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  1. National Metal Day they say, BH1 Classic cable Tune In!

    1. BlackListedB


      *VH1 Classic

      typo yet again

  2. Saw some news on either online website or CNN that yes, though there was FAR TOO much joking around about the music, which is not funny to me, They basically dropped the case because it was mis-handled and not enough to prosecute with effectively, lets hope that Phil learns despite the 'verdict' that he better shape up and remain serious about his own music career and life, We as fans don't want to hear about the tragic downfall of people we admire and prefer to look up to, not shake our heads and wonder WTF!?!
  3. Don't miss Dick Cavett AND Sammy Hagar on AXStv's Tom Green Live!

  4. Phil Rudd in court looked haggard and OLD, such a shame

  5. They brought in some help for the album, and as my cable music service notes in it's trivia (they do that for onscreen text during audio only programming) AC/DC had done similar before, on one of their most notable live tours and videos, they had Chris Slade come in on drums, he had also played live with the one, the only, David Gilmour on his About Face tour! I think this link is a bit more informative; http://www.theguardian.com/music/musicblog/2014/nov/06/what-now-for-acdc-phil-rudd-arrest-malcolm-young-retirement
  6. I'd been hit with the bad news that my bills are going up annually and my money supply is going WAY down, I might have $50 a week to live on it seems, no money for the new machines, yet, I hoped and intended to buy both Xbox One and PS4, still, just have to wait like PC gamers have had to do, I do plan on the PC version of GTA V, but I wonder how it can compare to the new gen consoles. I'm still of the mind that a ground up NEW CONSOLE game, or even the hope of new Red Dead Redemption series also on PC would be far more improved then using the last gen template already well known to us
  7. 8GB sys Ram is overkill for a game dated 2007, IIRC, and though Core i3 in Sandy Bridge, Ivy, or Haswell should perform above most all Core2Duo previous gen, I think a 64bit system can also be a detriment . You know XP is not supported online, but keep a system free and clear of other non Gaming apps, and use that, and remember XP will most likely work fine regardless of end of Support, which is mainly to keep everyone on the same page in the Online environment, where there is bridging software at work, like Silverlight and Net Framework. A gaming computer won't need AntiVirus and other apps like browsers (multiples on most people's machines), if you're looking to streamline performance you want to have as few things running outside the game as possible. It also eliminates problem areas by not having things that could be causing those problems on your HDD. If you would normally have a dual boot type setup to tackle this, consider a Solid State added drive just for gaming. I'd been swapping multiple HDDs from one laptop for some time, it's always handy to do it that way, and only requires you keep a precision screw driver in your laptop case
  8. I'm sure Rockstar will throw some special items out perhaps, and art, a celebration in some ways, no Hot Coffee though, I'm sure! hahaha I'd found in my sister's husband's PC gaming mag collection a few articles on the PC side of GTA in those earlier years, one I mentioned when I happened across it detailed the early stages of Hot Coffee unearthed and the controversy that followed, there were a few staff at Rockstar commenting over the years on the mods and making the code available for PC people to do such mods, however, they did far less interviews since the HC controversy, so much of it scalded the staff who had envisioned a way to make a R or X rated 'push the envelope' addition to GTA San An, it seemed originally that programmers put it in as a diversion during the build, but the book on Rockstar Games I also bought and detailed, it tells a more definitive story, where Sam Houser had talked of the idea, not realizing the ratings board system and USA gaming market would nix his idea out of hand! As you know, they found out the hardway leaving it semi-hidden and then discovered! They were already dealing with people carrying out GTA like mayhem in the real World and courting controversy to promote the games since it's inception, this all played into it's bad reputation I feel since it could never live that down. It is a game where morals are just present, it's up to the player to adopt ways and means and really presented as the Interactive Sandbox game, but you are also an Anti-Hero, paying no special service to any one side but your own (Self preservation) Anyway, that reflects as well in the 10 years since San Andreas as part of it's history and fallout, a number of staff left Rockstar