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  1. I want to start an article for the Hands On user feedback of members here to tell us what you're finding Rockstar got right and wrong about the PC release, also, share a bit of your hardware issue compatibility, but don't make a post just about that, we want to get a user feedback feel of what everyone thinks about the PC edition, and if you've been able to compare it to the consoles... new and or old!!
  2. I can't start an article for you here, Chris, but today's the big day, ain't it? I just woke up myself and on a whim, wanted to see what articles are on the PC online so far... Here's one pointing out issues that PC Gamer magazine posted; http://www.pcgamer.com/if-you-cant-install-or-play-gta-5-right-now-this-might-be-why/ One of the problems even with a known site like PC Gamer (magazine worth noting, as well) is that a link from their earlier PC edition of GTA5 article for the Online segment is BROKEN! There's an internal server error only... I wonder if this could be due to large demands? One thing good about a site like this, you won't be bogged down with user access demands! hahaha Sorry The issue of actual media will be REAL interesting to watch for, TV and media coverage and sales figures, I'm personally hoping it's proven another windfall for Rockstar Games so as to help them becoming more on equal footing with Call of Duty's Activision and other major studios so they have the clout to produce the next big game, namely. Bigger and more bad-ass then ever before!!
  3. I found this page talking about the Show-runner changes, worth noting to append our discussion above.... http://screencrush.com/tags/the-walking-dead/ I remember some of the earlier Talking Dead, but I think that aftershow party of sorts came on after the show had run for awhile. They were toying with the idea of adding a TALKING AMC segment to other series, but I think that might have been Chris Hardwick's joking at some point
  4. Well, as I said, after awhile, all the oppressive behavior of GTAForums' key staffing gets to you, and those members who SHOULD know better, they're still members, Expecting me to conform to their own ideals. I've no idea about their ideals, but I disagree with them trying to mold people's individuality to their will. That's not conducive to a good forum Net-iquette As far as that Hot Coffee user mod, the fact is I'm correct in stating the Rockstar 'sex game' is referred originally by the HC mod, as far as my experience reading about it since it's finding. The user who found it is a member of GTAForums too, which makes me laugh, but he joined up only a few years ago. Long after that fateful find. You are correct that all the mods that exist are unknown to me, so we're clear, I'm arguing semantics win out! hahaha
  5. For the AMC TV end, I think of Gale Ann Hurd, former assistant to none other then James Cameron, as the head of the Television production, she's got quite a resume, going back to the monumental Terminator film!! Oh, and of course the input of Greg Nicoterro who has worked on SFX horror before. It shows. He was likely influenced by Tom Savini. I'd say your example is flawed in that the actors, new and old still work according to a script that's known a week or so I suspect, ahead of time, keeping security tight on such matters. Continuity usually requires someone in charge of maintaining shots from week to week or however it plays out, and that's needed for TV and movies, so I think that would also prevent what you describe. In a quick search for something to include, I found this new posted online article, again, don't think it is backing up our arguments one way or the other, Including it because it's newly posted is all.... http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/walking-dead-season-6-plot-production-updates-rick-morgan-clash-new-storyline-total-1495991 Another of interest, looking for one that's closest to up-to-date, maybe an earlier one points out better factoids, though I don't know. http://comicbook.com/2015/01/29/whats-the-difference-between-the-walking-dead-tv-show-and-comic-/ I had some issues editing due to the old Ethernet cable I had been using lost it's locking plastic tongs, it doesn't secure a connection to the router and the new one also presented some issue. I had to post-pone editing on the fly as a result, but this comparison goes to what's fresh in everyone's mind, the ending of the Mid-Season thus far. Also news popped up on my screen that the new GoT HBO series has been leaked online, the complete season?!? How so? I don't know, but it's alarming in the degree that someone might try that with the PC release of GTA 5, cracking it for free download and not support Rockstar Games for finally getting to PC, which they should THANKS via their payment of the game. Anyway, catching up for Game of Thrones is advised if you have anything like Comcast cable's Watchathon this year! One week only, all episodes available to view, BINGE!! http://screencrush.com/the-walking-dead-season-5-comic-tv-comparison-try/
