone knows about touchscreens, worked on them, poked around under the hood, thought about an upgrade conversion, post here and let me/us know what you find. I love the fact the original RESTORATION Partition HDD was left inside of this laptop when I bought it, so it should be a straight forward upgrade to Win10 given it shipped with the Win7 OS already
  13. Going to be repairing Sony Vita shortly it seems, learning the tricks

  14. As it happens, I got a PSVita from the local Savers, discounted from $39USD, only to find the PS Vita Sony handheld market is slowly dying, if not fast in some people's minds. They reported to me the other day from game store Gamestop where I went for accessories. Only now do I have the right first gen (1000 vs 2000) charger for Vita!!) The guy tells me Sony will be exiting the handheld market and focus on tablets or other. The portable gaming on phones trend or tablets seems to have eclipsed more traditional routes. I feel iPad was the start of all that, and the shared multicore for portable evolution helping things along. I still have hope Rockstar will do something for Vita but they're considered an AAA games maker, and it might feel beneath them, so Gamestop's clerk seems to think. I'm of the mind that Rockstar will listen to their supporters and have already looked at the Vita as they mentioned in passing back in 2012 (circa) It's not THAT old. Anyway, as it stands, this one is cracked, but being the early Vita, has the OLED desirable screen and a white case shell, this may also be rare, but you wouldn't know that from the ones online! hahaha
  15. I read a review online about the new nVidia card series, introduced as their '10' series, but only word on the 1060s. Did you get that right or was it a typo? I didn't go beyond that article because I knew already it wasn't out yet, IIRC, and the prices range starting around $250USD I would love to get one as well, but last year I bought a 560GTX to replace the Asus ROG 460 already roughly 10 years old, Asus switched from the HD5870 at the time for the Republic of Gamers, the newest in the series of laptops is the 752 with maxed out 8GB of video RAM, only one model goes that high in spec, the others are about a thousand dollars cheaper with I think 3GB or 4GB video RAM, and one down model spec wise (I was eyeing one up at Microcenter locally, and online obviously there's more reviews. I really want a Skylake Intel board to be ahead of the 8-ball for awhile
  16. local Savers has PC and laptops cheap!! COOL

  17. My longest friend association with communication about GTA has been Trip Mills from GTAF. He's the most upright guy from my estimation since he's communicated even in bad times. He pretty much stays out of every malee that happens online between peeps. But he has gone to bat for me more then anyone. I am true to all friends like him, and as long as I'm welcomed here, I'll be here talking topics and gaming, ROCKSTAR, BTW, MUST get their own game on and get some new game projects info out there to the public, it's OVER-DUE at this point!!
  18. I assumed I'd gotten no response as this forum doesn't have any real active threads at all anymore, but in response to the last post directly, and forgive the delay.... Donald Trump is 6 months that much closer to being the President of the United States. I've heard no gamers talking about their feelings one way or the other, but as to militaristic might, Trump has come out with one more brash statement about Geopolitics where most sane people think military ways and warring won't ever come to much good, if any, of course, DEFENSE is key... I think there are those directly effected who feel Trumps comments back them whereas with downsizing anything seems bad. He proposes nuclear weapons be held as a deterrent but not to actually use in a Nuclear War (WWIII???) Who really is mad enough to propose that option on the table, a reality?? I think Trump's wrong on that point, but how much IS TOO MUCH? Good question. A war waged by individual radicalized groups rather then armies is the biggest threat that can cause mayhem anytime anyplace
  19. Watched some MTV today to get an idea of what they program, can I relate in any way.... Answer; NO, DEF NOT!! haha