after Hot Coffee, I was even a bit shocked to learn of that, but again, in the book I mentioned, and those people have not been seen commenting about GTA since! The book is Jacked, and it's based on whatever interviews and information they could gather from the Houser brothers, press, and other staff who worked there, so I believe it to be as accurate as they could manage it, Rockstar were not taking part in offering additional information for the book, but I find it doesn't reflect poorly on the studio in fact, it does present things without bias. As for gaming on the Latitude E6410, the Quadro nVidia with just 512MB is rumored not strong enough for 3D gaming, but there's no real better option for the business class Latitudes, I'd been using Dells since my first 14 inch, the C600 Pentium 3 based machine, and some credit to Dell, they've always offered discrete graphics for most of their machines, but the boards and options are seriously limited, and yes, even with Multi Core, multi Threading (returned in the Core i series), the performance is still based on the software design and coding, no matter what the hardware, as so much of that varies, I find it does run smooth so far, whereas cut scenes would choke on some machines, and the more cars, action, and people you had in any one screen you were interacting with would hamper the frame rates. Here's a relatively dated Non Rockstar sourced article on it; http://www.techtimes.com/articles/18758/20141027/rockstar-is-celebrating-grand-theft-auto-san-andreas-10th-anniversary-heres-how.htm
  9. I'd just been looking for a used BluRay and happened upon Running With Scissors as a film, the first novel and the movie tell of the zany situation with the doctor the family sought out for help, yet he himself had serious problems, but the followup books by John Elder Robison's brother (he legally changed his name due to the horrific home life he grew up with) tell the more darker, serious reality he had to overcome, and the book is filled with humor too, you can see John Robison giving many speeches on video up on YouTube, I saw them only after reading his book though. As I was looking at BluRays I entertained picking up Rain Man as well, also dealing with more severe Autism, however, I passed on that, as I hoped to find Star Wars Episode 4.
  10. This came up on the evening news, and the reports detail online at various rock sites, we'll find out more as the case goes to court I imagine, but this is one hell of a blight on a fantastic career for AC/DC what with Malcolm Young having to excuse himself months ago for failing health. I hate to see AC/DC just promoting their new work as Angus Young and singer Brian Johnson left to carry the band in the short term future, or if it gets as bad as suggested, 10 years jail time for Phil Rudd!!!? http://loudwire.com/acdc-phil-rudd-charged-attempting-procure-a-murder/
  11. Normally I don't read TOO many books, but let me tell you guys, you absolutely won't be disappointed to check out John Elder Robison's book Look Me In The Eye about growing up with spectrum Aspergers, which is what I found out I have! My mom recommended the book, then to read of his younger brother's most harrowing tale in several books, One about demon drink, the other about a family falling apart irrevocably, entitled Running With Scissors and Wolf at the Table, a much more sobering telling of home life for John Elder's younger brother, as he had left home and recalls his life's adventures in the above mentioned book. Do yourselves a favor and check those books out!! The next big book I'd taken on partly when I found it, then as I was having surgery the past month, the Autobiography of WHO's guitarist Pete Townshend, a book that's hard to put down it's written as well as Pete sings and writes songs. If you love art and music, and want to know about the REAL Amazing Journey of the man's life, it's all there in 400 or 500 pages that took several years to write (He started in 1996 he recalls) Who I Am is the book's unassuming title
  12. I'd like some feedback after three new episodes in the season, the show and fans seem ready to talk about it on GTAForums, but you guys have been EXTRA quiet, do you get the show where you're at? It's a shame if you don't have access to AMC, but they are available on DVD and BluRay as time goes by. Last episode focused on one of the lost members of the group, and speculation arose RIGHT at the very end as to what's next?!?!
  13. San Andreas is next celebrating it's birthday, and I wondered if we should start an article or there was one prepped already. I recently went back to the game to see how it performed with my newly setup Core i7 Quad with HyperThreading, and nVidia Quadro embedded Dell Latitude E6410 laptop, using Windows 7 as well, Professional variety. I recently refurbished the machine, and as PC owners know, everything SA downward is an easy computer install, with no rings to jump through, BUT they have proven difficult to assimilate to some hardware setups