  6. Hope you won't mind me bumping this, Chris, but I recently asked Rockstar via Newswire if the software patches for GTA 4 on PC were just abandoned or halted for other games, and with GTA5 coming to PC, could we see them renewed. I'll think to email them for a more direct response, but what I'd like to see is both GTA 4 and 5 for PC users get cross-generational improvements, if their building platform doesn't differ entirely, and that's likely the crux of it, right there... but I shouldn't think they're that far removed as builds
  7. I do after years of brow-beating at GTAForums, they ban me over and over before the permaban over 2 years ago now,. if memory serves. It's a select bunch of people who treat you like an outcast and just don't know you personally, enough to pass judgment in any way that has some merit. It seems too much to me like what goes on at GTAForums all the time, people being apprised of how worthless their contribution is, no matter what it is, it always seems like a 'Hey, I'm Better Then You' stance they take. I'm hoping you can see that pattern of abuse within GTAForums as the key to why people dislike it so. When I joined there I made plenty more mistakes that could have been avoided, but they keep stacking up things against you to use as ammunition to ban you, temp or otherwise, it really became a horribly UNFUN experience! I started our own forums trying to eliminate that type of staffing entirely. I think that's a great place to start, and though we (Chris with TGTAP) don't have the people contributing, at least at present despite all the GTA news actually going on, this seems common outside of GTAForums for some time. There wasn't the original Hot Coffee mod as made by Rockstar in GTA IV, that's my point, BTW. It would have been some REAL news on the Web or otherwise. The REAL mod as discovered in 2005 was in San Andreas for the older game systems... The confusion could be simply because the 'unlocking' tool for it is considered the mod, but it's still too generic, and someone appears cashing in on the notoriety that Rockstar, themselves caused.
  8. I didn't think Frank Darabont had Scott Gimple's job, so that's interesting, but if you recall your TV and films well, Frank's reputation in the business was cemented with the works of Stephen King! You can't go wrong cutting your chops on his material...or can you?? hahaha I suppose so. The reasons behind what Gimple said about the scripting don't preclude anything Robert Kirkman who originated it, has said. What we don't know is how they come up with alternate story, what to include, and what not to. But there was a stated difference of opinion on how that should play out, and someone left due to that, Was it Frank Durabont? Perhaps. Anyway, what I heard said was that more of the middle of a predetermined path for the TV SERIES is fudged about in an ongoing process so it's likely debated and discussed months before shooting. I'm assuming he meant that only the TV series had a planned ending that could be reached perhaps, if need be to end the TV series, the comic or graphic novels don't have to adhere to the TV medium by their sheer nature. Oh and addendum to the other posting about lack of participation here at TheGTAPlace, there are people posting about online mods of the game still, and their YouTube efforts or finds, all relating to GTA gaming, and they're welcome to do so, but you mention you found my posts boring or not of interest, that's no reason for someone not to post, or be BANNED as GTAF do, what it means is the person who comes to read content only view and comment on what interests them, it could be anything at all within the structure of the forum. I don't bother reading what I don't have an interest in, and that goes for the whole of the Internet and anything else in print. I just feel giving someone a hard time about that is the wrong thing to do. It's also more harmful then good. It's starts to seem like some sort of personal fight with someone over how they're flawed. Just so you know, my comments aren't intended ever to hurt someone's feelings. I just feel like people misinterpret far easier online then off. But it can happen anywhere, really