  20. One of the little known aspects talked about is branching dialog and then story telling by way of multi-protagonist GTA V, Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV both benefit from new dialog introduction if you fail missions and attempt them again, and furthering game methods by allowing various tactics to accomplish the same goal, completing said mission. One of the things we've seen in Rockstar is fewer mentions of followups and my take has been that as the tech allows, vastly more developed gaming playfields and Artificial Tech to drive both the cutscene storytelling and user interaction, it could in fact be daunting to the programmers themselves. I think this is one driving factor for Les Benzies stepping down at Rockstar. He served about 16 years with them, I had also worked 16 years with one company until the recession, I would have continuing feeling pretty comfortable in that situation at that point, but factors mandated change. The company I worked for still lies dormant to this day, no one bought it and renovated the property as in repurpose it as had been proposed to City Council. Just some back story unrelated to gaming, but it shows as well the times we're in are also a factor as to how other companies are navigating business based on US Economy or other. I think the challange the Housers took on from DMA at the outset was a bold one, but what's instore at this point is hard to get a idea for. Games I see adverts on TV for still look like old school comic book graphics embellished for the big-screen at home. Up-rezzed for HD and UltraHD. Doom is a good example of that, and how a first-person-shooter STILL looks and acts like the original premise. Games aren't so much reinventing the modern era (of 3D evolved 10 years or earlier. It was mentioned in the Jacked biography of Rockstar that at the time of GTA2 thereabouts, the evolving 3D game bar was being set by Lara Croft.
  21. I've been the most active by way of banned-for-life from GTAForums, Some even think any forum I take part in is then adversely affected by that account, I don't know what to think. The staff have said minimize or eliminate all GTAForums discussion here, and I can see why at times, but it's hard to ignore their headstart in the GTA related forum timeline and that accounts for their massive audience and why I joined there in 2003. I wanted insider gamer info on GTA as I was just then a die-hard fan for life. This forum and others around are most active for modders, I'm not one, but I do respect their computer prowess to be able to embellish games above and beyond the factory studio product. Sometimes just finding Easter Eggs is enough of a joy. I do miss my time in an active forum and as well, active online gaming communities within GTA and RDR
  22. 2016, Microsoft Windows 10 given free for ltd. time, ends this summer, Techspot reports... Why? Due to lagging sales. PC support by Dell and others reportedly dropped off... New tech for PC not widely in circulation due to tablet and Smartphone computing, as well, the new consoles still looking to supplant their ten year old offspring. This post is to add in some info on 2016 and beyond and to see if you guys want to comment on the state of tech and your own hardware as of late. Are you focused on phone and console or have high hopes for new life in PC and laptop? Techspot reports on new Broadwell E processors and a new nVidia powerhouse PC graphics card said to offer an additional 25% gaming power improvement!! Begs the question, are you excited? Keeping up with the joneses or waiting to see more improving game console software? In addition to new pipeline news for the world of tech, one article proposes that AMD and nVidia will work together on some unknown project. This could be an all time first, ladies and gentleman, depending on what it is, and if pooled resources make a huge impact. Once upon a time, countless manufacturing brands existed for graphics cards and motherboards, and for those not in the know.... AMD and Intel competed for YEARS in CPU improvements, then AMD bought ATI graphics. Intel furthered their own Graphics Media Accelerators to just within barely acceptable gaming prowess within the CPUs themselves, and nVidia moved from console to handheld portables while continuing to further their PC card line.
  23. Since there's not much posting lately, I'll addendum your bizarre observation with a reminder, this is Rockstar, who thought Hot Coffee might be a good idea. However, not to be outdone with sexist-sexy references... Matt Hoffman or someone (IIRC) was to have a bicycle motocross game called BMXXX released, the idea was nixed rather late in the game ... so to speak, as I recall. I'm not sure where in the Mansion you speak of, having not played Vice in so long. I have gone back to SA and GTA 4, as well as Episodes, which I only dabbled in so I could prolong the shorter games, and given the wait time for GTA6, it's paid off in terms of leaving unplayed game left in the older series. The actress of X, and old... Jenna Jamison, (SP?) who provided inspiration and voice for Vice City, her personal life with her ex boyfriend/husband and his new GF-fiance, whatever the situation... is as bizarre as anything making the Globe or National Enquirer stateside tabloids. Shame I think, though it's somewhat common place to see celebs acting strange these days....when they're not busy working (Charlie Sheen for example)
  24. Where and What... happened to the thriving community?!?

  25. My original gripe seems bearing fruit when there's no news of Rockstar Games focusing on much else, other then online games, events and minor tweaks to GTA Online. I get it, I know why it's focus is such, but it cannot be all consuming as an endeavor for the company. I ask for your opinion and how you'd effectively voice concern. Are you up to letting Rockstar know you wish for more future gaming avenues??
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