  14. There are only gamer generated stories, Rockstar don't come out and substantiate much of anything, but I recall the wheelchair too, I recall a dead body that was underwater and the shark from Vice City as well, these were minute touches that graphic designers would put into the game not only to make geographical locations more unique, but give the game it's own unique identity, like a designer hiding a personal reference into a game, this dates back to the actual dawn of electronic gaming, one of the interesting articles in a gaming magazine pointed out personal DIGITAL hidden messages found on old gaming chips, things most people would never see, but if you sought them out by hook or by crook, they were actually uncovered and documented in this vintage gaming article. I probably have that magazine somewhere in my archive.
  15. http://d3s695o1g63xqg.cloudfront.net/WFHxKSMDIm.jpg Another 60s music pioneer, fearless and groundbreaking, Jack Bruce was a key component in creating heavy blues and all to come after it, and political sideways lyrical additions into powerful music, we shall never forget his impact in the pantheon of rock and roll greats! http://www.aol.com/article/2014/10/25/cream-vocalist-and-bassist-jack-bruce-dies-at-71/20983983/ Found this headline last night, and the other day, inspired by Pete Townshend's autobiography, I went out and bought Tommy and Live at Leeds, two key albums marking lasting impact for The Who, on tour next year and celebrating 50 years of their own impact. Two surviving members of an original that will NEVER EVER be replaced, and a key friend of Eric Clapton Pete's book came out in 2012, and if you've not thought to read it, please reconsider!!
  16. Part of publication PC GAMER's sections includes things online to enhance PC gaming, and they've not shied away from mentioning GTA gaming in the past, but just as Rockstar Games under both Houser brothers has concentrated effort on consoles, as I've enlightened you all, despite coming out and saying why, they've kept talk of 'favoritism' for consoles over PC at bay, often times a PC centric magazine will focus with some sort of BIAS against console gaming, however, there's also hybrids and popularity for portable electronics at an all time, continued high, the venerable desktop is not what it once was, even with the lion's share of high end hardware being large and demanding, both in cost and size. Rockstar's showing commitment to PC with GTA finally, next year, and I'm attentive to see the PC gaming press pick up on the story, and hear what they have to say! Biases included, it should sway some pundits opinions around. I hope the PC version of GTA can set some records in software sales yet again, and be one of those KILLER APPS, but in the meantime, PC Gamer's latest is tauting the latest iteration of ICEnhancer for GTA IV PC, their small printed blurb does mostly point out that to get the latest software mod working it's best, it may require file shuffling placement in folders within Windows on your HDD. A change from Mods past perhaps, but sadly, the article doesn't dig under the hood, so the best bet is still likely the support online for the ICE software additions to be found and downloaded for your PC copy of the game. http://www.pcgamer.com/gta-4-graphics-mod-icenhancer-gets-major-new-3-0-update/ This is dating back to July, however, the world of Rockstar and GTA games does move slower and slower these days because of it's breath and scale ever more demanding, so I feel the life expectancy is likely to increase in same game replay value
  17. After a long pause, I wish to bump this with a update on my Xbox 15 dollar used system, an Elite or similar clad in black 360 sold as Non Reading drive, hoping to just find a way for gravity to aid use without opening it, I went online with GTA 5, crashed to black screen in an instant in several attempts, causing the system to reboot, once in the Dashboard firmware, I was told by prompt on screen to replace my GTA disc, since a read error occurred it was presumed by MS that again their hardware could never FAIL?!?!? Right?..., even if it was licensed from Lite On or Hitachi, or Toshiba, correct? Anywho, the verdict is the mechanicals are in need of a refurbing, in such cases, the Xbox CASE has to come apart. I advised before that MicroCenter offers a tool that inserts in the holes in the rear to push the tabs all at the same time, presuming the right pressure is applied, but you still have to pull top and bottom shells apart to do any servicing, and that requires 3 or 4 sets of hands! hahaha
  18. I was on Xbox Live the other day, See me??