  9. I'm thinking the wait will be longer for REAL SERIOUS gamers because the hardware field will change yet again in 6 months! New CPU as mentioned from Intel will require a new socket, so that means new motherboards, and if DDR4 is required, new memory, but I wonder if PCI Express 4 is also included. The graphics card could be the most expensive thing you buy, and to hope it will last a few hardware generations. I asked on the Newswire comments about replacement of Games for Windows Live when it comes to GTAO - GTA5 - PC, but I'm afraid now it's buried in countless hardware queries! hahahaha I imagine Steam might be the main 'engine' for the online use of GTA5? I don't know since I only dabbled in online before, with GTA IV long ago. It's worried me that a CPU with 3GHZ or higher is recommended since they can be costly, if you're going for 4 cores or more. high clock speeds were Intel's whole of Pentium 4 race against AMD, but AMD proved clock speeds weren't the entire game. It's interesting to think about 4 cores recommended for all spec, that means multiple computing threads are designed into the game, assumedly. I'd hazard a guess that if you have to make due with Dual Core, make sure you've got the Nehalem of 2010 or newer, that way you have dual core with re-introduced Hyper Threading that can do the same thing data permitting (pipeline bottlenecks are most likely a result of HTT versus actual cores on the die (HTT is shorthand for HyperThreading Technology, and though it dates back to 2004, it's been effective enough to reintroduce since it's absence in Core 2 Duo processors) Newest tech Intels do have HTT enabled I believe, in most, if not all their CPUs
  10. The Center for Disease Control doctor (I'm bad remembering ALL the character names) whispered something before blowing up the compound, I believe if that wasn't the factoid mentioning infection pre-existing prior to 'turning' then it might come into play later. It's hard to remember small scenes like that that aren't explained in short order. Recalling that Game of Thrones is also based on prior writings (novel) It's said that the new season deviates from the written source in both cases, so one cannot look for too many pre-existing clues. Also there's a tight security both for fans and the public as well as the actor's scripts they get prior to filming, so I believe, they're in the dark nearly as much as we are. RE: my comment about Scott Gimple, word is and likely mentioned in the Wiki for the series that the original producer quit over seeing the scripting differently. Kirkman doesn't seem too self absorbed to be angered about others working on the formulation, but the details I don't think were made public. I saw Robert Kirkman on the IFC series about writing series, and I hope people can find that to view somewhere. It allowed insight into how Walking Dead came about and his personal vision for it. The series might already be shelved, it seemed shortlived and I lost access to IFC after a year of introductory cable service mandated a change in my premium channels. I'm glad I got that viewing in! The series was already going for several seasons, and it aired probably about a year ago. I stand by what I said about Gimple's statements, I believe he voiced that nearly verbatim on The Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick
  11. Be sure to catch the annual Watchathon for cable TV USA viewing this month!

  12. Trevor, I don't mean offense either, but that is something I and I'm sure others would take personally. you denounce the merit of my posts. Just like GTAForums, the reason for bans and off topic reasons is staff don't even understand the fundamental concept of a forum, and the fact GTAF formerly GTA3 forums, were more then just about users talking GTA and gaming, that fact escapes them. The other thing that escapes their mind is that people from ALL WALKS OF LIFE inhabit the Earth, and as such, a small piece of that Earth, namely a forum on the Internet, Information Super Highway.... Expect non conforming souls abound. I tried in the 70s to conform to fellow class mates mandates of what was accepted and cool, I regret that to this day. Stand up for INDIVIDUALITY, and by your self and damn proud of that fact! The means may have changed, but the fundamentals of communication and what makes humans human HAS NOT. So as I gripe about GTAforums unrealistic user treatment, I would ask that you consider some facts... Anyone can post within reason, and it does not have to adhere to gaming in particular, as long as the section is the right one. The other thing is generational age gaps, I was born in the mid 1960s, Sam Houser and Dan at the beginning of the 1970s. Most people in gaming are young, SURE, but that doesn't exclude the young at heart either. I've lived it since day one you could say, before 1966, what home electronics were YOU using!?? See what I mean? It's simple in my mind. Allow fans of electronic gaming a Forum to 'mouthoff' if you will
  13. As far as me and GTAForums staff, and the few unruly, UNCOOL members who can only manage to hate fellow gamers, I wouldn't want to be known by their measure of fellow gamers, but I did make GTAForum's respect list on a yearly basis for awhile. Some people did see me for what I am, others only pretended to know me. Judge no one, lest you be judged....something like that. The whole idea of a forum is allowing for opinionated discourse and sharing. No one person's view invalidates another. It's simply ineffective to have a forum where your view (staff with the Ban-Stick) have the final say. As far as the truth, the bans were never proven for the reason given, though they used thread posts as examples for a ban, those were temp bans that were really unoffensive at the end of the day. The perma ban was me being accused of subverting the private message use, which they could not and DID NOT prove... to this day. It's without warrant that I was banned, just ticked off staff members who did the deed. Anywho, I was born playing games long before they were, and likely joined GTAForums before they were elected staff, in many cases
  14. GTA-Oasis was Mike aka PCguytech's original idea, with a welcoming approach to all GTA fans, we didn't like the animosity or fighting so I posted a mission statement of sorts. We changed the site at least three times due to server hosting issues and the site crashes cost us members, so yeah.... My favorite title was GTA-hole, LOVE IT! hahaha I'd still go with that name, but Mike chose GTAChronicles, we have a companion YouTube channel that's largely dormant, but we may still do something with since it's just in hiatus really. An addendum I related before about my prior user name (changed here to avoid all the fanatical haters) Slamman came about because I needed a alias for radio, not the Internet as might be assumed. In 1989-90 I was ingratiated by the late Earl Root to come in and share the radio mic on his METAL radio show in Minnesota (heart of Minneapolis location) and I did join his show on numerous occasions until his death in 2008. I keep his memory alive because he was an awesome human being!
  15. My idea about a Walking Dead spin off concerns how temperature differences of different regions would effect the plague existence. The problem is the real intense production needed just in a temperate climate, the cast has been on record over heat soaring in the current Georgia location where the series is shot. But it would be interesting, just as snow and other geographical climate can effect video games differences and offer a unique look at something differently. Some horror movies were set in cold, frigid locations like The Thing, but I'm sure it was no small challenge in doing so! As for the cause, we got some idea in the CDC visit early in the series, but Scott Gimple, current producer and writer (I believe he writes the final script IIRC) has stated that he wouldn't work on something where you didn't have a start and finish line already envisioned and filling in the middle is what they spend time working on, and the graphic novels will account for some of this, but not all.
  16. Spent some time on Newswire comments helping people get Intel Informed!

  17. I'm the biggest name banned from GTAForums and every alternative has left me flat. Me and close friends PCguytech_05, IIRC his year date correct?!? haha, you'd likely know him from the Tech forum section or in General Chat with the FIRST Question and Answer thread, that sadly, Andrew re-authored because of an influx of Spam. The animosity got bad with just that thread because it was a personal favorite of Mike's and he semi-moderated what went on with it, which as you know, the STAFF hates when you step on their shoes. The other co-hort I had helping with GTAChronicles was none other then Trip Mills. he says his site away from GTAForums is 'Giant Bomb' or was. He's even lost a lot of interest in GTAForums these days. I joined in fall 2003, and spent near on 10 years at GTAF, you can bet that when I say things changed, they DID!! It was my mistake to carry a heavy chip on my shoulder which should have been dropped, and trying to just communicate ended with me being temp banned over and over, before perma-banning. When I joined, Demarest was still a GTAF staff member, earning his reputation through good work, namely helping with tough missions for people who uploaded saved game files. I don't even go there other then to see if any old friends are active, still. As you note, it's hard to tell what happened. This isn't GTA exclusive as to the forums seemingly dead.... It's happened to music scenes as well as trying to mount protest against the current MTV and VH1 programming, no one seems to give a damn, to be quite frank. I do, however.