  19. An amazing start the other evening for the best and most popular series on cable or TV anywhere in recent years, and pushing new boundaries in on TV (Network) gore, and the aid is that we know and explore the special effects, as was discussed in the followup of Chris Hardwick hosting The Talking Dead on AMC television I hope you too enjoyed it or didn't miss out, guest on Talking Dead was Conan O'Brien and he was as funny as ever, so it was very much a laugh capped ending to the evening. This season will be less about our main group in one safe haven, relatively so as always, but a more diverse array of locations, says newer series producer Scott Gimple. Let's hear your thoughts in this thread for any of the 5th Season story changes, borrowing some more from the comics series we're also told. I recommend Talking Dead for shedding more light on details one misses in just casual show viewing, helping to fill in some needed blanks and enrich your knowledge of how the story is and has been going; side stories Scott told the viewers about as he helps with the writing and then things are paired down for actual filming of the series we finally see
  20. ISIS / ISIL under attack, Good to see, Nations fighting true EVIL

  21. TripMills is one of GTAChronicles' co-conspirators, so no matter what GTAForums staff thinks of me, He respected me enough to support the site both in work and in money required, however he tells me his home bills have gone up and he's had to pull all his online spending, not just GTAC's site host costs, but that's the reason for the Dot Com domain being withheld as is now, just for ad links. We do have a database archive best of my knowledge residing with Webmaster PCguyTech, aka Mike. ModMike.... But he's off with his family and a new child in his life this past year, and I'd imagine cut drastically into his online time as well. So there it is, the absolute truth about why it's offline presently. Costs were fairly minimal, but they were an annual monthly annoyance as you can well imagine
  22. As we know, in summation, GfWL = BAD, Xbox Live = Good, one of the things Microsoft has been working on since Windows 8 and XBL's success despite missteps, they've worked on refining Games for Windows Live, much like Framework or Silverlight (IIRC) These intermediary software APIs or similar are designed to allow better matchmaking across the Interconnected systems' network. The Networking of game consoles or PC not just for gaming but all computer ONLINE activity over the years could continue to grow exponentially so I suspect management is constantly evolving in a way to handle ever increasing traffic. Framework and Silverlight aid programmers for Online programs and content, Games for Windows Live was first brought out for PC contingent gaming, whereas now there's much more a hybrid state of affairs with Windows 8 designed for multiple portable OS devices, and XBLive married to the OS more so then perhaps anytime past. GfWL will likely at least under Microsoft as designation come to mean the same as XBLive for online Xbox users. I'm not sure where this will lead because I still believe it to be in a state of transition One of the things I'm discussing here is how Rockstar or any of the components might aid PC game buyers in also joining for GTA 5 Online gaming, we're already told about increased member participation in sessions alone, but there are questions awaiting answer in 2015 when it finally arrives! More GfWL up to date reading: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/microsoft-says-it-s-not-shutting-down-games-for-windows-live/1100-6420654/ Granted, I don't spend a lot of time on the PC game side, but I'm contemplating the PC GTA pre-order presently to get that version as well, been pumping up my PC and laptop capability for it! http://www.pcgamer.com/2014/01/19/games-for-windows-live-will-soon-be-dead-hooray-heres-a-list-of-devs-removing-it-from-their-games/
  23. I'm sad to say my hands are tied over bringing GTAChronicles website back to life, I helped formed the site from it's very first origins as the former Slamman, but STILL the SLAMMAN from GTAForums once I was banned over and over, and over again. My own opinions were just toooooooo brutally honest, if I made a mistake at all, GOD FORGIVE ME, must be perfect, unlike others.... ANYONE else it seems to me, not to rant on an old subject, but it seems like many forgot just what prompted the state we're in today. It's GTAForums banning people left and right without a fair hearing, their words and remarks stood like the Nazi tribunals and to me, that ain't how you run business. Forums are for the FANS voices, not STAFF, not Admin, NOT moderators, in so much as that's where people are walking on egg shells not to set their ire off. They just don't do the job tasked to them in any manner worth a salt. I tried to treat people as the Golden Rule dictates; treat people the way YOU want to be treated, if the shoe was on the other foot, you'd see Mods, Admin, Staff getting pretty upset if they were treated as underclass, but they had a virtual weapon at their disposal! BAN, or worse!?!? Anyway, GTAChronicles was a DIRECT answer to that, and it actually took off with the amount of members originally actually being active to at least post an introduction, but you don't and WON'T see that online now because it crashed, and wiped out the database at least 3 times in 4 odd years or so of putting our effort across. Hoping there is a future for a site for me and my friends, but this is it for the time being. Glad you guys are so understanding and welcoming, that's how active or not, you appeal to most people!
  24. Trailers with a game we've had hands on doesn't really excite me, BUT I keep wondering can we as Rockstar FAN voice on forums, can we really see this evolution to GTA 5 on PC as writing on the wall, many people were swearing up and down that Rockstar were REALLY going the way of abandoning the PC market all together. I wanted to say, Rockstar won't say it, but at least I'm confident, but you need some sort of credible source and Rockstar are tight lipped to a fault
  25. The more then successful Industry leaders along with Rockstar Games is expert 3rd person game maker Naughty Dog, and I have to admit that for an earlier console generation, their mascot leading Playstation game was also a hit, though it seemed just to counter the highly successful hedgehog Sonic. A mascot game character that proliferated on all fronts. Crash Bandicoot offered an old arcade aesthetic within a new gen console game software arsenal and it looked and sounded brilliant. A taste of things to come http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/10/04/rising-to-greatness-the-history-of-naughty-dog?page=3 Page 3 will require you skip back a bit, but this shows the beginning of the 1990s where computers led to consoles and there was an instant conflict for gamers of both that continues to this day! [in the modern sense, in historical context, the CONSOLE game platform PRE-DATES personal computing, this people tend to forget in their arguments for or against fans of the other]
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