  18. If you're one of the PC or laptop gamers excited about GTA V on PC finally, report in this thread on how it ultimately works for you. Do refrain from just asking about if it will work on such and such platform... Rather when released, your Real-World findings would be better aid to most contemplating what systems most closely resemble their's or would be closest in comparison for expected performance particulars. If you found that even your browser's HTML was too out-dated (my case using Core2 based laptop and Opera browser) Only 2GB DDR2 on my laptop used to see the trailer, I found using Chrome instead, same spec, the trailer worked on this website later... http://www.cinemablend.com/games/GTA-5-PC-Trailer-Features-60-FPS-Gameplay-71079.html The comments I viewed suspect the graphics card should be GTX 760 or higher to try and run specs at 'ultra' however, expect performance issues if you want to 'max out all settings', using a baseline recommended graphics card is not obvious solution! Also comments I made earlier about buying a new rig for Intel CPU compatibility, this is the preferred route I feel, get the spendy graphics card, capable of PCI Express version 3 that you can effectively move to the new CPU and motherboard combination, then consider DDR3 for PC, but that the new technology CAN support the new DDR4 standard, and that you may want to get the best option of DDR4 for next gen gaming and computing for some years to come!
  19. Of course, my own perspective is US Television and cable, you might not be privy to the same broadcast shows, but since few people comment on things other then GTA here, it's hard to tell really. DVD and other forms of programming do allow much wider access to programs and movies. I wanted to list the programs likely worthy of your attention ending or starting new seasons this year. Just ending are AMC's Mad Men, and The Walking Dead, one for good. Starting up soon, the second season of Halt and Catch Fire, also on AMC and mentioned here upon it's debut. Starting up but nearing an end of it's first season ever; Better Call Saul with Bob Odenkirk who found fame in Vince Gillligan's hit series Breaking Bad. I came late to that series, but not before it's final showing. So it was great to be on board enjoying that. I also am binging on past episodes of Game of Thrones on HBO. While I have that network, been enjoying a lot of it's programming. Game of Thrones returns for an all new season, as you no doubt heard based on it's major fan following. Sure to be a hit on the next installment of WATCHATHON a cable favorite for Xfinity/Comcast fans. Here in the USA, that entitles ALL cable subscribers to a week of any premium channel programming for free, you can use On Demand to watch anything available under the channel headings. It's awesome, have to say! Also coming up later in 2015, the aforementioned Walking Dead spin off show, set earlier in the 'zombie apocalypse' and in Los Angeles California. Let's hear your opinions on any of this, are you binge watching?? Are you collecting series on optical disc? DVR over-load?!?!?
  20. Since he's the subject of a horrible attempted murder case, in the real World, I think it's best to avoid such things. The impressionable don't need it. My own feeling is it's rather idiotic. There are Horror icons, mostly born of cinema, but the comic book craze is alive and well, Super Heroes and villians alike. I've never been a comic book fan, all my life, in fact. But The Walking Dead and other interesting interpretations have done real well in translation
  21. I was online checking emails and info regarding when to expect Intel Skylake processors, and that is H2, second half of 2015. Now, you can buy GTA 5 on PC and try registering it on a current or recent gen machine, but I think waiting for the new generational Skylake CPU and socketed motherboards WILL be worth waiting for. If you're a PC only gamer, that might not sound like a great plan, but consider the wait you already have done, you can wait a few months more, can't ya?!? The GPU world won't offer a likelyhood of new tech spoils from ATI and nVidia, but nVidia's newest platform is expensive, and lists at Microcenter in the $500 to $700 range for just graphics card alone! Expect $300 for a CPU, $200 for the motherboard, it's not a cheap move to the latest, greatest, but the new tech has a lot to entice about it, and should last the 10 years, hopefully, that the consoles can already afford to do with their technology. The PC versions should do scaling based on the requirements listed, as do most software on hardware laptops, tablets, PCs. That is due to the wide variety of marketed products, and not just one being the defacto standard consumers will buy, whereas consoles are exactly that. Intel's Broadwell is available now, the 5th gen Core CPUs, the Skylake on the same die shrink is the Tock of the Tick-Tock pattern, a complete ground up new CPU on the shrunken die used for Broadwell CPUs!! Skylake will offer new features here-to-fore unseen. Worth the investment, it will consume even LESS power, but also be more powerful than any processor prior. It will be referred to as 6th Generation, so the models should begin with a '6' number, four digits long. It's also presumed there will still be Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 naming
  22. Found this later, after The Walking Dead season finale, BTW!.... http://www.develop-online.net/studio-profile/inside-rockstar-north-part-1-the-vision/0183989 Also a forum with user input pre SoE release in 2002, PS2. The upshot was asking about State Of Emergency's worth as a purchase. GTA3 was used in comparison so I believe that release eclipsed SoE which I think I recall had controversy over content
  23. The recent news of possible Rockstar North documentary and an earlier download I'd done and forgotten for their first big hit, thinking back to the book JACKED's details, I thought to offer yet another article to you gamer friends to ponder. Offer hopefully here, your thoughts on this path to Rockstar's position in the gaming World today, 2015. Back in 2001 the horrible events of the 9/11 terror attacks cast a shadow far and wide, not least of which was New York division of Rockstar finalizing GTA III. Prior to this, the main point of this article; State Of Emergency How do you think State of Emergency effected gaming and GTA, and Rockstar's path forward. Reports early on is that it was a hit but forgotten among other events at the time, over-shadowed. I can't recall the whole of the events of the time, but just as GTA became a success, Vice City eclipsed GTA 3 in the fastest release schedule Rockstar has offered for the GTA franchise. I believe. Weigh in with your thought....
  24. Hey guys, gals... This year, as I likely mentioned earlier in Jan or Feb, marks the 10 year anniversary of Xbox 360, introduced in 2005 Also worth noting that year, as memory serves, Playstation Portable... the PSP also bowed out in 2005. Gaming in HiDef at the time was only available via Component video, Playstation Three a year later allowed HDMI and BluRay to become household names. Saints Row and Dead Rising were star Xbox attractions. Microsoft's Xenon addition 360 would be notorious for the first of endless hardware revisions to combat the dreaded Three Rings of Death RRoD And it should be said, they would readily admit to no fault of their own, eventually however, it came near a Class Action lawsuit to get some justice for those buying their's new
  25. I'm going back to Liberty City to try some advancing of storyline, I took breaks, started different versions or games entirely. What strikes me most over all is even though both Episodes do provide some cleanup over the original GTA 4, they don't seem that advanced any more, and after playing all Uncharted games (my first HD series for my own console), GTA Episodes seems really like a PS2 previous console era game. I wonder do you see this at all? Or your feelings about it standing the test of time. Open buildings that did provide staircases are much the same as open buildings even in GTA 5, but the concept of build was to make locations in the map conducive to mission placement ahead of time, I think that problem plagued new gen GTA since the first, and that maybe unavoidable, as it was mentioned testing of the map and missions can mean original locations for a mission, where the environment is pre-planned as much as possible, the mission may not work as hoped, once play testing has been done. One of the Rockstar staff mentioned this, might have been Aaron Garbut himself, but I can't recall if that came from the EDGE magazine story on GTA 4 or not, in that article, head of Rockstar, Sam Houser himself talked about game development, where we learned the most about modern GTA game coming to fruition, outside of his candor, the articles with Aaron and some with Dan Houser were the only thing in recent years one could look at for reference. I refer back to these at times to put perspective on things. My main issue however is both XBoxes I have now have ODDs failing, will read a disc and then stop in the midst of access, even with GTA 5 storing around 7 gigabyte of the game to the HDD, it's not helpful when the optical drive mechanicals fail. I'm looking at replacement drive parts, but at this time, a complete Jasper based Xbox can be bought starting around $60 USD! The replacement drives are $30, the optical lasers around $5 to $20, so it creates a question of what to buy for longevity. This has hampered both older 360 software and GTA 5 as mentioned, but it's interesting to see how GTA has really evolved with only this package, GTA 4 and 5 and on the same console. While Xbox One and PS4, PC, will make a difference in capabilities, it's still mainly a scaling of graphics and additions perhaps based on content capacity. We may see more from this game, that being GTA 5 to compare to GTA 4, but the best game for new hardware will have to exploit it better, and may not see that until the furthest end of software releases on the new hardware. I would hope not, but already Microsoft's ads are touting the best of 2015, but I believe it will be 2016 before most people are gaming on the new consoles or even current gaming PC hardware
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